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Islamophobic Attack On A Veiled Mother in Moselle

20 February 2014 General 13 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Collectif Contre L’Islamophobie En France (Google Translate)

The incident occurred in the evening of Tuesday, February 18 around 18:15.

The victim, a young mother with her toddler, was violently attacked while returning slowly towards his home after shopping.

The attacker suddenly stopped his vehicle before verbally take the young woman, whom he accuses of wear the full veil ”  The driver yelled at me: You have to go to Iraq eh […]! In France, we do not dress like that! “ […] “Go back to your country …”.

Very agitated, the individual is left to his vehicle, walked away, then eventually turn around to attack again to his victim and snatch her ​​veil him shouting “It is forbidden by law […] here, we respect women “ (assault a woman because of his religion and its origin is this definition of respect for women: ed.)

A man who attended the scene immediately intervened to assist the victim and stop aggression.

The victim is still very shocked and was very afraid for her child  : “I picked races downed and taken my stroller, which under the impact of physical aggression, had rolled to the curb … I ‘ve found wobbly against the wheel of a parked car. He could have something happen to my son … the stroller could be completely reversed. “

Our legal team are currently in contact with victims to encourage them to complain and bring him any psychological assistance necessary.

Original post: Islamophobic Attack On A Veiled Mother in Moselle


  1. respecting women by assaulting them, fantastic!

  2. Zenith of bravery

  3. A new low

  4. and no one stomped the guy out? Only in France…And Quebec, Germany, Austria, Switzerland…..I can go on for days.

  5. I respect women by assaulting them. Yeah, that makes sense. Bastard.

  6. Find the bastards

  7. what’s wrong with people.

  8. Still, those hatemonger media (such as CNN and Fox News) will blame the woman and her toddler, FOR WEARING VEIL.

  9. Was Google translate used for this article?

  10. How about we Attack Christian women in our land ?? Would you Christians like that ? Ha ? Ha ? . You will feel angree i know . The same we feel . So respect us and we respect you clear .

    Any ways we never Attack any Christian woman , i just gave you an example to know what we feel when you attack veiled women . Besides what kind of man Attacks a woman?! Is that really a man ?

  11. Indra Emc thats because CNN and Fox are messengers for Statism. Statism is a religion and state run media is the messenger. According to them, since we supposedly are the government, this woman did this to herself since she wasnt following the law. This is the logic of a statist, even if they dont admit it.

  12. This is scary!

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