Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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German princess appears in court accused of threatening to kill Muslims and attacking fellow revellers at a posh Scots party


German princess appears in court accused of threatening to kill Muslims and attacking fellow revellers at a posh Scots party

A German princess appeared in court yesterday accused of threatening to kill Muslims and calling police officers paedophiles at a posh Scots bash. Princess Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein is also charged with shouting homophobic abuse and attacking fellow revellers and security staff at the exclusive event in St Andrews on Saturday.

The 27-year-old, whose mum is Swedish and whose dad is a German prince, was at the Oktoberfest party at Kinkell Farm with a host of drunken toffs from around the world. It is one of the highlights of the social calendar with students at the university where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met and fell in love.

Sayn-Wittgenstein, from Bavaria, was arrested at the party and locked in a cell over the weekend before appearing from custody at Cupar Sheriff Court. Officers hustled her in through a back door with a coat over her head. It is understood they had to wait until a cell became free because court staff didn’t want her to share with other prisoners due to her background.

The princess’s lawyer, Douglas Williams, told the court his client spoke perfect English but much of what he was saying was going over her head because she was “very upset”. The German royal looked shellshocked when she appeared before Sheriff Charles MacNair with her eyes red and puffy from crying. She pled not guilty to nine charges, all related to assault, threatening and abusive behaviour and obstructing police at the Oktoberfest bash.

Sayn-Wittgenstein is accused of assaulting and kicking one fellow guest, racially abusing a second and making a comment about “killing Muslims”, then kicking and trying to headbutt a third. Other charges include making homophobic and offensive comments to security staff at the event, resisting arrest and accusing police of being paedophiles.

Sayn-Wittgenstein was bailed to an address in central London but will be allowed to return home to Germany. Trial date was set for July at Dundee Sheriff Court.

Daily Record, 11 March 2014

See also ”German princess denies making ‘killing Muslims’ comment at St Andrews charity event”, The Courier, 10 March 2014


  1. It appears that no one is above hatred.

  2. I didn’t even know Germany still have royalty….

  3. Maybe his mom are fucked by Adolf Hitler and she shares Hitler’s DNA

  4. Princess??? lol

  5. History repeats itself.

  6. lol they have princesses … Right and I am one too and so are my daughters…

  7. So there y’ go Disney fans, the beast isn’t always the one with the hairy palms. Princesses can also be odious trolls, who knew?

  8. the real terrorist!

  9. How come this Oktoberfest party brawl gets reported in March? Is it the same reason she had to be separated from other prisoners because of her social standing?

  10. Wow!

  11. Hope she gets many years in jail.

  12. @moses, I was thinking the same.

  13. Blue blood doesn’t breed good manners. A few more days in jail will probably do wonders for her attitude.

  14. German has princesses? LOL!

  15. I thought the princes and princesses were kicked out in 1919…

  16. der arschloch is she.

  17. lol

  18. Looks like plain old public drunkenness to me. Toss her in the slammer for a couple of months.

  19. Another drunk German at Oktoberfest. Toss her in the slammer for a couple of months for being drunk and disorderly. Is that even a crime in Germany?

  20. Bitch!

  21. i dont see any of you lot getting so hateful when jihadists are actually killing people

  22. Being german and having a lot of muslim friends and colleges here in Germany, I would suggest not to overestimate the blabla of a drunken nobody wherever she is from. I sure agree, she should be fined for that! But I am also sure Hitler did not fu… her mother, because he died in 1945! Reducing everything to that time is germanphobic!

  23. plenty of people criticise the American army .dont try and deflect what i said .i see you all posting borderline racism against a German woman for threats but never see the same level.of hatred and disgust when islamists are actually beheading raping and killing .

