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FoxNews Gins Up ‘Honor Diaries’ Controversy

30 March 2014 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Megyn Kelley plans ambush interview on Clarion’s “Honor Diaries.”

Megyn Kelley plans ambush interview on Clarion’s “Honor Diaries.”

FoxNews Gins Up ‘Honor Diaries’ Controversy

Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם


The University of Michigan-Dearborn initially agreed to screen the Clarion Project‘s new faux-feminist film, Honor Diaries.  Then faculty and staff began to weigh in on the biased, shallow orientation of the documentary, and the administrators who’d scheduled the screening had second thoughts.  This is what one faculty member had to say about one of the interview subjects of the film who would appear on the campus panel:

Ms. [Raquel] Saraswati is a convert to Islam who has spent the past several years speaking in…venues – always as a “representative” of the Muslim community – against the equal treatment of Muslims in US law and in support of egregious violations of the rights of Muslims as in the NYPD’s spying on Muslim communities in New York.

The film’s campus host invited representatives from CAIR and the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) to participate in a panel discussion.  These groups refused, saying the film was so hopelessly anti-Muslim that they couldn’t dignify it with their presence.  Then the University postponed the screening, finally understanding that they’d been fooled by the producers into buying a pig in a poke.

Now, it appears that FoxNews is trying to gin up controversy by claiming that the cancellation was the result of censorship or political correctness in the Muslim-American community.  Megyn Kelly, the FoxNews anchor who told America that “Santa Claus was white,” asked (through her producer, Robin Carson) CAIR if they’d participate in an interview segment this coming Tuesday about the film.  The group politely declined for the same reasons they declined to participate in the Michigan panel.  Fox also asked Arab-American leader Linda Sarsour to participate.  She refused as well.

FoxNews often features interviews with one of the films “advisors,” harsh Muslim critic, Ayan Hirsi Ali.  This shows the network’s predisposition to shill on the film’s behalf.

This is a warning to the Muslim community that FoxNews and Clarion’s Islamophobic producers plan a piece of ambush journalism that will boost the visibility of this execrable film.  Don’t play ball.  Honor Diaries is a piece of propaganda masquerading as a feminist, humanist film.  No one should be fooled.


  1. Knowing Michigan, they caved to Hamas-CAIR because they threatened litigation jihad against the school if they didn’t get their way. “Islamophobia” is a term invented by the Muslim Brotherhood and used by pro-honor killing apologists like CAIR and Linda Sarsour to stifle dissent. CAIR hates free speech and supports fascist pro-Sharia censorship.

  2. Unfortunately, what do we expect from Faux news?

  3. Sadly, there are too many people who are “conservative” (what a joke) who believe everything Fox does is right, “fair and balanced”. They refuse to see the biased slant of that network.

  4. So it is okay for a school to take Federal dollars and still teach Creationism…

  5. Never heard of this documentary. Mission preaccomplished

  6. what are some of the claims on the program?

  7. Another garbage from Fox

  8. She works for Faux News, the terms of facts are alien concepts to them.

  9. megyn kelley is great. isam? not so much……..lam is a peaceful relifgion……………
    CLAIM: Egyptian Islamists Murder Young Christian, After Dragging Her From Car…
    Saudi declares all atheists are terrorists..

  10. Prince Alaweed of Saudia Arabia is the second largest shareholder of Fox. Is he an Islamaphobe?

  11. […] has been loudly opposed to the film—was invited to debate the subject the group reportedly responded that the film was “so hopelessly anti-Muslim that they couldn’t dignify it with their […]

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