Sunday, March 7, 2021   

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Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded ‘evil’ by judge

Ian Forman at Berchtesgaden in 2012 during a pilgrimage to Adolf Hitler’s Berghof residence

Ian Forman at Berchtesgaden in 2012 during a pilgrimage to Adolf Hitler’s Berghof residence

Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded ‘evil’ by judge

A neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Merseyside mosques was branded “evil” by a judge today.

Terror suspect Ian Forman, 42, from Birkenhead, planned to explode home-made devices packed with nails and ball-bearings. He downloaded pictures of two mosques near his home and labelled them “targets” before making a string of YouTube posts threatening to “blow them up”.

He stockpiled potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal, and drew up a shopping list of bomb components after months of internet research. The Hitler obsessive then created spreadsheets for the prices of chemicals needed for homemade bombs, and where they would be stocked.

Forman, who frequently expressed his racist ideology and views against the disabled to friends and workmates, also posted on YouTube about “Mosques lighting up the sky to keep us warm in the winter”.

A jury of seven men and five women at Kingston Crown Court today found Forman guilty of engaging in conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts.

Judge Paul Dodgson said: “The defendant had, in my judgement, very extreme and evil thoughts – I think the word evil is appropriate. As the jury found he at some points had the intention of carrying those evil thoughts out. For his sentencing there must be a message sent out by the court that this behaviour is regarded with extreme gravity. But, on the other hand, I must mitigate this by the acknowledgement that his intention wasn’t carried out to effect.”

Forman, of Shavington Avenue, Oxton, was first arrested last June on suspicion of possessing explosive devices. He was then rearrested on September 5 by officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit over concerns about chemical and explosive substances at his house.

Subsequent analysis of Forman’s computer and 16 mobile phones revealed his research of mosques in his local area and saved photos of them. Forman labelled Penny Lane Mosque in Mossley Hill and the Wirral Islamic Centre, near his home in Birkenhead, as “target one” and “target two”. Jurors heard Forman also made and tested improvised explosive devices, and ran tests on black powder.

Adjourning sentencing until the week commencing April 28, Judge Dodgson told Forman: “There will be a lengthy custodial sentence – of that there is no doubt. But I must make sure that I pitch that sentence so that it reflects your danger to the public, your hitherto good character, and that you did not in fact carry out these acts”.

Forman had denied engaging in the conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts. Three counts of making explosives and a single count of possession of explosives were left on the court file. Forman will be sentenced at the same court in the week commencing April 28.

Liverpool Echo, 25 March 2014

Ian Forman Berghof photo

Bomb squad outside Ian Forman's home
Bomb squad at Ian Forman’s house in Oxton in July last year

Update:  The Daily Mail has further details on Forman. It reports:

“In a text message to a friend he said he was making an explosive with ball bearings and nails, and added: ‘It might be destined for the Muslim centre in Birkenhead.’ In another, he said Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik was his ‘hero’ and added: ‘Time to start blowing them up.’ He also made a racist video featuring pictures of people in Muslim dress and searched on YouTube for videos of ‘killing Muslims’.”


  1. Awesome! I’m glad we are able to stop this stuff. Nice to know not everyone in the country is islamaphobic. I see it all the time in the military so I just get used to expecting the worst out of people

  2. is he German?

  3. Well, I “hate” (stronger word than fact, but dislike is not nearly enough) Islam, but in truth, not much more than the pseudo-Christianity that is threatening our Constitutional Democracy. The main difference is that so far, we have not seen “Christian” suicide bombers, and Christian girls, even though they are despised by their men and consigned to the kitchen and bedroom, at lest they get to keep their clitorises…

    But blowing up a church, synagog or mosque will help NOTHING. Only EDUCATION can overcome the millennia of hatred and repression taught by religions.

    This is why religion is universally anti-education and anti-intelligence.

    The TRUE purpose of religion is to CONTROL. And intelligent, thinking people do not respond to control-by-sky-daddies…

  4. I’m pretty sure he’ll be released shortly from jail with a slap on the wrist and be back at it again soon.

  5. Thank God that those Neo Nazis were stopped. I hope these kinds of progress to reduce crime continues. As long as every human being works together.

  6. i didnt hear this on the news,strange…

  7. i didnt hear this on the news,strange…

  8. i didnt hear this on the news,strange…

  9. neo nazis are a cancer to humans…no offence cancer cells

  10. To attack people violently who do not attack you, oppress you, etc.. is evil.

  11. The funny thing is, those Neo Nazis claimed that “Muslims are NAZI”

    I can “smell” irony here.

  12. Lol so lemme get this straight when a Muslim commits a crime it’s blamed on Islam but when a fucking neo-Nazie does it he’s labeled “evil” ?!!! Congrat-fucking-lations to this brainless world.

  13. Belligerence or Compassion?
    People like that are the fruit of the hate media.

    City Permits Muslim Group To Desecrate Catholic Church
    Before board members could even vote on the matter, Chairman Don Radke warned them that they were prohibited from interfering with a group’s religious freedom.


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