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‘Split’ in Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party following racist chant outrage

26 March 2014 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


A speech made by the leader of the Holland’s far-right Freedom Party has caused a rift among its members, according to Dutch media reports.

Earlier in the week, Geert Wilders encouraged followers to chant racist slogans against Moroccans.

He addressed the meeting:
“So I ask what do you want in this city more or fewer Moroccans?”

“Fewer,” the crowd chanted.

His comments were also promoted on the Freedom Party website. They have triggered indignation among politicians and immigrant groups.

In response, young Moroccans have launched a social media campaign called ‘born here’ in which they post pictures of themselves alongside their Dutch passports.

Meanwhile, last November, the populist leader purportedly struck a deal with his French counterpart, Marine Le Pen.

Their aim is reportedly to bring down the European Parliament from within.

Together, they are expected to seek to exploit the euroscepticism soaring across the EU ahead of the European elections in May.

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Original post: ‘Split’ in Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party following racist chant outrage


  1. he has a stupid haircut!

  2. What’s with Wilder’s haircut?

  3. The best part is the moment when he started to dig up his own grave by making those redundant and exclusively racist remarks, now that many municipalities have commonly reported a crime. The police stations are so packed with people reporting a crime against Wilders that they had adminstered a standard file report which is ready for the people to report against racism…the dutch people are waking up after many years.. His one man party is sinking like the titanic after many members left the party earlier this week.

  4. Since when was Moroccan a race? Wouldn’t the proper term be Berbers?

  5. How about fewer Geet Wilders?

  6. Freedom Party? Is that supposed to be an ironic name? XD

  7. Geert wilders is getting bigger and bigger in Holland,because Dutch people are tired to be buried under Islam,and he speaks out for many many dutch.we want to keep control in our country and Europe,and that can not if islam get to many control in OUR country and Europe,We are sick and tired of islam………..

  8. Fascism is on the rise in Europe.

  9. Being Moroccan makes you a good cook though. They’re crazy to get rid of Moroccans.

  10. Guys like him love brown men, c’mon. Hahahahahah, astughfirAllah.

  11. Moroccans, pfff bunch of shysters and gypsies if you ask me. Muslim or not. I would say 90% of them. They maybe good cooks but they will take you for what you’ve got.

  12. People STILL care abotu Geert Wilders?

  13. ‘Liberal Europe,’ what a ‘white’washed view

  14. What a joke of a view like you invite these ‘immigrants’ into your country or give them asylum seeking status or visas out of your good will.

    You invite them because with your negative birth rate your economy and way of life is dying. Get ‘f*cking’ or stop complaining. There is no such thing as altruism. #socrates

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