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Céline Dion: Not Only Can’t She Sing But She Also Is A Bigot

4 November 2013 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Celine-Dion-celine-dion-131589_1280_1024Céline Dion: Not Only Can’t She Sing But She Also Is A Bigot

Céline Dion, is likely the most famous celebrity to have thrown support behind the Parti Québécois’s proposed “Charter of Quebec Values.”

Dion says she does so because “foreigners” (all Muslims are by default “foreigners“) need to adapt to “our country” (If you’re a Muslim born in Canada you still aren’t Canadian) that has been so “hospitable” to them.

One wonders if during her blabbering about “you have to adapt to our rules” she realized that she represents the legacy of a colonial community?

When Dion and her fellow-travelers’ forefathers arrived in “Quebec” did they adapt to the rules of the First Nations? No, they systematically oppressed them.

The First Nations have slammed the Charter calling it “racist” and “colonialist.”

“Values” charter gets the biggest endorsement of them all

(Montreal Gazzette)

Maybe Premier Pauline Marois will want to re-consider her decision on Saturday not to call a general election this fall, now that the Parti Québécois’s proposed “Charter of Quebec Values” has picked up the biggest endorsement of them all.

As of Sunday night, Céline Dion had not yet been recruited by her friend, PQ supporter Julie Snyder, as an official member of the “Janettes,” the group of celebrities and other women who support the PQ’s proposed anti-hijab law.

And Quebec’s biggest female celebrity of them all did not join Saturday’s march in Montreal by the Janettes’ supporters, some of whom called for the “liberation” of Muslim women.

But here’s what Dion said when she was asked about the charter in an interview with Maclean’s posted on the magazine’s website on Saturday evening:

Q: Lucien Bouchard once called you Quebec’s greatest ambassador. With that in mind, Amnesty International just declared Quebec’s controversial charter of values as a limit on fundamental rights that further stigmatizes vulnerable women. Do you agree with Amnesty?

A: It’s a very delicate question to answer because I’ll hurt some people and please others but you have to have an opinion. For me, it’s not about the veil—it’s beyond that. I’m not against what people wear but if you go to the hospital, and you are in Quebec and we have embraced you and opened our country for you to live in a better world, you have to adapt to our rules. If the doctor is a boy or a girl, you’re gonna see the doctor that [is] sent to [treat] you. You can’t just say, “My religion doesn’t permit me to see a woman or a male doctor.” That’s the problem for me. If I’m going to see a doctor and he is gay, I’m not going to have a problem with that. It should not be an issue.

Q: Yet you’ve stood up for women’s causes throughout the years.

A: Of course! It’s just that these women who practise the things they believe in have to adapt to our country. They have to not change our laws. Because you have a lot of Anglican or veiled women in a school—you can’t just take off the [Catholic] cross from the walls, or take down Christmas trees. If I go live in their country and have to be veiled, I will.

Note the assumption that anyone who practises a minority religion must be an immigrant to “our country.”

It is not true, however, that Dion intends to record a follow-up to her hit song My Heart Will Go On titled But Your Hijab Will Come Off.

Or that her new album, Loved Me Back to Life, will be followed by Sending You Back Where You Came From.

Update: (h/t:RealTalk) Julie Synder’s husband, Pierre Peladeau, owns Quebecor Media. The islamophobic Sun New Network is part of Quebecor media. Pamela Geller, Robert Spencers are regular guests on Sun News.


  1. AH… the piece is thrown into ludicrousness with the “Not only can’t she sing” tag… You may not like her vocal choices, but she can certainly sing extremely skilfully. Try separating a person’s political beliefs from their skillsets. One doesn’t validate or devalidate the other. Cheers!

  2. She can definitely sing, but she doesn’t appear to be very bright. So disappointing. I’ve always been a fan.

  3. At some point you will need to decide if your purpose is to increase polarization or to reduce it. I get being angry at Céline Dion, but this kind of ridicule does not increase understanding it just gets everyone more entrenched.

  4. I agree with Huboi; you could perhaps attack Celine Dion on the other things, but her singing talent is not one of them. To a point she is correct; you cannot go to another country and demand what your homeland, culture or religion requires 100%…there has to be compromise not only from them, but also the immigrants. I know this is not what you want to hear, but it is so. If you want to live a 100% Muslim life, then perhaps Western countries are not the best. We have to be honest and realize there are many Muslim countries that require Westerners to adhere to their standards so there is no reason that Muslims should no be required the same. I am from a Muslim family, so this has nothing to do with bigotry.

  5. When Dion and her fellow-travelers’ forefathers arrived in “Quebec” did they adapt to the rules of the First Nations? No, they systematically oppressed them.

  6. One should be able to practice their religion freely in another country. Obviously those who are not originally from the country cannot impose their religious rules on the people of that country, but they should be given a right to practice their religions. And why are only Muslims being targeted? There are many diverse religions who all have their practices. Stop being narrow-minded when it comes to Islam!!! And FYI there are a few open-minded western countries who allow Muslims to practice their religion freely and completely, so what’s stopping the rest??

  7. How did she become a Canadian? forgot?


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