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Anti-islamic group moves to stop mosque

2 February 2014 General 20 Comments Email This Post Email This Post



AN anti-Islamic group is mobilising against Ballarat’s first mosque.

Restore Australia, which describes Islam on its website as a “aggressive totalitarian political ideology”, plans to letterbox people in Ballarat to “mobilise people to write to the council” to oppose the building of a mosque at 116 Elsworth Street East in Ballarat.

The Islamic Society of Ballarat has purchased the property and been granted a planning permit by the City of Ballarat.

The planning permit required amendments to the original plan submitted by the Islamic Society, including changes to car parking to improve disability access and lighting.

Restore Australia chief executive officer Mike Holt said supporters of the group in Ballarat were being organised to protest the building of the mosque.

He said Islam was incompatible with the Australian way of life.

“Islam wants to bring in sharia law. It doesn’t matter (which branch of Islam) because they all believe in the same Islam, the same prophet Muhammad and the same God Allah,” Mr Holt said.

“A mosque is the thin end of the wedge to Islamise our society. They build a mosque and then more Muslims move in.

“We’re opposing the mosque on the grounds of a lack of parking, traffic congestion, pollution, and that property prices in the area will come down because of its presence.”

The Islamic Society of Ballarat estimates 65 Muslim families live in Ballarat, while an additional 150 Muslims are students at Federation University.

With no existing mosque in Ballarat, prayers are held at the university’s prayer room.

The planned mosque will be large enough for 150 people to conduct their prayers.

Dr Ibrahim Sultan, who lives in Melbourne but works at Federation University in Ballarat, said the vast majority of Muslims in Ballarat would be classified as moderates and that the mosque would be as much a community centre as it would be a place of worship.

“There is nothing to fear. It is about building bridges and trust,” Dr Sultan said.

“It is merely to establish a place that is partially for worship but also to put together activities and create a situation where there is dialogue and communication.

“People from all communities, not just Muslims, will be welcome.

“There are different versions of Islam and I’d say most Muslims in Ballarat are very moderate. They are mainly professionals working in industries such as health services, or students, or academics. This is a community that contributes to Ballarat. There is nothing secretive about it.”

Islam’s primary day of worship is Friday.

Dr Sultan said in Australia the call to prayer is usually broadcast inside the mosque and not externally as is the case in some Islamic countries.

Original post: Anti-islamic group moves to stop mosque


  1. LOL, if they want to “restore” it so bad, give it back to the aboriginal people of that continent, only then would it be truly restored anyway.

  2. I’ve myself had personal islamophobia experience with some Australians. I would definitely say it’s on the rise.

  3. Well, of course. You know how the govt’s and most people are. “My way is the right and best way and if you don’t follow my way you are then a savage”

  4. I am sick of racism, hatred, killing, bombing, ……

  5. Ask the Aborigines about “restoring” Australia.

  6. Aussies are more aboriginophobic rather than islamophobic I havent witnessed anything close to what happens in western countries since iv been here. And this restoration guy wont be able stop anything. Secondly I think there are more sharia-phobic bigots in muslim countries than anywhere else.

  7. Ok…I’m confused. :-…What the heck is the “Australian” way of life?? And how can they ascertain that Islam doesn’t fit??…omg…smh, people…my God…

  8. Its*

  9. They can try all they want but will never hold us back. 1.6 billion strong and growing INSHAALLAH!

  10. Australia has been taken over by jews.

  11. These people will use any excuse to focus on any group as “the problem” with their country.

  12. It shows the political hay to be made by Islamophobia, it just stands in for the last threat (Jews, foreigners, whatever).

  13. Ahh this behaviour is characteristic to Australia’s bogans.

  14. Ill take Australia off my list of countries to visit

  15. Wanna to “Restore” Australia ? rather than hate muslims immigrant how about you guys start living like an Aborigine ?

  16. I love how Mike rants on about how Islam isn’t compatible, the mosque will bring more Muslims to the area blah blah blah…. But the grounds for opposing it are nothing to do with his complaints.

    Another intelligent comment from one of the many ADL-associated bigots in this country!

  17. Seems that “Restore Australia” has the “aggressive totalitarian political ideology” with a dash of racism and bigotry.

  18. Sometimes I am happy to see that America isn’t the only country where idiocy abounds, but I wish it weren’t so

  19. A great update for this story. It seems they forgot to get a permit for a protest. Silly bigots always forget about the little things like our laws 🙂

  20. Most if you don’t even know why your in a country where you’re free from your stone age, pedophilic, woman hating homosexual killing sharia laws …:-) You’re here to learn about the living God, Jesus Christ with which we will all bow on bended knee…

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