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Denmark: OK to Rape Animals But Not OK to Have Halal and Kosher Meat

24 February 2014 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Denmark: OK to Rape Animals But Not OK to Have Halal and Kosher Meat

By Emperor

Sheep shagging and other assorted bestiality is legal in Denmark, a country that has recently been marred by controversy over its ban on Halal and Kosher meat slaughter, which is considered “inhumane” by opponents. Minister of agriculture Dan Jørgensen told Denmark’s TV2 that “animal rights come before religion”.

Interestingly, animal brothels are openly doing business in Denmark  where there is a thriving bestiality scene, clients come from such places as Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany. (h/t: Cliff)

This is remarkable, I thought these nations were supposed to be all about “choice?” What choice does an animal have in getting banged by a human?

Animal brothels legal in Denmark


Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal, so long as the animal involved does not suffer. According to the Danish newspaper 24timer, this interesting gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which people pay in order to have sex with animals.

On the internet, several Danish animal owners openly advertise their services. The newspaper contacted several such individuals and was told that many of the animals have been engaged in this kind of activity for several years and that the animals crave the sexual stimulation. The newspaper found that the cost charged by the animal owners varied from DKK 500 to 1,000 (USD$85 to $170).

Since Danish laws are so similar to Norwegian laws, the animal bordello phenomenon has led many to question if such a practice could be legal in Norway as well.

Torunn Knaevelsrud is the section chief for animal welfare for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. “It is difficult to say yes or no,” he replied to a question about the legality of animal bordellos in Norway.

“It could be that the animals don’t really care,” Knaevelsrud said. “But I think it is in the nature of the case that animals will often be victims of injury, stress or suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans. Either that they are held fast, or frightened, or suffer pain or physical injury,” Knaevelsrud said.

Norway is currently reviewing its Animal Protection Act and several groups, including the Norwegian Animal Welfare Alliance, have proposed making amendments which forbid sexual intercourse with animals.

“The acts provoke moral disgust. The question is whether immorality should be made illegal. The FSA group discussing the new animal protection act has been in disagreement about this,” Knaevelsrud said.

One of the owners of an animal bordello in Denmark said that many of his clients come from abroad and travel some distance for his services. “But the clients tell us that it is much simpler to buy animal sex in Denmark than in their own country,” the owner said, explaining that many of his clients come from Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany.

I think Dave Chappelle got it right, once you go for monkey sex you’re out of the human sex game.: (WARNING: Explicit Content–It’s Dave Chappelle)


  1. Disgusting beyond all reason.

  2. Those Danes are a strange bunch, it seems… There will come a time when right seems wrong and the doing of that which is wrong seems right. The end is closer, today.

  3. How can they claim to want to protect animal rights and protect them against suffering, then make it okay to rent them out to customers to be violated? “The animals crave the sexual stimulation”?! I would ask if they are insane but the answer seems obvious.

  4. That’s disgusting, those poor animals.

  5. It’s the difference between Court decrees and legislation lobbied by animal rights groups (who don’t want animals in captivity at all).

  6. hypocrisy and double standards of so called developed western countries

  7. @ Admins of this page, I would like to thank you for ur effort to defend Islam, I have a question that do you think Islamphpia is the right word, as long as I know, it means Fear Islam, I look forward to ur replay, kind regards

  8. Crazy white Vikings !!…no wonder most Satanist take pride in these guys.

  9. Now that I know they fuck their sheep I won’t eat Halal/kosher or not.

  10. This is why I’m vegan.

  11. we are entering a level of darkness that I can honestly say that I have never been more proud to have the light of islam in my life heart and soul! It is only going to get worse folks, so get into your salah quran and duas. Ask allah swt to keep yourself from harm!

  12. Not enough people to f@ck? Is that the problem?

  13. Sam Sam, phobia actually means an “irrational fear”

  14. An immoral decision by the nation.

  15. how about just don’t eat meat?

  16. how about just don’t eat meat?

  17. What did you expect from country who allied with NAZI during WWII (after occupation) and made “Muhammad Cartoon” during 2005 ?

    Next time they will legalize Gay Marriage but in other news, Muslims and Jewish are FORBIDDEN to marry in Denmark.

  18. The reality is that modern technology which ends the lives of animals in the human food chain is much more humane than the torture and slow death of animals in halal and kosher. Both these ancient methods of slaughter of farm animals, and bestiality from Denmark are an affront to the conscience of progressive peoples.

  19. It’s even forbidden in Islam to slaughter an animal in front of another animal!

  20. I wonder if they have a scientific proof that the animals do suffer

  21. The bestiality story is more than five years old… now looks like the Germans have taken the lead on this

  22. Is this true? What can I say? Premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, incest, now bestiality. All forms of sexual deviation are now being practiced and even advocated. Should I assume rape will be legit if “the woman had it coming”?

  23. I cant live in a world another day knowing that any animal is being used in this way by humans….I want to do whatever I can to stop this in my lifetime……What are the Royal Family of Denmark thinking by turning its back in this way, they cannot be so out of touch….
    I have signed petitions,and spread the word…But its seems its not enough, this knowledge has been in circulation for many years now…With these animals suffering terribly all the while. It so devastating to me..
    The business’ must be brought to the worlds attention.
    I for one will not be making a trip to Denmark until this is over…..
    I cant believe this is happening in this day and age…The karma for all concerned will be beyond their imaginings, utter hell…….

  24. How fucking stupid are you people?
    How about doing some fucking fact-checking you incompetent cunts…

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