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Small Muslim community struggles with ‘terrorist’ rumors

11 March 2014 General 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


by Andrew Horansky

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas — A small community in Brazoria County has been causing a big stir over rumors that it serves as an Islamic terrorist training camp.

The community, called Mahmoudberg, sits along County Road 3 near the town of Sweeny. When an 11 News crew asked to see the property on Monday afternoon, the request was politely declined at the gate.

But Freeport Police Chief Dan Pennington was recently there.

“The best description would be just a trailer park in the country,” he said.

The visit followed a series of scathing online articles about the community which cite declassified FBI documents and allege that the site is part of an Islamic terrorist training network.

The view from the road, however, is underwhelming. Kids can be seen playing, chickens roam free, and nothing appears to be out of sorts.

Neighbors across the street say the commune has been there for years, and that they have never had problems.

“They help us, we help them,” neighbor Charlotte Broussard said. “I just don’t understand why people want to start crap like that.”

As for the FBI documents, Chief Pennington has yet to see them.

“We’ve spoken with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. There’s just nothing out there,” he said. “They tell us that there’s no credible information about that site in terrorism.”

Still, officials in Sweeny are acknowledging the concern by providing links to the articles in question on the city’s website.

Original post: Small Muslim community struggles with ‘terrorist’ rumors


  1. Good grief. Since when did living and coexisting peacefully become ‘terrorist training activity’?

  2. Please tag won’t let or share

  3. Probably someone in the city wants them out so they can take over the land for business purposes possibly…someone over there should follow this story to find out the real truth… be very interesting to kmow what comes out.

  4. Hilarious, except that is seems to have started with Pamela Geller.

  5. Typical ignorant, when they see Muslim at the Gym they will say “This is terrorist training camp !” and this is not the FIRST time i heard something like that.

  6. lol there’s no such thing as coexistence when one religion is continuously ridiculed and chastised for something they haven’t even done such as this so-called terrorist activity camp in training! Everyone that hates Muslims basically just jumps on the bandwagon together because it’s the easiest scapegoat for them to point out and ridicule in their favor and just put them down. Then push them out without any true probable cause. God the general population is a bunch of morons.

  7. sue them mother fuckers!

  8. Maybe More Of Us Muslim Brothers And Sisters Should Move There And Build A Much Bigger Community living Upon Quran And Sunnah InshaAllah.

  9. Wow!

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