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Fox News: “The Five” Should Just Put On Their KKK Hoodies Already

9 March 2014 30 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Fox News: “The Five” Should Just Put On Their KKK Hoodies Already

This is the Fox News show called “The Five,” known for its racism and hatemongering of various groups. Usually, only Islam and Muslims bring this kind of unified hatred out of the fake, token liberals and conservatives.

In this clip the hosts of “The Five” rant about Islam and Muslims in quite disgusting and disparaging terms, it remains to be seen when they will just put on their KKK hoodies.


As pointed out by some readers, on top of their hateful rants about Islam and Muslim, “The Five,” also seem to be hypocrites as they rather ignore and not discuss the uproar among Christiansregarding the movie.


  1. Wow, talk about hostile.

  2. Subhanallah. May Allah azza wa jal guide them to Islam before the Angel of death snatches their souls out of their throats. Ameen

  3. So I am missing the point here maybe. What was untruthful about this segment? Is Islamophobia in the English dictionary yet? Is it a made up word ? Hate speech to Islam is speaking the truth. Get a life and leave this satanic cult.

  4. But killing thousands of Christians just because they don’t worship Allah is okay

  5. fox news is full of shit, bunch of bigots

  6. Egypt,Africa ,Europe and everywhere else. All you have to do is put down your hate book and google it

  7. Cool :). They’re giving Islam more publicity than we can ever dream of with our limited resources. Way to go 😉

  8. What a bunch of chuckleheads. It’s scary that so many people believe them!

  9. look at this idiots sorry i dont mean to be intolerant but there is not other way to describe them , this kind of ignorance is pretty normal on fox news


  11. Allah is not the Christian god, if you know the story of Abraham

  12. I’m not saying all Muslims are bad, just the real Muslims

  13. Btw Brent Talbot is GOOGLE YOUR GOD??? No wonder u so CONFUSE my child….huhuhuhuhu

  14. I am confused? “Btw Brent Talbot is GOOGLE YOUR GOD???”

  15. Idk David… I think when it comes to intolerance nobody has Christianity beat…and I am a christian lol

  16. Did you know all three major monotheistic faiths ALL have a stigmatic monopoly on ‘god’. But none of these bigots nor those bigots, know the definition of having a soul. You don’t have to be Mahatma Ghandi or Albert Einstein to understand that.

  17. “Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world.”

    Yeah, because Christianity is pretty tolerant of everyone.

  18. Read the Quran, then make statements. You are confused for sure.

  19. Boycott foxnews!!

  20. Christians have killed more innocent people than anyone.

  21. Christians not christianity. Muslims not Islam. I think the problem is some people don’t make a distinction between a faith and it’s people. The people who are committing murder are using religion to justify their own stance. These same people would cause trouble no matter what religion they are or would convert to. Like Brent Talbot or David Montgomery they interpret and read what they want. What they want is to hate. So they pick hatefull information and spread a hatefull message!

  22. Agar ulema,talibans ya hukmran ka islam hai yeh dehshat gardi tou aaisa islam kisai manzoor hoga?

  23. FOX News is right wing idiotic racist propaganda not news.

  24. Democrats are the KKK, the party of Robert Byrd, Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood. liberals are the bigots who support Nidal Hasan, Carlos Bledsoe, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, and the two black Muslim thugs who killed white British soldier Lee Rigby.

    And Lauren, what race is Islam?

  25. @david go study reality, the real world.

  26. Jihad does not mean holy war. IT is a noun which translates into English as, “strugle” or “strive”. The word is always used in the context of overcoming something oppressive eg. alcoholism, poverty, etc. In the arabic the word for “holy war” is qudus-qitaal. This word apaears nowhere in the Quran in Arabic. One of the first uses of qudus-qitaal was actually not in an Islamic context. It was used to describe the Christian crusaders.

  27. hey turkeys great if you like an increasingly islamist government who are killing people and have banned dissent

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