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Disturbing YouTube video of Russian thugs burning Quran, beating up Muslims sparks police investigation

16 January 2014 General 19 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



Moscow police said they are investigating a YouTube video showing football fans burning a Quran and forcing a beaten man to renounce Allah.

The video, uploaded Jan. 5, shows five men with their faces obscured burning a Russian-translated version of the Muslim holy book with lighters. The video then cuts to a man who appears of central Asian origin with a bruised and swollen face. He is made to repeat the phrase “I renounce Allah” several times, the Moscow News reported Thursday.

The video was uploaded under the name Oleg Makarov. Social media accounts under the same name show a far-right Moscow native and soccer fan who rails against Islam and terrorist attacks that have recently taken place in the southern city of Volgograd, where 34 people were killed in to bombings at a train station in December.

The attacks there were blamed on a militant Islamist insurgency in the neighboring North Caucasus.

Original post: Disturbing YouTube video of Russian thugs burning Quran, beating up Muslims sparks police investigation


  1. Allah swt in His mightiness does not care if His book is burned. Its on the tongue and hearts of millions around the world.

  2. russia is a dump

  3. I agree with Heather Swindell. It is ignorance and hate. Just ignore it. I am not sure what the deal is here. Been a fan of the page for two years but some of the post made today seem to be going in the wrong direction. It is no doubt bigots do these things because it outrages some but at the same time some of is see books as just books. I do not think we have a right to enforce laws such as not burning religious books so what legal action shoud be taken? Hate itself isn’t a crime. Violence and harassment is a crime.

  4. So these are the people that Hitler wanted to exterminate as rats and subhumans half a century ago? They are now acting like Nazis!!

  5. That’s why I mentioned violence is a crime. The tag line and title however is focused on the book burning. I know titles like that grab attention but the real issue should be inexcusable violence.

  6. Jennifer the Russians were allies in WWII. Remember Germany invaded Russia

  7. Hasan in response to.what you said…Russia kind of had to be allies to protect themselves but also shows how people are easily swayed by government propaganda and how hate spreads when encouraged and even supported by laws pushed and passed by power crazed leaders.

  8. Ignorants

  9. it just goes to show how their parents raised them..

  10. Disturbing but hardly surprising considering the economic dislocation that country has gone through in recent years.

  11. Exactly Zachary Taylor. Russia pretty much had to join against Germany to protect itself.

  12. Who gives a crap about burning’s what people do to other people that matters!!

  13. That is a hateful government.

  14. Just goes to show there are assholes in every culture, race and religion.

  15. It’s inhumane to burn an inanimate object? lol K

  16. I’m a bit shocked that the real crime is only mentioned secondary here.

  17. Don’t blow up people far more important than books

  18. Hate doesn’t belong to any one nation or people. Only God Almighty can change that into universal love.

  19. A book that promotes ‘peace’ – ha ha ha ha ha

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