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DF says no to more Danish Muslims

23 December 2013 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


MP Christian Langballe (DF) says his party wants to end immigration from Muslim countries (Photo: Folketinget)

MP Christian Langballe (DF) says his party wants to end immigration from Muslim countries (Photo: Folketinget)

December 17, 2013


by Peter Stanners

Dansk Folkeparti (DF) will vote against the bi-annual citizenship law that will grant Danish citizenship to around 1,600 individuals later this week because the list contains the names of too many Muslim immigrants.

Only parliament can confer citizenship through law, which is done twice a year, but DF does not want to confer citizenship to the the 422 Iraqis and Afghanis who have otherwise fulfilled all the necessary requirements.

DF argues that Denmark risks being taken over by Muslims and that the soon-to-be Danes ought to instead go home and build up their respective countries.

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Roundly condemned
The decision has been widely criticised, even by fellow right-wing parties Liberal Alliance and lead opposition party Venstre.

“I don’t think that we can differentiate between people simply because they come from a country where the majority of citizens are Muslims,” Venstre spokesperson Jan Jørgensen told Politiken.

Liberal Alliance also condemned the move, while Johanne Schmidt Nielsen from the far-left party Enhedslisten said it was “pure discrimination”.

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DF: Too many Muslims
DF’s Christian Langballe says his party wants to end all immigration from Islamic and non-Western countries.

“We think that too many people from Islamic countries and the Muslim world immigrate to Denmark and are given citizenship, so it’s up to other people to argue their case,” Langballe told Politiken.

Earlier this year, Dansk Folkeparti was sued after the party ran an advert with the names of around 700 new citizens with the warning that one might be a terrorist.

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  1. but The Europeans are so progressive, liberal, and understanding?

  2. I would prefer less Danish and European Ath-fascists…

  3. What is the common denominator in the wars around the world?

  4. Coming soon to America.

  5. Why soo scaaared?

  6. Nothing like having your new country throw you under the bus.

  7. Hate is a disease of the heart…. there is only one cure.

  8. They won’t be able to stop Islam

  9. Maybe Muslim American lobbyists who represent communities with nearly 50% of the doctors and engineers in this country should stop all the coffee Barristas coming over from Denmark?

  10. Screw You, Dansk Folkeparti. I guess the US doesn’t have a corner on the Tea Party market.

  11. I thought the US was the only paranoid Western country.

  12. hey listen, I like this page. having said that its jingoistic and misleading to label stricter immigration policy and reconsidering the merits of state multiculturalism as islamophobic, racist, or anything else. that is just cheap mongering

  13. Hmmm, pretty sure you can’t deny citizenship to people based on their religion. By that logic, religious conversion would be illegal for Danish citizens.

  14. How dare they try to determine who is and who isn’t welcome in their own country!! It’s like they think they have a sovereign nation or something. The nerve! Clearly Denmark is a hellhole. Perhaps immigrants should look elsewhere.

  15. “They won’t be able to stop Islam.” Lollollollol Nope, no threat there. Clearly a comment inspired by a truly peace loving individual.

  16. wow, i thought danish people were better 🙁

  17. I feel like there will be more

  18. You have to feel sympathy for Wojciech Cies, Ismaeal X Naji. He is afraid to go out because he knows that he could be attacked by bearded men and veiled women trying to force him to eat halal food if he should happen to accidentally stray into one of the many Muslim enclaves he is convinced are taking over his city. He sees them from his window every day, poor soul,

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