Monday, June 14, 2021   

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Victoria Jackson says she is fighting for the ‘soul of America’


Victoria Jackson says she is fighting for the ‘soul of America’

When a Muslim, Daoud Abudiab, moved in near Victoria Jackson’s suburban neighborhood, she responded with a post on her website titled, “Civilization Jihad, Hits Home (my back yard, literally).”

It’s one of several anti-Islamic entries on the former “Saturday Night Live” star’s site. Abudiab said, “She has friends who support her in making Williamson County a scary place to live for some of us.”

Jackson, for her part, feels right at home here – maybe more than she did in the New York limelight. She has applied her familiar high-pitched voice to a combative brand of politics, which she hopes will take her to a seat on the County Commission this summer. “He’s afraid of me?!” she wrote in her Web article, which included statistics claiming large numbers of terror attacks committed in the name of Islam and none by other religions. “According to these statistics, I should be afraid of him!”

Jackson, 54, says she’s fighting what she sees as “a spiritual battle over the soul of America,” and in doing so has joined protests against building a mosque in Murfreesboro and against a public discussion hosted by the American Muslim Advisory Council.

Abudiab is director of the Islamic Center of Columbia, which in February 2008 was tagged with swastikas and “white power” and burned to the ground by white supremacists, two of whom were associated with the Christian Identity Movement. Abudiab moved to Williamson County for the schools and “a safe environment” for his son, who had been bullied by his Maury County classmates because of his religion. “I would love to issue her an invitation to come to our home and have dinner and then she could judge for herself if we are scary people or not,” Abudiab said.

The Tennessean, 19 March 2014


  1. She is, literally, insane.

  2. it’s because of here that I can never watch the classic film “UHF” ever again

  3. its because of her and ppl like her that ignorance hits america all the time, numpty

  4. who is she?

  5. She was on Saturday night live as a cast member way back when.

  6. He has a good comeback, daring a person to actually think for themselves AFTER actually talking to a Muslim

  7. Drugs are bad!

  8. Another fool on the loose!

  9. Look, clearly she is crazy, not funny

  10. What a dumb b

  11. Looks like she’s off her mess

  12. It was because of this kind of narrow-minded, ignorant, and sometimes mean-spirited point of view, that I left my hometown in Kentucky. This does not represent the view of me or my family and is extremely disappointing as an American that there are people like her in this country spreading their narrow-mindedness and ignorance. My guess is that if you could have her over for dinner and have one conversation you’d change her heart and her mind. Perhaps. I didn’t watch SNL and I’m not familiar with her as a person. But, it takes patience and compassion to do that I’m well aware and by your statement, you know this as well. It’s taken me a lifetime to not get angry over other people’s ignorance and narrow-mindedness. We can, to a large degree, blame the Bush Administration for the anti-Islam and anti-Arab sentiments and bigotry. But, that genie is out of the bottle, unfortunately. I’ve learned to have patience with people who are ignorant and to some degree narrow-minded because you can at least have a conversation. I have little to NO patience for bigotry and racism. That’s an entirely different matter. Sorry for going on so but I have strong feelings about this.

  13. She’s an idiot!

  14. It seems she’s suffering from dementia. She is literally losing her marbles.

  15. she’s mentally unstable

  16. I used to think she was funny. Now i know she was just crazy passing as funny.

  17. Who!!!!!’

  18. Stfu, miss piggy.

  19. Whacko!

  20. new meaning to the term dumb blonde.

  21. Dumb bitch. Learn to respect all religions.

  22. She’s a crackpot. A B-list celebrity, trying to get a little more time in the public consciousness. I’ve got a Muslim family in my neighborhood, too. Know what I call them? Neighbors!

  23. Sounds like my crazy aunt

  24. ah yes, the batty woman who has a special hatred of gays, atheists, liberals, Muslims (probably Jews too), all with a wacky face that makes you wonder how she can function

  25. Segal, Rodman, Nugent, Jackson….

  26. She’s not just insane, she’s mean. Leave people alone lady.

  27. Victoria needs to get a life. Your turn is coming your way, for sure. What is wrong with welcoming your neighbors to your hood?

  28. How DARE you be non-Christian. Not that I actually believe or follow ANY of the teachings of mythical Jesus… But Faux News says you are evil, and I believe EVERYTHING from the network of Hate.

  29. is she for real or one of those living trolls pretending to be an asshole?

  30. Wow she doesn’t just “play” crazy on tv….

  31. What a generous response from her new neighbor!

  32. This is so disappointing.

  33. Who? Ignore the nut.

  34. At least someone is.

  35. I have one of these as a “friend” on my newsfeed, I knew her when I was little and she was close to the family. Honesty, these people are so paranoid and ignorant it is frightening. She’s a hardcore Tea Party member too, every other post is about guns being taken away, Obama being the next Hitler, and how Muslims are going to destroy this country.

  36. White trash circus freak all the way.

  37. Good plan Victoria!!! Eat all the food so you can starve them out!!

  38. New York City where ‘liberals’ have stop and frisk against black and Hispanics males. 60 yers ago it was a ‘Democratic’ south that was hanging black Americans not Republicans.

    Give them whatever label you want. White America will ALWAYS be at war, they are so culturally washed down, it is how they define themselves.

    100 years ago when we had segregation, stealing land from the indigenous people, including Mexicans, there always had to be a narrative. Today it is terrorism. The narrative has changed, the message is consistent: You are not welcome.

