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Former Navy Seal Ben Smith: Obama Is A Muslim, Drops Quran to the Ground

28 January 2014 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Former Navy Seal Ben Smith: Obama Is A Muslim, Drops Quran to the Ground

By Emperor

There’s no doubt former Navy Seal Ben Smith is a loon, his new line of work as a spokesman for the Right-wing propaganda machine, (pays very well) has him traveling the US ranting to Tea Party members with the well-worn shtick: the US is under attack by Communists, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood and AlQaeda. Not only have these groups penetrated the US government,( he says “they’re here”), but President Barack Hussein Obama himself is an undercover Muslim.

In the following clip Smith unloads his kooky conspiracy fear-mongering in front of the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention audience that is sitting on the edge of their seats and erupts into joyous applause when he theatrically drops the Qur’an to the floor. (h/t: AG)

The evidence of a Crusader sub-culture in the US military has made headlines in recent years and one wonders how representative Smith’s views about Islam and Muslims are of the Navy Seals as a whole; are their views as contemptuous? As insane? They are after all fighting in Muslim-majority nations!

If he is expressing himself about Muslims and Islam in this manner while at home, how was he acting when he was on patrol? Perhaps the only comfort out of all of this is the hope that he is doing this for the money, joining the circus of proud bigots who’ve happily joined the bandwagon of fleecing old, gullible Tea Partiers.



  1. What a total scumbag hate monger.Pamela G, George Galloway have a trite up in comer. hope he brings his brand of hate mongering here to my state,so we can shut his ignorance down.

  2. Real Muslim is the one who cares for people and follows the way of Muhammad salalahualayhi wasalam and quran .don’t comment on Muslims again ever

  3. This is a small matter. Fact is Ben Smith doesn’t know about Islam. May Allah open his heart one day. As a comparison, Prophet Muhammad (SAW)could have given the angels of mountain permission to destroy the city of taif after how its people responded to islam. but he showed mercy, thinking that there are people in the city who will be muslims….. and look at taif now, a beautiful city full of masjids, muslims. Allah is the best of planners.

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