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Man accused of religious hate crime against woman he believes is Muslim

3 January 2014 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


By Rick Couri (News Talk Radio

The woman was headed to a sandwich shop when the incident began.  She pulled in next to Stuart Manning but he became upset when he thought she parked too close to his car.

Police reports obtained by KRMG say Manning followed the woman to the shop while yelling at her.

Cops in Tulsa, Oklahoma say Manning repeatedly called the woman a “fuc**** Muslim bitch.”

When the woman came out of the shop she saw Manning kneeling by her car and watched as he pulled a knife out of her tire.

When the woman followed Manning to ask why he had damaged her car, he hit her in the head and continued cursing.

The report states the woman “has a thick Middle Eastern accent” and “has the appearance of someone that typically is of the Islamic Faith.”

Nothing in the report says whether or not the woman is a Muslim.

A security guard confirmed the attack to police who later arrested Manning on complaints of malicious intimidation/hate crime, assault and battery, and malicious injury to property.

When cops talked to Manning he told them he had been drinking and had no memory of the incident.

UPDATE: The victim wasn’t a Muslim but a Christian but to Islamophobes all Arabs are the same.

Original post: Man accused of religious hate crime against woman he believes is Muslim


  1. The fact that the victim was not Muslim does not imply that it would be acceptable to be subject to assault just because she’s Muslim. What this guy did is really sick and unforgivable, she should take him to the court.

  2. May he be guided to the right path, I feel bad for people like him who lacks the best thing in the world which is called love. May Allah guide those who are wrong/evil and have mercy and protect those are just trying to bring peace to the world.

  3. “he was drinking and had no memory of the event”. Yeah, that’s a defense I’ve seen many times on articles like this.

  4. What a sick individual…and we wonder why we have the problems in the world today when there are too many sick people roaming the streets like this !!

  5. The ignorance of people is appalling, like the time they attacked a Sikh temple thinking it was a Muslim place of worship. They have no interest in finding out about other cultures and just treat them all the same.

  6. Fat Animal …He must be a wife abuser ..

  7. He’s an ignorant douche-bag. The world is full of them.

  8. Very sorry for this Made in USA guy Stuart Manning, because he had an ostrich brain, warthog look n hippopotamus body.

  9. First lol @ Hanz Hann ! It shows joe much of a coward he is that it’s women he attacks, not men! I would love to had a run in with him, he would have been crawling back to the sewer he crawled out of!!!!

  10. fat white trash piece of shit…
    I hope he drops dead from a heart attack from the next burger he muchces

  11. Inexcusable. He’s the minority and deserves to live in hell.

  12. been through the same incident without the head hitting , why? I don’t know , he called me a f………g Korean , people are just unloading their hatred for no obvious reason .

  13. This is kind of like religion in general. Just because people believe in something, doesn’t make it real.

  14. Stupid Ass.

  15. I pray instead that he meets some Muslim brothers while he’s in jail, learns what Islam is REALLY about, and inshAllah converts. That would blow people’s minds. It’s been done before – we need look no further than Umar ibn al-Kitab, who was the biggest, baddest, most hateful guy around. He came to Islam and is buried beside the prophet he set out to murder on the day he ended up converting to Islam. 🙂 SubhanAllah… Allah can change the hearts of even people like this.

  16. OmG so sick, I wonder how he feels now that she’s a Christian? This says a lot about what’s wrong with our world

  17. Disgusting pig! Actually I take that back I think even pigs have a better understanding of life more so then this asshole.

  18. He’s ugly inside and out

  19. And hence this is one reason alcohol is harram, i mean not because people drink it but people will use it as an excuse to commit crimes against humanity, how convenient that he forgot he slashed a tire and hit a women in the head because he was drunk. He may as well get away with the crimes with such an excuse. I raped her because i was drunk, i killed him because i was drunk do, judges really fall for such crap?

  20. Though I find it funny they blame everything on the alcohol

  21. …and he looks like such a nice guy.

  22. What kind of man attacks women?

  23. lol, the mug shot literally screams ignorance and intolerance.

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