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Islamophobes Publish Fake Image of “Muslims Throwing Christian Girl From Window”

4 December 2013 30 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


By Emperor

The image above was posted on the right-wing website,, in an article titled “Muslim Mob Justice–15 year old girl thrown from Third Floor window.”

Free Patriot has a half million Facebook fans and after the article was shared on its page it went viral on the Islamophobia industry’s interwebs.

Rick Wells who authored the post claimed that the picture was of a girl thrown from a third floor window by Muslims,

In a truly outrageous demonstration of the lawlessness that exists in Egypt today, the Muslim residents of a small village in southern Minya province went on a rampage. They attacked Christian homes, burning 10 of them. 15 Christians were wounded, including a 15 year-old girl who was thrown from the third floor of a building. The report is from Ezzat Ibrahim, a minority rights activist.

Wells made the story about the image up whole cloth.

The real story behind the image: It is actually from June, 2011 and takes place in Shanghai, China not Minya, Egypt and the woman was not thrown out of the window but rather fell from the fifth floor!:

Fifth Floor Fall Escape

Daily Telegraph

A WOMAN has survived a fall from the fifth floor after a number of windows she hit on her way down broke her fall.

The Sun reports horrified onlookers saw her jump out after someone is believed to have threatened her.

Asia One
 said the incident happened at a residential building in Shanghai’s Luwan district, where the woman was spotted crouching from the window on the fifth floor yelling, “Somebody is going to kill me!”

The woman, 29 lost her grip on the window and fell into several open windows, which sent her spinning during her fall.

The unnamed woman was rushed to hospital after the plunge and is recovering from the incident.

It happened just days after the woman was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

It isn’t surprising or exactly breaking news that the Christian Right is willing to go to the lowest depths to demonize Muslims and Islam but what’s interesting is the pathology behind their lies.

Even after several commenters exposed the story to be false, many continue to believe it and state quite clearly that they do not care for the truth:

Justin Pearson writes a comment for which he got 102 upvotes:

Ok., stop looking at the girl ppl. Its not about her. Yes., she is Asian. Yes, she got thrown out a window and yes., she is bound to suffer some terrible injuries when she hits that window and the ground after…, please however as Pissed off Patriot says., its not about her., its the story as a whole.
We can become side tracked by the smaller things ( I apologise to her parents for that choice of words) but its the greater picture here folks.
islam is taking over the world in an extream atmosphere over run by extreamists and a weak islamic communist loving son of a bitch in the oval office named obama who happens to hate Americans who has actually broken international law…., as well committe high treason for selling weapons to known enemies.
The point here folks…., is that islam cant be trusted.
Either you bow down to their false god and become a cult member, or you get thrown out windows or stoned to death or something else.

Howard writes,

muslim trash of the earth

Rick Mage, the proud Texan,

Hey, come try that shit here in Texas, Muslim militants! We’ll be more than happy to mow you scums down. 🙂 You’ll find that the Christians in Texas aren’t so easy to push over, and we LOVE TO fight! So, come on down!


I can’t believe you people are over looking what this story is about! It’s not about the picture damn it! It is about the fact that Muslims kill for no reason other than their own laws!! Forget if shes’ Asian or her age! Read the story not look at the picture! This shows that you are uneducated and this is the problem with letting Muslims get away with what they are doing around the World!!!!!

On the Christian Right it’s OK to spread lies and fear in the War against Islam, who knows which Jesus they believe in, probably the wrathful one.


Islamophobic And Proud Of It



  1. Terrible no need to find fake images of outrages committed by any religion

  2. Quran 47:1 these is just crossing the line .. This is a crime against god and his messengers

  3. wow the comments are just appalling! Really? Islamaphobic and proud of it? How about redneckaphobic, which is what I am!

  4. I’m reminded of Batman & Robin walking up the wall. Maybe Pamela Geller will stick her head out the window.

  5. bunch of white trash sister fucking ignoramuses

  6. I have met MANY MANY christians that will flat out lie to attempt to defend their faith… The ends justifies the means for many christians… I suppose it could also be true of other fanatical religious followers… Although I can not say this as fact as I have not spent much time with fanatical muslims, jews, etc… Religion is a dangerous thing… =(

  7. what i found most disturbing about this article is that someone would actually post a photo of this poor dear FALLING OUT OF A WINDOW. like, oh, there’s someone getting hit by a bus *click* SO PERVERSE!

  8. Oh Yes!! That’s what we do all day long lol. What a fucking joke!

  9. ‘I can’t believe you people are over looking what this story is about! It’s not about the picture damn it!….’
    except for, ya’know, that it is…

  10. I think once we accept that there are good and bad people in every religion, every culture and every family. Everything will be fine. May everyone be guided to the right path.

  11. Their reaction to being exposed as fakers was even worse than the initial insult — So sad. (And, AAI, gotta be precise, especially with potentially inflammatory postings –the image was not “fake”…A poor girl did get hurt.)

  12. Yeah. So-called Christian nation bombing the shit out of Islamic countries still trumps this.

  13. Only ignorant people believe such propaganda !!

  14. Lord in Heaven.

  15. Glad the story was fake! We certainly don’t need that.

  16. Wow! What insanity!

  17. Just like conservatives: if you cannot find proof to support your opinion, just make it up!

  18. Now they’re just making stuff up. We should start a new meme with this.

  19. Deception is every where.

  20. They do ANYTHING to Insult Islam, but what happen is, more and more people convert to Islam, because this thing already happen even during Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) still alive, people like Abu Jahal and Abu Sufyan also telling lies to the masses called “Muhammad is crazy” , “Muhammad is a sex maniac” etc. so people hate him and his followers.

  21. Propaganda … a way of life for some people.

  22. That’s crazy and dangerous to make up lies!!!

  23. Lol. This is almost as bad as the dead “syrian christian” girl who had a cross shoved down her throat by “jihadists”. The picture was actually fake and on the internet for years.

  24. This is where I just put my palm on my face and shake my head, I’ve gotten into so many arguments with people in my church, community, and in general on this. I’m ashamed to see so many blindly follow the far right and abandon their beliefs while they claim to defend and live them every day…I keep trying to show them the error of their ways but to no avail. I only hope it starts sinking in sooner than later how wrong these actions are and that they turn towards a more peaceful route.

  25. It’s only a matter of time before I see some relatives posting this like it’s real…sigh.

  26. Christians have done way worse to the entire world. Who are these fools to come up with stupid propaganda?

  27. Apparently, making up lies about other groups/religions makes one feel like they are the better ones. How sad that the comments made, seemingly come from Christians who jump on the hate bandwagon and ready for blood; what happened to being humble, turn the other cheek, do not judge? Do they not realize they represent their faith–er, lack of it?

  28. We don’t need to publish fake photos of Islamic terror they do it daily for everyone to see.

  29. Sharia law happened Allyson. That’s all that needs to be said.

  30. Muslims need to be shown the same respect they show others, so they all should be dismembered & burned alive, islam is what’s wrong with the US, it should be outlawed, Muslims are truly sick people.

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