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Former Anti-Islam Film-Maker, Arnoud Van Doorn, Peforms Hajj After Becoming Muslim

22 October 2013 Huffington Post 36 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Arnoud van Doorn

Former Anti-Islam Film-Maker, Arnoud Van Doorn, Peforms Hajj After Becoming Muslim

A Dutch politician who once helped produce a film depicting Islam as evil and extreme has performed the Hajj after declaring his conversion to the religion earlier this year.

Arnoud van Doorn has said he bitterly regrets his actions and wants to make amends by producing a film showing Islam in a positive light.

While on the Hajj, he told the Saudi Gazette: “I found myself among these faithful hearts. I hope that my tears of regret will wash out all my sins after my repentance.

“I felt ashamed standing in front of the Prophet’s grave. I thought of the grave mistake which I had made by producing that sacrilegious film. I hope that Allah will forgive me and accept my repentance.”

Van Doorn used to be a leading member of the Party for Freedom in Netherlands, headed by the notorious Geert Wilders.

In 2008 he helped market a short film produced by Wilders entitled ‘Fitna’ (sedition) in which Islam is portrayed as a religion that promotes violence and terrorism.

It also depicted the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb on his head.

The film was widely condemned and caused uproar in the Muslim world.

arnoud van doorn 2


  1. Can I see Mr. bloody Moron with his head up one of their dresses oh yes there he is licking arse as usual

  2. Alhamdulilah. People’s hearts are changed from proper guidance…

  3. Alhamdulilah. What precipitated the change?

  4. They intend to put out the Light of Allah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Qur’an, and Prophet Muhammad ) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it).
    -Quran, As Saff 61 : 8-

    Just like Abu Sufyan, people who really hate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), wanted to kill the prophet so many times, make a propaganda to entire Makkah residences to hate Prophet (pbuh) and his followers, but in the end he convert to Islam and become one of Prophet (pbuh) loyalist.

  5. Wow a modern day Abu Sufyan

  6. To be honest, I don’t want anyone to convert to Islam. Instead, I’d rather see all people treat each other with the respect they deserve – without prejudice.

  7. I see the trolls are as ugly and un-deterred as usual. Bigotry is fueled by ignorance and an unwillingness to change that ignorance. Face it, you can’t fix stupid.

  8. I just hope when the end comes Jesus can forgive you

  9. Alhamdulilah “, I wish people would just respect his faith and leave him alone .

  10. Important lesson for muslims… don’t start yelling about killing & abusing all those who may say something against Islam… they may become muslim in the future… we don’t know what God has written for any of us. In this Allah has shown us that HE has accepted & forgiven him… so we need to learn to forgive & let go.

  11. Only if they are receptive.

  12. Haters are gonna hate, and Allah guides whomever He wills.

  13. Alhamdulillah!!! May Allah accept our repentance!!

  14. I have to lol, since it seems like the admins on this page are using this thread to I.D. and boot trolls out. 😛

  15. Insha’Allah, they may.

  16. I don’t blame the people whose initial reaction to Islam is negative one. There are a bunch of people who do some very negative things in the name of the religion. Also, especially in the West, the only exposure people get is often negative via the media and media bias. However, when people actually read the Qur’an…and look at the religion itself as it should be practised… many choose to become Muslim. That, too, speaks volumes.

  17. Isn’t he former member of anti-islamic political party in Denmark?

  18. Not a big fan of any religion, but I am all for it if it makes someone a better person.

  19. Why don’t you people have the same outrage for all Catholics? Look at all the harm they have done; molestation, rape, etc.

  20. Allahu Akbar !! Truth Always Prevails!!

  21. If that true then good for him

  22. People of all religion do bad things. Lets not categorize.

  23. no religion is perfect. You have idiots everywhere who use their idea of ” god ” to justify things that are truly wrong. It is up to us as individuals to learn from our holy books and do what it teaches which is love and respect of your fellow man/women. No matter what religious background you come from I’m sure we can all agree on that.

  24. So are you saying people who don’t support Islam should become Islamic?

  25. All I’m sayin is there are extremist in all religions and walks of life. You can judge a religion or people based on a group of zealots.

  26. All I’m sayin is there are extremist in all religions and walks of life. You can judge a religion or people based on a group of zealots.

  27. Yes Irene, can’t. Thank you.,

  28. Allah Akbar

  29. I find his conversion at once puzzling and somehow depressing. For his film “Fitna” was not him showing Islam in a bad light, it was Islamic leaders’ actions and quotes from the Koran that showed Islam in a bad light. Van Dourn himself said nothing, in the Film. Yet, rather than facing the issues he quoted, Muslims instead blamed him. Classic case of killing the messenger.
    And now, he converts? What’s changed in the images and doctrine of Islam that he quoted in “Fitna”? Nothing. So why convert?
    One of the commenters above says that those who study the “Qur’an” may decide to convert to Islam. Well, it was only AFTER I studied, in some detail, the Koran, the Hadith and the Sirah, only
    after I had done that, that I learnt, from the primary sources, just how violent are all these three doctrines of the “Islamic Trinity”.
    It puzzles me in the extreme how someone can read these three sources of Islam, and especially the Koran, and then say “yes, that’s the religion for me”. So, that’s why it also depresses me. That someone like this guy should ignore all that he knows about Islam, and for some weird reason, decides to hew to the world’s most violent religion.
    For no mistake — I’ve now read it three times in case I missed anything — the Koran is a scary book of violence and supremacism. That’s inarguable.

  30. I had heard the news. But some people said it could not be trusted. However, every human being had the opportunity to be guided in Islam

  31. Allah guides those he wants to the right path, while others he lets stray.

  32. “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep, but in fact they are ferocious wolves. Their fruits ye shall know them. Could people gather grapes of thorns, or figs from Thistles? Even so every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree produce good fruit is not good. probably not good tree can not produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. and every tree that does not bear good fruit, for sure cut down and thrown into the fire. ‘by their fruit you will recognize them “(gospel, Great Apostle Matthew 7:15-20).

    Principal persoalanya about false prophets. This false prophet of morality as correct but they are full of falsehoods Clearly visible.

  33. Converting to Islam will make someone a better person? So this page is about imposition of moral doctrines now?

  34. what an idiot

  35. “Converting to Islam will make someone a better person? So this page is about imposition of moral doctrines now?”

    Who’s doing this to you? Nobody.
    If you think that someone else believes that Islam will make him a better person is imposing — it’s perhaps YOU who are insecure. Yes, all a Muslim has to do is express a viewpoint – and it’s “imposing” or “against my free speech.”

    Of course the usual Islamophobic idiots are here — like the entry above — something about putting something up girls dresses.
    Arnoud van Doorn just proves that when one does his/her homework on Islam and Muslims — ain’t no way you can remain an Islamophobe and a supporter of Geert Wilders.

    Wilders is a fraud – and it doesn’t take much to see that!

  36. Wow, I think it’s absolutely amazing that he’s become a better person,and actually looks from two viewpoints before he makes his decision. And he obviously saw more pros to Islam then cons, and realised it was a much more peaceful religion then he thought. Well good on him, if it makes him a much more peaceful and happier man then I don’t see why Islam is bad.

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