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‘Kill him, he’s a f–king Muslim!’

9 December 2013 General 27 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
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David Flores (after a 2010 fight with the Shomrim) says he shot patrolmen in self-defense.

By Josh Saul, December 9, 2013 | 4:47am

Christian relives beating by Brooklyn Jewish patrol

A man acquitted of attempted murder after shooting four members of a Borough Park community-watch group in self-defense says his attackers were yelling, “Kill him, he’s a f–king Muslim!”

“I hope you die, you son of a bitch!’’ one of the Brooklyn men hissed at David Flores, 37, before shooting him, Flores told The Post in his first interview since the verdict.

Flores — who is Christian but thinks the “vigilantes’’ from the Boro Park Shomrim mistook his religion because he was wearing a small woven cap — took a bullet to his left arm.

Flores, a Brooklyn native who now lives in Pennsylvania, said he was simply driving from his childhood home to a nearby bakery to buy pastries on Sept. 2, 2010, when a van stopped short in front of him.

A “mob” of about 20 Hasidic men quickly surrounded his car and began banging on his windows and kicking his doors — with one Shomrim member brandishing a black gun, Flores said.

The Shomrim members allegedly thought he had been masturbating in his car.

“They say, ‘Get him out of the car, he’s a f–king Muslim!’ ” Flores said. “They had this look that was just complete rage.

“They wanted my blood.”

Flores said that when he opened the door to try to escape, he was yanked out.

“They’re punching me and kicking me, and I’m being tossed like a rag doll,” said Flores, who had a small .22-caliber handgun in his pocket.

“I took the safety off [the gun] and began firing,” Flores said. “I wanted it to stop. I never wanted to hurt anybody.”

Prosecutors argued at his Brooklyn Supreme Court trial that the Shomrim members jumped Flores — who has a long rap sheet — only after he pulled his gun. Flores didn’t testify.

“He came out from his car shooting. Once he started shooting, he was jumped,” maintained Boro Park Shomrim coordinator Jacob Daskal, who insisted nobody yelled anything at Flores.

Flores was convicted on an illegal-gun charge, for which he could still face up to 15 years behind bars.

“Though he was rightly convicted of carrying a weapon, the jury agreed that the weapon was used to protect his life,” said his lawyer, Doug Appel.

Flores’ past arrest record includes 20 collars for everything from burglary to assault.

Additional reporting by Daniel Prendergast

Original post: ‘Kill him, he’s a f–king Muslim!’


  1. The brainwashing of the American populace has become complete.

  2. The chosen strike again…

  3. Oy

  4. That’s awful. I’m so sorry things like that happen. There is no excuse. I’m glad that I know very few people with such hatred. Maybe it’s a West coast thing, but I will always be protective and supportive of my Muslim friends. The bigotry they have to face is ridiculous and no one should ever have to endure it.

  5. So horrible… oy, indeed.

  6. I’ve experienced first hand the pure unadulterated hatred of a group of NY Jews, Its was a scary experience as a child.

  7. Smh evil either way but how dumb did they feel to find out he is a Hispanic Christian but i am sure they deep down hate them too… Unreal

  8. What the hell is wrong with the Jews in NY?! I mean, really. They’re always stirring the pot.

  9. Why can’t we be friends??

  10. If the roles were reversed, it would be front news for months and Islam and Muslims further prosecuted by the media

  11. been there.

  12. May Allah have mercy on them on the day of Judgement, ya Raab, audubillah

  13. that is wrong completely. it’s what we were up against in 2004 when they said “look what they did to us.” big problem=they DID NOT do it to us.

  14. :C Fucking ridiculous…

  15. Jennifer, I’m sorry, I meant that maybe the not having extreme Islamaphobia is a west coast thing because my Muslim friends don’t experience it that much here. I meant it more as putting it out there that not everyone in the US hates Muslims. There are plenty that do, and it’s terrible that it’s so, but I will always be one who has no affiliation to the muslim religion and yet I will fight tooth and nail if someone tries to attack someone for being so. I’m sorry you misunderstood my comment.

  16. You know what I really don’t care about anybody’s religion as long as nobody shoves it down my throat. I say live and let live. I know for a fact that there are many good Muslims. Me I’m an athiest. But I respect everyone.

  17. -_-

  18. too bad he didnt kill them

  19. May as well kill me, I’m a f-ing human!

  20. This reminds me of the many Hindus who have been attacked because they looked Muslim. Now Hispanic people gotta worry about this?

  21. F’ing Zionist shitheads!

  22. This should serve to show how ALL religion is an evil, divise, manipulation, and needs to be eradicated.

  23. why 🙁

  24. Who was he throwing rocks at or who’s flag was he burning?

  25. Or did he marry an 8 year old girl instead of a 9 year old?

  26. Atrocious ! We should be careful about keeping our humanity .

  27. Would you kill your mother or brother if they converted to Islam . I’m an Arab Muslim . Never in my life have I hated someone simply because they don’t believe in my God . Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs as long as they don’t infringe on anyone else’s rights . Muslim, Jew, Christian, atheist, gay…. whatever, none of my business . Let’s please respect each other’s differences .

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