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‘Mad Dog’ the cannibal pictured eating SECOND Muslim in as many weeks

21 January 2014 General 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

article-2542662-1AD385A700000578-982_634x850Daily Mail

Shocking photographs have emerged of a cannibal by the name of Mad Dog eating the flesh of a lynched Muslim man for the second time in as many weeks.

In one, ‘Mad Dog’ – real name Ouandja Magloire – cuts a portion of meat from the body of a murdered Muslim lying burning on a roundabout in the capital of the Central African Republic, with the body of another a few yards away.

Another photograph shows him licking a bloodied knife as he stands over a body, wearing the same T-shirt he was pictured in during the previous act of cannibalism.

The horrific images were taken in Bangui on Sunday.

According to The Associated Press, the men were killed by residents of the Sango neighbourhood in revenge for the lynching of a taxi driver from Sango a day earlier.

Two other Muslim passers-by escaped to the protection of French and African peacekeeping forces.

The agency understands that Magloire didn’t take part in the killings, but turned up in the aftermath.

According to its source, he is the only person in the Central African Republic known to be carrying out acts of cannibalism.

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Original post: ‘Mad Dog’ the cannibal pictured eating SECOND Muslim in as many weeks


  1. I’m not sure there’s a word strong enough to describe how horrifying this is…

  2. but Muslims aren’t people so that’s ok!!?!?!?!

  3. Ditto what Shawn Baker said… Traumatized…

  4. Sounds to me like someone needs to get a new shirt.

  5. Putting aside how incredibly wrong this is, Africa is the last place you want to eat someone, what with the AIDS epidemic.

  6. That’s a despicable disgusting excuse of a human. Just awful 🙁

  7. The actions of an insane person… not sure this has anything to do with Islamophobia per se

  8. Where are the moderate Christians? Why are they not speaking out against Cannibalism? In their sleeper cells obviously, gorging themselves on human hambones!

  9. I wish I hadn’t read this.

  10. Psy op

  11. This sicko needs to be locked up.. or ‘put down’ considering his name

  12. Ewww, sick people!

  13. and then they want to claim Muslims are barbaric … how does it feel christians, to be labeled as barbaric cause of a few christians …? not nice nah …? … I suggest people must start getting over their personal shit, for it’s starting to annoy me … greatly …

  14. any human carrying out such act should be hung. No human being, colour, creed or religion should be able to carry such atrocities . Definitely Evil needs treatment . Any actions killings on whatever side should be condemned as Evil . What those people running these armies the so call leaders why are they not condemning such action

  15. OMG, there is so much wrong, on so many levels. I do not see “religious” people here, I see insanity, and hatred. These people lack common sense and morals. Somehow, a call for everyone to stop fighting isn’t going to amount to much. It’ll take much more to turn the lawlessness around. People of faith do not behave in the manner that this article speaks of; randomly targeting specific individuals of any faith and murdering them. Disgusting and sickening!

  16. he’s crazy

  17. I am very concerned about humanity.

  18. Maybe he thought it was the body and blood of his savior.

  19. My sorrow is that this article will not get the attention it deserves and needs: QUOTED> “We must stop causing people pain,” pleaded the abbot in his sermon, urging the faithful to step out and greet their Muslim neighbours with a traditional Christian “kiss of peace”.

    At the end of the service, Jean-Claude, a Christian, walks up to Ahmad, a Muslim neighbour he has known for years, hugging him gently around the shoulders.

    “You need to be strong,” he says. “Stay positive.”

  20. Astaghfir alllah il azeem

  21. Disgusting… Why isn’t the police arresting him?

  22. Astagfirullah Al Azim!!!!!

  23. Cannibalism has no place in any mainstream religion…after what happened in Syria, there are many rumours going around that the Quran permits cannibalism (no such thing) all because one stupid ‘free army’ fighter grabbed a man’s heart or lung and took a bite. This was all over the news and internet…a great source of fuel for Islamophobes.

  24. As much as you would love to believe it. He was not a Christian.

  25. but Muslims aren’t people so that’s

    @ismael look at your statement, then you call yourself a good people? is this your definition of the word people?

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