Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon

23 January 2014 General 22 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



Federal prosecutors moved forward with a terrorism case against a purported Klansman who had been soliciting money from Jewish businessmen to build a bizarre — but technologically feasible — X-ray cannon intended to secretly kill Muslims.

Eric J. Feight, 55 pleaded guilty Wednesday to domestic terrorism-related charges in a federal courtroom in Albany, N.Y., and faces up to 15 years in prison. His alleged co-conspirator, Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday after being indicted on three federal felony counts. The indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Albany, New York last week charged Crawford with attempting to produce and use a radiological dispersal device, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and distributing information relating to weapons of mass destruction.

The Times-Union of Albany reported that Feight and his lawyers may seek a plea agreement in exchange for testimony against Crawford.

Investigators began looking at Crawford in April 2012, after the self-described Klansman approached a Schenectady synagogue, looking for financial support to build the radiation device.

“Crawford planned to create a mobile, remotely operated, radiation-emitting device capable of killing people silently from a distance with lethal doses of ionizing radiation,” according to the indictment. “Crawford’s intended targets were Muslims, Muslim-related organizations and persons Crawford believed were contributing to the demise of the United States.”

Crawford struck out in New York, then went to North Carolina looking for backing. The FBI had been tracking him at this point, notes the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Crawford “described to the [undercover FBI agents] his radiation emitting device, his remote initiation device, mobilizing the radiation device and discussed operation security concerns,” a criminal complaint filed last June said. “Crawford again solicited money to finance his scheme (primarily to fund the purchase or acquisition of an industrial strength x-ray system).”

Original post: Feds indict Klansman trying to build an anti-Muslim X-ray cannon


  1. smh This is like the plot for a bad made-for-tv horror/suspense movie. LOL

  2. Omg now I’ve heard every thing.

  3. Unreal

  4. This is scary

  5. Alhamdulila..

  6. Nobody ever claimed that Islamophobes were smart.

  7. Extra Special Stupid

  8. so what u are saying, they want to be an enemy to 1.5 billion person in the world? so be it

  9. This page would seem a bit more relevant if you reported on the daily massacre of Christians and other religious people around the world on a daily basis. islamophobia is a term meant to shut those down who raise awareness. People buy into it because you act as if a group of people are being looked at closely for no reason at all. You play the bigot card as a way of distraction. Americans are so dumbed down by the state controlled media that they’ve lost the ability to research on their own and to think for themselves.

  10. Those crafy clansmen. How about we make an x ray machine to see through the clothe they cover their cowardly, ugly, mullet ridden heads with.

  11. Debra Fish, they have covered muslims protecting coptic christians in Egypt after a firebomb attack. And vise versa. Either you’re new to the facts, ignorant, or just a christian fundamentalist yourself. None of those are good things fyi.

  12. bless your heart 😉

  13. So once they kill all the Muslims what will they do to the Jews that they got the money from to make this wonderful cannon. Oh and what about everybody else? WOW. Stupid is is what Stupid does (forrest gump voice)

  14. LOOOL

  15. My first reaction was to laugh. ……But after reading I just wanted to comment, as the flip side of ‘white, 55 year old, American’, with North Carolina roots. Alhamdulillah, shahadah for me was in 1995. America is truly diverse.

  16. Laughing all the way to the courtroom….

  17. Hosna Anwar Why didn’t we hear about this? This was in Albany! Lolol

  18. Talk about ironic!

  19. Basically, it’s one big taser gun.

  20. Why not build a DEATH STAR, and becoming Darth Vader hahaha LOL

  21. He should’ve tested his weapon out on himself.

  22. Wtf

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