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Fake Picture of Syrian Girl Being Stoned By Rebels For Having Facebook Account

18 February 2014 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Fake Picture of Syrian Girl Being Stoned By Rebels For Having Facebook Account

By Emperor

Another casualty of the Syrian Civil War has been honest and accurate reporting. Much of what is relayed from the civil war torn nation is overt propaganda and evidently biased depending on which side the reporter or news agency is supporting.

Recently, a picture has been making the rounds on the interwebs showing a woman being stoned to death by angry, Muslim men for the ostensible reason of having a Facebook account.

When one searches “Syrian girl stoned to death for using Facebook account” you get 294,000 results. iCNNThe Daily MailBreitbartTundra TabloidsExaminerIndia Today, Global Times,Israel HayomDaily BashkarFrontPageRag and numerous other news sites and blogs reported the story.

One immediately notices something wrong with the picture, it looks to be a still from a movie and indeed it is: The Stoning of Soraya M.

The story first originated ironically in Iran’s, Fars News Agency, which is pro-Bashar Al-Assad and cites the Arabic website Al-Rai Al-Youm as its source. It is ironic because the still that was used to claim that Syrian rebels were stoning a woman for having a Facebook account was originally about a supposed “true-story” recounting of the stoning of “Soraya M.” in an Iranian village in the 80s.

Iran’s government castigated the movie as false and Orientalist but apparently years later their news agency has no quibbles in pushing their own Orientalist style fear-mongering that eventually played into essentialized characterizations of Islam and Muslims.

Surprisingly The Blaze, not usually known for its accurate reporting about Muslims and Islam actually published a decent write up on the story, noting its origins and the way the unconfirmed reports spread like wild-fire across the internet. (h/t: Shuaib)


  1. so what you are sayijng is that the iranians posted an islamophobic story?


  2. why would anyone make things like this up. you can go to liveleak and see plenty of real video of muslims stoning women and cutting off people’s heads. or read the real news and know that a 14 year-old boy was shot in syria for saying even if muhammad himself came down he wouldn’t give credit to the jihadist for a cup of coffee. or read you hadiths. it’s the 81st or 82nd book of bukhari where mohammad himself stones people. it is a well established punishment in islam. as is lashing people. see 24:2 in the koran.

    just read the news. muslims show the true nature of islam all the time.


  4. i think this is a piece of crap

  5. I actually searched this up, and this is actually a scene of a movie which IRANIANS filmed. People, please get your facts straight!

  6. Finaly! It just happens that I was the movie “The stoning of Soraya M” a few weeks ago, and have been telling everyone I know its fake, and for the most part no non Muslim people would believe me, they figured I was ignorant and didnt want to admit mt people would do that. Thank you.

  7. watched, not “was the movie” sorry

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