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Swastikas spray painted on Sweden mosque entrance

2 January 2014 General 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


World Bulletin / News Desk

An investigation has begun after Nazi Swastika symbols were spray painted on to the entrance of a mosque in Sweden’s capital Stockholm on Thursday.

The mosque, which was built in the year 2000, has often faced incidents of hate mail before, but has not faced vandalism of this scale.

It is an indication of growing anti-Muslim sentiment in a country usually known for its tolerance.

On December 22nd, at least 16 thousand people rallied against racism in the Karrtorp suburb of Stockholm carrying banners that read “united against racism”.

The rally which was attended by politicians and artists came a week after another anti-racism protest was attacked by a group of neo-Nazis in the same suburb, resulting in two people being stabbed and 28 others arrested.

Original post: Swastikas spray painted on Sweden mosque entrance


  1. swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol for good luck but now these bald headed waste of sperm have stolen it and made it a symbol of hate

  2. Irony that so many Euro fascists use this symbol…if only you people knew the plans the Third Reich had for Sweden and how Swedish soldiers risked imprisonment at home and their life abroad to fight the Nazis.

  3. Nazis are actually targeting Muslims more frequently and allying themselves with zionists more now….it’s becoming quite a trend.

  4. Wait – but Europeans are such progressive liberals?!

  5. As a swastika reclamationist, this shit makes me see red.
    卐 = ☮ + ♡

  6. stupid bald headed, they don’t know that Muslims (especially bosnian) are Nazi supporter during WW II

  7. jews are known for spraying swastikas to get sympathy. It means peace though.

  8. The world is going backward.

  9. crazy:(

  10. Why shouldn swastika be a prominent symbol ? If terrorists use islam name for their actions do u guys say same for islam ? Swastika is a hindu symbol ,it is very auspicious .with spread of yoga n other hindu symbols one hopes ppl stop being so ignorant

  11. Hate is so ugly in all it’s forms.

  12. Hate is so ugly in all it’s forms.

  13. And how do we know, they are Nazis? as far as we know Jews are part of Nazi 🙂

  14. but islam and nazis hate jews so you should be cool with this right?Hating jews,christians,hinduis anybody that is not you.

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