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PQ candidate steps down after posting anti-Islamic photos

13 March 2014 General 16 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


(Montreal News)

A Parti Quebecois candidate who posted anti-Islamic material on social media has withdrawn from the campaign.

Jean Carriere, who was the PQ candidate for the Montreal riding of Lafontaine, created a social media storm on Wednesday when a Liberal party supporter digging through his Facebook page found a picture of a half-naked woman saying “Fuck Islam.”

Earlier this year Carriere also praised Marine Le Pen and the far-right Front National party of France.

Reporters had difficulty contacting Carriere Wednsday evening and his Facebook page was soon taken offline, but he later told one that he shared the image because he thought it was pro-feminist.

Thursday morning Premier Pauline Marois announced that Carriere had withdrawn his candidacy.

Around noon Carriere posted an apologetic message on his Facebook page.

One of the first replies came from Roland Richer, the PQ candidate for Argenteuil, who said he still admired Carriere and said he should not have been forced to step down.

Around 2 p.m. Richer’s comment was removed.


Original post: PQ candidate steps down after posting anti-Islamic photos



  1. Another one bites the dust, HAHA! 🙂

  2. Mercy! Looks like he’d know a thing or two about being on the receiving end of bigotry [just saying]

  3. Why is his forehead bigger than his actual face?

  4. Ummm I’m just gonna leave it alone. Dam!

  5. @dennis, lol

  6. he turned to early in the womb. his head went down into the pelvis while still growing and was pinched, thus deforming his skull like that.

    happened to a guy i used to work with’s kid. they did like 6 surgeries to correct it, but that was in the last 10 years. may not of had that option when and where he was born?

  7. Look up the def. of bigot

  8. Look up the def. of bigot

  9. Oh god is that his actual face or one of those funhouse mirror photoshop pics?

  10. Oh god is that his actual face or one of those funhouse mirror photoshop pics?

  11. What’s wrong with fuck Islam, I do it everyday

  12. What’s wrong with fuck Islam, I do it everyday

  13. ya but Brent you’re a loser, no one actually cares or listens to what you say bro…so dogs like you can keep barking 😉 also side note…i hope this dude was just messing around with his Photobooth app on his phone…

  14. and this is happening in France right now, the beginning of the civil war.

  15. The PLQ is a pro-islam party. we are going through elections here in Quebec right now and this party with the help of the federal party, is doing all in their power so that, within 4 years, Quebec will be islamic. This is very dangerous for you americans. you have to help us before it is too late, please.

  16. He has paid the price already. One for us – Zero for PQ 🙂

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