  24. threaten muslims its islamophobia …muslims killing …hear a pin drop

  25. Not all Muslims kill some like my self are against any hate and any wrong doing to any one Muslim or not

  26. And We all are not responsible for what someone who shares same religion like myself does somewhere in places I have never heard of same as Germans are not responsible for what she says lol

  27. Who here reads different newspapers these days? Spiegel, the Telegraph?

    So called ‘liberal’ Europe (whitewashed American view) where workers were brought in after WW2 from Morocco Turkey and listed as “moroccan dutch” etc on their birth certificate. Where politicans have made an industry of Islamophobia, Eastern European Phobias (the Poles, the Russians, the Romainian gypsies) blame religion, ethnicity etc for criminality, but fail to see American Muslims, Eastern Europeans and Asian Americans have an education, and economic level that exceeds even traditional Anglo Saxon groups.

    If you had the same two groups, with such different results in two different countries, I would imagine the problem isn’t their religion or ethnicity, as much as Europe’s poor domestic and immigration laws and inability to retain talent.

    Ever try to become a US citizen anyone? Not easy is it? You come here on an H1B visa or you wait 10+ years

    The biggest forces of Islamophobia originate in Europe. What we see in the American media is just the ripples.

  28. Poor girl, she probably was drunk or high. But I am sure she learned her lesson now. My daughter is a princess too, I teach her love, respect and patience like Allah wants us to be! 🙂 Ian go educate yourself before you make ur self look like a FOOL!!! The extremist who claim to be Muslim are NOT real Muslims! There is a difference, suggest you learn it!

  29. i m just pointing out a lot of generalising and racism is ok when its at a German woman for merely using her mouth and yet theres no one here getting angry when islamists are doing real harm and chopping peoples heads off .you re all silent then .muslim double standards are numerous and illogical

  30. and jana you might not want to call them Muslims but they re sure calling themselves just that

  31. I’ve met plenty of people who said they would want to “kill” someone at least once in their life. Never really took it seriously nor did I expect the person in question to do so either. She is drunk. Doesn’t excuse the choice of words, but does not mean she should be taken seriously.

  32. So you twats are all mad because she said something about killing muslims? Some random drunk bird who nobody was listening to… And yet your own prophet says to rape and enslave women, convert or murder all who do not believe, behead, torture, degrade and dispose of any person who is not a believer in your fucked up religion. And millions upon millions of people follow the words of this grotesque man, yourselves included. Please, explain to me the difference? If muhammed was alive today would you all be shouting from the rooftops for him to be jailed like you are for this drunken idiot at a festival?

  33. no they d be falling at his blood soaked feet

  34. or handing their kids over to be next aisha

  35. George I really don’t know where you got you your info from but all of it is lie after lie nothing you said has any truth to it and yes some people got mad at her behaviour just coz she is a princess doesn’t give her right to insult anyone or to behave a she owns a world

  36. Ian…
    it’s such a shame that you don’t have any regards for human life you should look at people not their religion

  37. The problem is NOT SEEING THE World and NOT MEETING other People but thinking from reading about them and watching TV you get to know other cultures. Go travel and make yourself a picture! That makes you more TOLERANT!!! Sadly enough this young woman hasn’t learned her lesson yet. Have you?

  38. i ve lived in a few countries and guess what muslims cause greif in all of them i could travel to syria egypt and iraq and probably see the same i am never going to tolerate an intolerant fascist religion .if you choose to believe in communism nazism or islam expect people to judge your choices

  39. Never heard, that Islam is an intolerant facist religion! Maybe you ment the fundamental extremists who kill for religious reasons?! Feel sad for your poor experiences in Syria, Iraque and Egypt. Maybe it was because these countries actually struggle with war, chaos and human tragedy?

  40. Germans? That nation lost two World Wars , losers. Disney Princesses have more power. German Princess, what a joke.

  41. What scum she is!!!!

  42. Too much ale:/

  43. The picture is of Princess Theodora of Greece. Perhaps you could take it down and put a picture of the correct princess up?

  44. Dear Editor,

    The actions of Theodora Sayn-Wittgenstein are completely out of order.

    With regard to this article, the picture is not correct. The story is about Theodora of Sayn-Wittgenstein, while the picture is of princess Theodora of Greece.

  45. The photo is of Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark not Theodora Prinzessin von Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

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