Monday, February 24, 2020   

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Article Archive for February 2014

Police arrest man for threatening to stab two Muslim teens
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Albuquerque police have arrested a man accused of threatening to stab a couple of teenagers playing basketball, simply because he hated Muslims.

Nilsson Wood is accused of threatening a 15-year-old and his friend with a knife.

Muslim-American Superior Court Judge Halim Dhanidina shares endeavors that preceded his election
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Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Halim Dhanidina shared his hardships and experiences in his journey to become the first Muslim-American judge in the state of California as part of a presentation hosted by Associated Students Inc. Lobby Corps Monday.

Muslim women’s attire under attack in Sri Lanka
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Hate groups in Sri Lanka have made the attire of Muslim women a key target in their onslaught against Muslims. They have used security and the need for uniformity as reasons to attack Muslim female attire such as the hijab, the punjabi attire and the niqab.

Islamophobic Attack On A Veiled Mother in Moselle
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The incident occurred in the evening of Tuesday, February 18 around 18:15.The victim, a young mother with her toddler, was violently attacked while returning slowly towards his home after shopping.

Meet Fox’s New Anti-Muslim “National Security Analyst”
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The Zionist Clarion Project is funded by Aisha HaTorah, a pro-Occupation, pro-Settler colonization organization that seeks to foment anti-Muslim Islamophobic sentiment against Muslims in the West. They are known for such anti-Muslim screeds as Obsession, Third Jihadand Iranium. (h/t: JD)

Fake Picture of Syrian Girl Being Stoned By Rebels For Having Facebook Account
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Another casualty of the Syrian Civil War has been honest and accurate reporting. Much of what is relayed from the civil war torn nation is overt propaganda and evidently biased depending on which side the reporter or news agency is supporting.

Discrimination Olympics: Meddling with Muslims in Sochi
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Sochi’s more than 20,000 Muslims helped build the infrastructure and stages for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, where Muslim athletes from a range of participating nations will compete within these multi-million-dollar stadia, slopes, and structures, vying for gold and the glory that comes with Olympic victory.

Proposed mosque fuels debate
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POCATELLO — A Pocatello hearing officer is expected to make a decision by Tuesday regarding the Islamic Society of Southeastern Idaho’s request for a conditional use permit to establish a mosque on South Fifth Avenue. Meanwhile, a public debate on the proposal has been going on for days.

Circassians: Sochi Olympians ‘are skiing on the bones of our ancestors’
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“They tried to forget us, as if we never even lived there,” says Circassian architect Abdullah Makhmudovic Berisov. Now 67 years old, Berisov speaks about the pain he feels when thinking of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and how the opening ceremony failed to mention the history of the Circassian people who once called Sochi their capital.

GOP congressman silent while racist Tea Partyer calls for Obama assassination
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Republican Congressman Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma was at a Tea Party event with constituents a few weeks ago when a woman went off about how President Obama needed to be killed.