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Edmonton police approve hijab headscarf design for female officers

7 December 2013 General 40 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



Edmonton police have approved a design for a hijab headscarf for female officers of Muslim faith.

The hijab design covers the head and neck, but not the face, according to a press release issued Friday.

EPS currently does not have any applicants requesting to wear a hijab but police wanted to be proactive and “reflect the changing diversity in the community, and to facilitate the growing interest in policing careers from Edmonton’s Muslim community,” as stated in the release.

“Regardless of race, culture, religion, or sexual orientation, it is important that anyone who has a calling to serve and protect Edmontonians, and passes the rigorous recruitment and police training standards, feel welcome and included in the EPS,” said Kevin Galvin, EPS Superintendent representing the Chief’s Muslim Community Liaison Committee in a release.

The EPS Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Unit, and the EPS Tactics Training Unit developed a prototype with the assistance of a hijab tailor. Police said the changes to the traditional garment have also been supported by members of Edmonton’s Muslim community.



  1. MashAllah

  2. While I hold nothing against Islam, I do believe hijabs are outdated practice and in order to progress we cannot stay stuck with the past. I have a strong belief in Allah/God but I don’t believe wearing any religious clothing will save a soul, it’s the individual that matters and not what they wear.

  3. This is Edmonton only, correct? Al Humdulillah! Insha’Allah this will spread to other municipalities.

  4. Both Jalil and TC have valid points, let’s accept the others opinion !!

  5. SubhanAlllah! I applaud them.

  6. TC Ahmetcan Caglayan hijabs are not outdated practice. Islam is one religion that has not been changed since its arrival from Allah. Allah promised that man will never tamper with and change the quran He sent down. Why should it be “updated” by man? Do ppl wanna follow the Almighty’s rules, or do they wanna follow another man’s rules? We are all equal and no one is superior over the other to change/create religions. Allah asks us to do things not only to obey Him, but for our own good. I.e. hijab protects a woman’s modesty in front of other men. Men won’t view her as a sexual object if her attractive features (hair, body,) are covered up, which brings her more comfort, respect, decreases her chances of being raped, creates a strong bond between her and her Lord, allows her husband to feel more appreciative of the unique woman he has thus, creating a happier marriage and lifestyle, etc. Allah rewards women for wearing the hijab as they are obeying his rules and representing islam everywhere they go with their hijab. Times may have changed, ppl may have changed, but religion stays the same and our Lord stays the same.

  7. Kelley Robert Webster cool

  8. Saying that Islam has not changed since its arrival is just plain wrong. Every religion has changed since its origin.

  9. “EPS currently does not have any applicants requesting to wear a hijab but police wanted to be proactive and “reflect the changing diversity in the community, and to facilitate the growing interest in policing careers from Edmonton’s Muslim community,” as stated in the release.”
    Wow that really IS a step forward if they did it without people constantly asking them and having to fight for it!!

  10. Mashallah

  11. Toronto also is proactive on this uniform item, but Corrections Canada employees ( prison guards), who wish, already wear hijab as a part of their uniforms. Recruitment of police cadets is a challenge in Canada, for any force, as standards are high, and diversity is highly valued, so this move is likely to be copied by other departments, whether it gets results or not.

  12. Horrific, graphic and disturbing images from Guantenamo bay and other American torture sights. Not for women to see.

    President Obama is blocking the release of RECENT detainee abuse photos
    By Christopher Rice and Shanequa Nelson

    After pledging to run the most transparent administration in history, President Obama is blocking the release of RECENT detainee abuse

  13. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

  14. Why not? As long as you can see her face to identify her, what’s the problem? Plus, she will have no bad hair days.

  15. Adam Richard when islam was sent down during the time of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Allah promised that He would protect the Qur’an from man tampering with it. He made that promise for islam. Maybe other religions have changed, but the Qur’an is being protected by Allah and He always keeps his promises. Btw, it’s a bit contradicting for some ppl here to say that Islam’s practices have been “outdated” cuz it’s from the past, and then say that every religion has been changed. If islam seems like it needs to be “updated”, what makes u think it was changed and “modernized” ? Sounds contradicting.
    Also, a few stated that “clothing will not save the soul”.. you’re right. hijab alone is not going to save a soul. It’s just one of the forms of worship. U have to also have good character, pray to Allah, help others in need, etc etc.

  16. Thank you for the respect..

  17. Don’t judge the religion by its followers, as people are not perfect. Judge the religion by the Quran. U cannot bash a religion and assume that all the Muslims are the same based on a few ppl’s sinful actions.

  18. Amish people are nothing like Muslims. That’s no comparison at all

  19. The Quran is perfect, people are not. Everybody sins, but only the true repenters are the righteous ones

  20. And maybe ur aunt committed sins in the past..that doesn’t make her a bad person for life. If she stopped her ways and repented, then Allah forgives.He is the most forgiving, giving us lots of chances. It’s not right to judge ppl by their past as everyone makes mistakes.

  21. … love always finds a way.

  22. I’m not here to fight, but to simply state truths. Islam teaches us to speak civilly to one another. I hope u heard my point tc TC Ahmetcan Caglayan. U have a blessed day brother.

  23. We’re waiting for niqab uniforms for more devout Muslim female officers.

  24. Because we all know you need special treatment.

  25. I suppose sharia law isn’t included in that.

  26. Huh shall I begin to start naming all the things Muslims have demanded in my country. And in some schools pork has in fact been banned. And you want to ask what is so special about human rights?you sir are full of shit.

  27. And I do mean pig shit.

  28. Praise God for the blessing of Islam

  29. that’s absurd since in UAE I was rejected to work in some places because of my hijab!!!

  30. Good idea, it is cold up there

  31. Hooray for Edmonton. It’s called respect!

  32. good news, step in the right direction

  33. Islam hasn’t changed is a completely ignorant comment. It has changed greatly, in fact so much that there isn’t even one correct Islam but different branches within the religion itself and even within those division rules and interpretations of the rules/laws have changed.

  34. Yup I can imagine. Now I can really imagine what everyday life must be like when it’s a big deal that a woman wears a hijab or not. Now imagine that same woman showing up to work In a tube top and bikini bottom. I wonder what would happen.hmmmmm

  35. Yes only one Islam so you can’t preach piece wile cutting heads off.

  36. Ok Hun I’ve spent a lot of time in Islamic country’s so I’m not one of those over tolerant people who only know what there told. And I have seen far worse from Islam then a beheading.

  37. Shamnas are you saying there is no difference between the branches of Islam?

  38. How about strapping bombs to retarded people then sending them into crowds yup it happens and I’ve seen it so just stop trying to pretend it’s all lies and if you crazys had ray guns I’m positive you would kill your own with that to.

  39. This is good.

  40. Tell that to the Shiites.

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