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Church Dialogue on Islam

13 January 2014 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Updated: Sunday, January 12 2014, 04:12 PM CST

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – While world events play out around the globe, it can be hard to fully grasp the role that religion plays. One local church is helping people better understand the world around them, but not exclusively through Christianity.

“Welcome to Christ Episcopal Church if you’re visiting. This is our Tour of Islam,” said Adult Formation Leader at Christ Episcopal Church Charles Crawley.

Islam is one of the world’s largest religions, accounting for about 20 % of the earth’s population.

But, “people are just trying to understand what it is, because we just don’t have a good basic understanding,” said Crawley.

Kirkwood Professor of Religion Dr. Peter Jauhiainen says people often narrowly define the religion.

“That provides a distorted understanding of what it’s all about,” said Dr. Jauhiainen.

So Christ Episcopal Church organized its Tour of Islam.

The idea is to help people of all faiths have a better understanding of world events and other religions.

“We, it seems to me, operate on rumors, on information from people who don’t have a complete understanding,” said Doug Anderson.

Those misconceptions can easily affect how we understand the world around us, both past and present.

“The other thing I remember from ’73 is the Arab Oil Embargo. Most of us are old enough to remember 25-cent gas,” said Dr. Jauhiainen.

Organizers say knowing more about our surroundings often leads to knowing more about other people, but simple tolerance isn’t enough.

“Tolerance is lower on the diversity scale if you want to speak that way. But to move to acceptance, approval and affirmation of people that are different than us,” said Crawley.

“I’m more concerned about understanding broad ideas and movements and changing attitudes, that’s more important,” said Dr. Jauhiainen.

Future Tour of Islam Talks January 19th – 9:15 am – Tenets and practices of Muslims

January 26th 9:15 am – Sharia or Islamic Law

January 26th 12:00 pm – The Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Then and Now

Original post: Church Dialogue on Islam


  1. Sadly, if most churches address Islam at all, they go with propaganda over facts, because the people seeking to inform don’t know enough about it themselves to be able to determine what is propaganda, what is cultural but passed off as Islam by the ignornant, and what is truly Islamic in basis.

  2. Love!!!

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