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Melona Clark, Hampton University Student, Carries Papers To Prove She Can Wear Hijab

7 October 2013 Huffington Post 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Melona Clark, a student at Hampton University, carries papers to prove she is allowed to wear a hijab or headscarf. (WTKR-TV) | WTKR-TV

Melona Clark, a student at Hampton University, carries papers to prove she is allowed to wear a hijab or headscarf. (WTKR-TV) | WTKR-TV

Melona Clark, Hampton University Student, Carries Papers To Prove She Can Wear Hijab

She’s not a tourist visiting a foreign country, but Melona Clark carries her papers with her at all times — to prove she has permission to wear a hijab.

Clark, a student at Hampton University in Virginia, was forced by the school to obtain a letter from her chaplain and a letter from her mosque before the university would allow her to wear her headscarf on campus, local news outlet WTKR-TV reported on Friday.

“If I am ever stopped and asked who I am … I want to have all the proof that I can that I am a student here,” she told the station when asked about why she carries the official papers with her everywhere she goes. “I don’t want to have to go through anything like I went through in the first place.”

A historically black university in southeastern Virginia, Hampton specifies in its dress code that students “seeking approval to wear headgear as an expression of religious or cultural dress” need to make a written request through the chaplain, who then has to ask the student affairs vice president “for final approval.”

The dress code does not mention students also needing a letter from their mosque.

Because Hampton is a private school, it is free to impose stricter dress codes than a public university would be allowed to.

A spokesperson for the university did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

(Hat tip, MSN)


  1. I see no problem with this article. There is nothing preventing her from wearing hijab on campus, she just needs some legal papers signed. Making a big deal out of little things like these is why we Muslims have also gained the title of “whiners” and “complainers.”
    I carry my driver’s license everywhere I go. It says I am certified to drive, just as her papers say she is certified to wear hijab. It’s all good.

  2. Does the college give any reasoning for these requirements? Is there a dress code for all students where they have to get letters okaying what they want to wear on the rest of their body? Can they wear short shorts, boys or girls, go shirtless or wear halter tops, see through tops, bare feet, bare a lot ? Do they only limit religious headgear? Is any other kind of headgear okay or is there some others that must have letters too before being worn on campus? Just curious!

  3. Sammy — You carry a drivers’ license because the vehicle you are operating is capable of killing someone if used incorrectly or carelessly.
    So the connection to requiring this student to carry a hijab permit is what, exactly?

  4. I wonder, Sammy, how you’d feel if you were forced to carry papers allowing you to wear a cross, or Star of David. Carrying a driver’s license is a lot different than carrying permission to wear articles of faith.

  5. One should not need papers to prove the right to wear tole not wear something.
    Yes, it’s a private school, but last time I looked out the window, I aw a BIG American flag flying. We have a Constitution with a First amendment. THAT is the only paper she or I need to wear or not wear ANYTHING.
    Even on the job more and more Muslim women are wearing hijab. I know of two retail stores in my county which have Muslim ladies as checkers, the Target store and a Safeway store.
    Why is it whining if you insist on exercising your rights without harrasment.
    A male Muslim can blend in a LOT more than a female, there are issues both within and outside the community which are ‘ladies only’

  6. Sammy? Whiner or complainer…did someone call you a whiner or complainer? Leave me out that one! Your logic is flawed ….oh stop, I am whining!! I am a Muslim….there you go……LOL!!

  7. This article should never have been written, Islamophobia?? Antimuslaim?? Being a non Muslim, I think when I see stuff written like this article, I can only come to the conclusion the author is in the business of fear mongering. Attempting to spread resentment and all that can bring.

    She applied to the school knowing the rules, she complied with the rules end of story. Muslims are not be signalled out, Jews wear the Kippah, Turbans are worn by several religions other than Muslim. They too would all need permisson.

    Really, there are a lot bigger problems in the world. Lets try getting along and not spend so much time and efforts in fuelling further dispute.

  8. Having to prove you are a Muslim? No faith in faith? Doubting identity is very upsetting because it the core of your existence. What you think, do, believe just crushed by someone else’s rules.

  9. Perhaps many of you are unaware that gang membership has frequently been marked in the African American community by headgear. Having a broad restriction on headgear can be seen as dealing with a very real problem in that community that interferes with the purpose of the college. Note ALL headgear must be cleared, be it the hijab or the turban or a yarmulke. It also appears the paperwork was not difficult to obtain. Many schools have dress codes and many more should but this one seems fair.

  10. We as Muslims are very flexiable and open-minded people .
    This is why we show our undestanding to others objection to our religion , but in the same time we know that we have the utter right to practice our religion everywhere .

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