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Crimea, Ukraine: Serbian Chetnik Militias Arrive to Aide Russia

13 March 2014 No Comment Email This Post Email This Post


Crimea, Ukraine: Serbian Chetnik Militias Arrive to Aide Russia

“This was also announced on Serb BNTV on 3/5th. These chetnicks are still hoping they can start a war with Bosnian Muslims. The fact that they will fight against Tatar Muslims in Ukraine if necessary  is an indirect message to Bosnian Muslims. The western media is silent about this terrorist organization. What if Bosnian Muslims went to defend Tatar Muslims? They would be called terrorists.”

(h/t: Amela Lulic)

EXCLUSIVE Javi Chetniks from the Crimea: We’re here to fight with Our brothers!

Sevastopol – At the invitation of a Russian fraternal organization the Chetnik movement is assisting in the Crimea in Ukraine. The Chetnik movement quickly formed a squad called, “Prince Lazar,” under the command of Bratislava Zivkovic, in a record time of three days, he found himself in the Crimea, said the Chetniks from Ukraine.

To Semfiropolisa they came from three different directions, via Russia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
Photo: Chetnik movement

“Members of the Chetnik movement are based in a monastery in the Crimea, and so far have successfully fulfilled all the tasks set,” said the Chetnik movement.

At the invitation of Russian Cossacks, President of the Movement Bratislav Zivkovic has been sent to the Crimea, together with his deputy Milutin Mališića četovođom of the Chetnik guards known as the Wolves, which is part of the Chetnik movement.

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