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Orit Arfa: Islamophobic Zionist Settler Makes Twerk Video Celebrating Occupation

14 December 2013 34 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Orit Arfa: Islamophobic Zionist Settler Makes Twerk Video Celebrating Occupation

The last time we ran into Orit Arfa, she and her pal Jessica Felber, were giving an  award to anti-Muslim Islamophobic duo Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. To Geller they gave something called the “Queen Esther Award for Jewish Heroism” and Spencer got the “Shushan Award for Righteous Gentile.”

Now Orit Arfa has created an extremely bizarre, gaudy video, dubbed the “worst video in internet history.” The video needs to be seen to be believed, it celebrates Occupation, land theft and brutality against Palestinians and has the title, “The Jews Won’t Stop.” It is pure lunacy and reveals the detached reality that Settlers inhabit.

Former nighttime editor of Ha’aretz, Israeli journalist Ami Kaufmann, has a post on +972 Magazinethat calls on Arfa to continue with her “creatively” embarrassing displays of hasbara since it will expose the world to the lunacy of the apartheid regime and fanatical colonial settlers.

hasbara since it will expose the world to the lunacy of the apartheid regime and fanatical colonial settlers.

I’m sorry you had to go through that.

But here’s some more anyway:


  1. Wow! That was disgusting.

  2. Please take it off, you are only giving her what she craves , attention and YouTube views

  3. Typical Jew.

  4. Time I’ll never get back. What an idiot.

  5. First woman I ever wanted to shoot out of a cannon…

  6. If a Palestinian girl would make Twerk video celebrating Holocaust, I wonder, how would she feel!

  7. She wouldn’t care people have no hearts . And people if u do watch the video thumb it down or leave a comment on how u feel so she knows how many people hate her cuz of the hate inside her

  8. U guys are just making her famous by posting this . Sad

  9. Well, you just lost this Jewish supporter. Don’t act as though you’re fighting bigotry and then turn around and be a bigot. I’m out. I can fight Islamophobia without being hateful, maybe you can learn to do the same.

  10. Yeah Ahmed go fuck yourself

  11. I’m addressing mr. Sheikhly

  12. Opposing Zionism is bigotry?

  13. No saying typical Jew is.

  14. That’s… strange.

  15. I’m not even going to waste my time watching this

  16. There are many more like her – she just said it.

  17. In other new ASA American studies association votes on boycotting Israel

  18. Yeah, I am going to leave the group as well. You say you are against Islamaphibia but in truth this page has become a troll haven for anti jewish rants and raves.

  19. Well said Adam, u Cabot base a whole group of people on the actions of a few, saying all Jews are bad is wrong , many Jews do not support Zionism and are for peace in the area

  20. People in other parts of the world associate Jews with Zionism but they are ignorant of the fact that many Jews are against it .

  21. Adam RichardAdam stop building fancy condos for Jewish terrorist from Brooklyn on the occupied west bank. Stop financially supporting religious zealots of the jewish faith.

  22. watch out for the teeth – they look ready to bite something!

  23. Supreme nut case.

  24. I choose not to watch. Sounds classy.

  25. As a rabbinical student living in Israel, I would like to personally say that most Jews do not act this way or think this way. There is a fringe in Israeli society that acts this way. In fact, a group of my fellow students just went to the West Bank to protect Palestinians while they picked olives because these settlers come in and torment them and try to ruin their harvest. Most Jews consider Muslims, Arabs, and even Palestinians to be their brothers and sisters.

  26. my ears are bleeding and i only listened to like 5 seconds

  27. Shes disgusting!

  28. Nor an Arab morons… It’s a Jewish psych settler.

  29. Shame on those hating against all Jews because of this woman and her small group of zealots. We become hypocrites when we do this, because isn’t this what we are trying to get people to understand about Muslims? That there is a fringe element in all religions that usually have very little if anything to do with the wider religious community? My aunt and her family are Jewish and I love them dearly, and I can tell you that they would find the actions and beliefs of this woman sick. Not even the majority of Jews are like this, just like the majority of Muslims aren’t like Al-Qaeda, just like the majority of Christians aren’t like the Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK. So please folks, let’s leave off the sweeping condemnation of Jews here, it’s not fair, and it’s not what this page is supposed to be about, which is getting past stereotypes and seeing each other as people, not ‘them’. If you’re going to condemn a people because of their religion and/or cultural heritage, you don’t belong on this page.

  30. Peope are making a mountain out of a molehill (Ahmed Sheikly’s singular comment) anf running with it. If ONE comment sends you packing, you were never committed to the anti-Islamophobia cause.

  31. Well, Adam I appreciate your position and your comment. As a Muslim your comment mirrors our sentiments whenever someone does something bad in the name of Islam. May our Lord guid us all.

  32. And we can’t sinnnng…..we’re dis-gust-ing……!!! That has to be one of the worst videos I have ever seen.

  33. It gives me great pleasure that this bitch is absolutely hideous. Like she-should-kill-herself hideous. Free Palestine!

  34. “Don’t steal nothing from nobody” she says !!! Read “The General’s Son” and see what those crazy settlers do. I agree with all the comments about extremists in every religion and they do not represent the majority.

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