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Rep. Scott DesJarlais ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Muslim Cemetery In Tennessee

27 January 2014 General 63 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


By Michael Allen (Opposing Views)

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) recently expressed his “deep” concern about a proposed cemetery for Muslims in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

The cemetery would be built by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, which also faced intense conservative opposition when it was built. The center was hit with lawsuits and vandal attacks for two years before finally opening in 2012, reported The New York Times.

The Nashville Scene reports that Rep. Desjarlais wrote on his Facebook page last Friday about the cemetery:

Friends, I have received numerous calls over the last couple of weeks regarding the Murfreesboro mosque cemetery. Although this is a state issue, I am deeply concerned over the impact it might have on our community. Unfortunately the Tennessee Religious Freedom Act, passed by the TN General Assembly, may have played a key role in allowing this cemetery to be approved. There is a difference between legislation that would protect our religious freedoms and legislation that would allow for the circumvention of laws that other organizations comply with on a daily basis.

Rep. DesJarlais also linked his Facebook posting to an article by The Tennessean, which reported that the Muslim cemetery had recently been approved by the Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals.

“We have a cemetery,” said Islamic Center of Murfreesboro Imam Ossama Bahloul said after the 3-2 vote.

“Now we can die,” Islamic Center of Murfreesboro board Chairman and founder Essam Fathy joked.

Original post: Rep. Scott DesJarlais ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Muslim Cemetery In Tennessee


  1. it’s a Muslim cemetery, just like there are Christian cemetaries
    what part of this makes this bald headed jackass feel threatened ?

  2. Asshattery.

  3. “Unfortunately, religious freedom prevails” LOL

  4. What a weak insecure ppl! They r dead what are they going to do to them that they r afraid…

  5. Tennessee is 12th out of 50 in terms of poverty and this dude is worried about dead Muslims? Priority people priority

  6. We all know that they think religious freedom is for Christians only.

  7. This is the same asshat who had an affair, and after learning she was pregnant, demanded that she get an abortion despite being staunchly pro-life.—scott-desjarlais

  8. he should be buried in a ”deep” shit hole what a douchebag of a thinker ..maniac

  9. if you read the TRFA, it is constitutionally invalid on its face, and attempts to circumvent already established law as directed by the supreme court of the united states. but then again, this is a bunch of hicks from tennessee. expecting them to understand how the first amendment works is apparently asking too much.

  10. “Legislation that would allow for the circumvention of laws that other organizations comply with on a daily basis.” Wow, such pretty, elusive words.

  11. Is he scared of dead people?

  12. Remember when it happened in upstate NY

  13. Religious freedom is for more than Southern Baptists.

  14. How sad!

  15. At first, I thought he was worried because some people were threatening something bad would happen to the cemetery. Then I figured out that the bad thing was him.

  16. Aren’t these the people who basically say “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim?” So what gives?! Now they don’t want us alive or dead…

  17. Apparently ‘protect our religious freedoms’ to him means ‘protect Christianity from any critics or nonbelievers’

  18. Is he afraid of Halal zombies.

  19. Lol Usman A. Khan.

  20. So, what? Should Tennessee Muslims ship their dead to the nearest accepting state? Tennessee is their home too, they have a right to bury their dead there.

  21. All I read was blah blah blah blah blah

  22. How stupid can you get? FFS, it’s a *cemetery.* They’ll all be dead and beyond any such distinctions other than what’s on their headstones. #ashamedtoadmitiwasbornintennessee

  23. where the hell do you think they should be buried who gives a f when your dead your dead

  24. They need a place for their dead just like we do, stop with the blind hatred, as far as I can see the Muslim community in Murfreesboro is a peaceful one. Just shut up and let them alone.

  25. *facepalm* SubhanAllah. I feel for the community in Murfreesboro. They’ve had to fight to get this masjid built – against prejudice, ignorance, even had their signs and construction equipment vandalized – and now this.

  26. Folks are always dead AFAIK when they get to a grave. So what’s this community’s real concern?!? Zombie bombers?!?

  27. What a flaming jackass..that’s not the word I wanted to use, but I’m being nice today..

  28. WTF?

  29. Maybe they will bury this turd there. Headless.

  30. Deeply ignorant, more accurately stated

  31. small minded individual…anyone that can not see a man for a fellow human being that he is first, is a bigot, ppl like him are actually a danger to our society.

  32. What a douche !

  33. Is this how he shows his Christian spirit…with hate? The new propaganda–watch out for those Muslims, once they are buried, they become Zombies and that is how they will take over the world. Mwahahaha.

  34. Bastard.

  35. So even dead Muslims are a concern for them? Jesus Christ, that’s pathetic.

  36. This thing didn’t work last time. won’t work this time.

  37. what laws cirrcumvent when its prrotecteed by the first admendemnt of the us constsution this guys a trator cause he impeededs upon the relogious righjts of others any one thaty supporrt him and such bigotry is also a traitor

  38. It’s a cemetery, for heaven’s sake! He’s a complete idiot.

  39. I had the honor of meeting with board members of the Murfreesboro Mosque. They are amazing, kind, long-time Tenneessee citizens. And they are patient and welcoming. I can’t believe the ignorance and hatred they have to put up with in Murfreesboro. May Allah reward each and every one of them for the aggravation they put up with from insane bigots like this.

  40. Aside from the fact that his head is too big, check out what this hypocrite is really about….reprint recent Huffpo articles..Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) told an 11-year-old girl who spoke out at a town hall meeting last week that her undocumented father should be deported.

    Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) was fined $500 Thursday by Tennessee medical authorities for carrying on sexual affairs with his patients

    WASHINGTON — The anti-abortion, pro-family Tennessee congressman who pushed his patient and mistress to get an abortion also agreed that his wife should have two, according to court transcripts released Thursday.

  41. I really get tired of these jerks calling me “friend” – I ain’t your friend!!! It’s a cemetery, you can’t get cooties…These people are absolutely ridiculous…

  42. Scott DesJarlais – he not only is a dick but looks like one too.

  43. Help me understand: Muslim cemeteries are a concern, heathens and dopeheads and drunks can be buried and it’s like “no problem”. Is that it?

  44. Are Muslim ghosts more terrifying than Baptist ghosts?

  45. Rednecks can be elected & voted out of office

  46. Why do Muslims need a seperate cemetary? Why does religion have to ever be about seperating people? I don’t get it.

  47. He’s afraid all the Muslims are like Jeff Dunham’s “Abdul the dead terrorist” and going to come back?

  48. So it’s OK to work, pay taxes, contribute to the community, etc…… Just don’t die. Sheesh, How incredibly Southern White of him to keep the ‘stereo type’ alive.

  49. how the fuck is the creation of a cemetery going against this jackass’s religious freedom? he’s a menace of stupid

  50. Sad, ridiculous stupid simple minded bigot!!!

  51. Yeah, there is nothing more dangerous than a DEAD Muslim. Except, if all goes to plan….we come back as ZOMBIES!!! Muwahahahahaha!!!

  52. Poor American ppl they really have to be with this very stupid Representative such as Rep.Scott DesJalais to lead their daily life till dead do they apart. Anyway Scott is a coward rep. do take note.

  53. Maybe he fear that someday Zombie Muslims will wake up from the graves…. :3

    Typical ignorant of course :p

  54. Of course ONLY your religious freedom should be protected, Hitler felt the same way.

  55. The freedom of religion act was only for the Christians!
    How dare the Muslims want to have freedom of religion 2

  56. I think this is the same douchebag who is fervently anti-abortion yet when he got his MISTRESS pregnant, he urged her to get one. Oh and by the way, hes a Doctor and she was one of his PATIENTS. He also had affairs with his office staff. That this guy is still in congress is a testament to the kind of scumbags we let run this country.

  57. Lisa Smartt Sissom Dig this!

  58. No words can describe this mans stupidity!

  59. oh I see it Debra Kay..and yes …this guy is an idiot trying to start some kind of drama….The cemetery has been approved and has already been used…I think he is just trying to stir up something he can grasp to attempt to make people look away from his failures ……Here in Murfreesboro….the cemetery ordeal had some opposition…but it complied with all rules and regulations and passed..There are still some narrow-minded people as he …who can not overcome their ancestors bigotry ….Not all Muslims are from another country….guess some just dont realize this…. 🙂

  60. Fuck face ignorant basturd

  61. Adrienne LangstonGood question! It is to be stressed that in Islam, the human body must be treated with the utmost respect not only when a person is alive, but also when he or she is dead. Funeral rites and practices have been prescribed by the divine law in accordance with the dictates of Allah. Allah says in the Qur’an, (We have honored sons of Adam…) (Al-Israa’ 17: 70)

    Burial is prescribed for the bodies of the deceased. Muslims are buried in Muslim cemeteries, and in Muslim countries there is no problem regarding this issue. However, in non-Muslim countries like the States, there is the issue of whether it is permissible to bury Muslims in non-Muslim cemeteries or not.

    The European Council for Fatwa and Research issued the following Fatwa:

    There are certain determined legal rulings concerning the Muslim on his death, such as washing him, wrapping him with a shroud, performing the “janazah” or funeral prayer for him or her, in addition to burying him in a Muslim cemetery. That is because Muslims have their own way of burying the dead and preparing graves, such as simplicity with no headstones, tombstones with no names or markings, facing the Qiblah (The direction in which Muslims Pray 5 times a day), and other religious practices according to our faith.

    It is known that every religious community has its own cemeteries; Jews have their own cemeteries, as do Christians Buddhists and others therefore, it is natural that Muslims have their own cemeteries too. So why not let us have our own place to bury our dead? Only seems fair.

  62. Religious ‘freedom’

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