  39. Will someone please get these woman some meds?

  40. #Murrica

  41. Looks like she was fighting for a box of Krispy Kreme. And won. And ate the person she was fighting.

  42. They especially like to eat small, long haired dogs during their feasts prior to “Blonde Women Must Die” week.

  43. She is responding to the media Muslims not real Muslims. It’s as if she would rail against characters in movies simply to be noticed or get attention. She is just one more person who watches too much television and pays more attention to what others think than becoming educated and drawing your own conclusions. It’s typical and the norm to be uninformed yet take a stance against something you don’t understand. Im a Muslim and been one a very long time. Talk of Jihad is no different than talking about evangelizing. Jihad can be as simple as giving charity or helping a old person cross a street. The word Jihad isn’t a bad word it is people who’re bad. There are as many hypocrites and abusers in Islam as there are in Christianity. A example of Christian abuses can be illustrated by “Westboro church founder Fred Phelps dies. ”

    This man in my opinion was hateful and mean and a ugly human-being. That doesn’t mean to say that all Christians are mean and ugly.

    But you’ll find churches where they will rail against Muslims or threaten them with death simply for being who they are while at the same time acting as if they’re tolerant and gentile. What a lie, what a hypocritical way of acting, yet it stops them not.

    The world is what we make it.

    If you are ugly then the world will be ugly.

    I went to a meeting once where brothers talked about joining some group or another what they claim is help other Muslims. I did everything i could to paint a picture of conflict in a real sense. The death, suffering, agony, misery just isn’t the right way. When you take a human life you become a killer. Maybe not a murderer but a killer non the less. You crossed that line, you are now different from the majority of people on the planet.. Different enough you’ll always be marginalized because people will fear you. They’ll never fully trust you and you’ll live looking over you shoulders all the days of your life. Is it worth it.. You better be honest with yourself and take a hard look at the real situation while not playing into rhetoric and propaganda.

    Having Muslims yelling Allahu Akbar on hearing of the death of a non Muslim is wrong in so many ways but how do you convince uncivilized and uncultured people that violence only brings more violence that it’s never ending as long as people will find justification in harming one another.

    I’m a Muslim and I do judge you if you are a Muslim. Do I need to help you, help you find Islam in its true spirit, saving slaves and giving hope to people who are beat down and murdered by people who have no respect for life. Shame on all of you for not understanding and oppressing Muslims.

  44. I know I would not want her for a neighbor

  45. Guys she’s fucking mentally challenged please dont judge Americans based on her

  46. This lady is crazy…

  47. If she’s going to “fight for the soul of Amurka” maybe she should not be “fighting” for it on the Internet. She should be volunteering for the military, to go to the front lines and REALLY fight. Or if she’s too old she should send her kids. All of them. Now. Until then, sweetie-puss, be aware that “freedom of religion” is in the Constitution you worship. Oh yeah, and just in case you forgot your history … the terrorism committed in the name of Christianity: Crusades. Conquest of South and Central America. Decimation of the Native Americans. Slave Trade. Holocaust. Or did you not learn about that stuff in skool?

  48. She is more obviously fighting doctor’s orders and refusing to take her meds. SMH.

  49. cuckoo

  50. About Victoria Jackson
    Victoria Jackson (born August 2, 1959) is an American comedian, actress, satirist, singer and internet blogger best known as a cast member of the NBC television sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1986 to 1992.

    After SNL, she appeared in a number of movies and appears as a stand-up comedian. She has received attention as a vocal critic of President Barack Obama, and is an active participant in the Tea Party movement.

    She is a member of America’s #1 political terror group the Tea party.

    Should have guessed non of what she says were her words but words parroted from people uglier then she could ever be.

    Even so, peace.

  51. So how is being an ignorant bigot and racist fighting for the “soul of America?” She seems to be part of the population that lacks one!

  52. What do you expect from a washed out “comic”?

  53. Maybe she needs to fight for her own sanity instead?

  54. She played the dumb blonde characters on “SNL”…we should brand her as a female Archie Bunker.

  55. You have to love America. Most developed Countries treat the mentally ill. here we let them roam free, like lil’insane goats.

  56. Willful ignorance and insanity is a bad combination. Someone with a brain needs to give her a reality check.

  57. Victoria Jackson is a real fruitcake. She should just take her meds and stop embarrassing herself publicly with her bigoted and offensive remarks.

  58. She needs to lay off the drugs and FOX Noise.

  59. Cray-Cray

  60. the soul of America is just fin hon, yours however, could use some work.

  61. Pray for her that she may be guided away from these thoughts.

  62. Vicky honey, there are meds for these kinds of things. Maybe you should seek professional help and possibly medication. What you’re doing is not normal. Normal people don’t freak out over this stuff.

  63. Lol, she preaches about soul. Silly woman.

  64. She’s serious, not trolling.

    I worked with her a few years ago. She was upset because she had just had a cab ride from a guy wearing a turban (he was Sikh). She said “I don’t know why we let them do that!”. I kind of tried to explain something about freedom of religion and how Sikhs aren’t Muslims, but I gave up after she said it didn’t matter.

    She’s actually a very nice lady; she’s just blinded by xenophobia.

  65. well, a lot of people don’t know that the reason Victoria Jackson left show business, is because she is a severe bi-polar and depressed. This is atypical of a bipolar reaction: paranoid, imagining things, thinks people are out to get her, thinks people are spies, agents, or terrorists. Which also, sadly, means one very important thing: she is not taking her meds. I feel sorry for her. She used to be very funny, smart and kind. It makes me sad that she is this way now. May God bless her to get help and take her meds again.

  66. Really, Victoria? Lay off the weed!!!

  67. Idiot.

  68. Sorry Mukhtar, if you really want people to respond to you, you will have to cut down on the verbiage. I have tried to wade my way through your last three extended rants, and, frankly, if I were Kelsey, (or any of the people you have addressed) I would not know where to begin.

  69. She has become an ignorant pig.

  70. She needs to find her own soul. It’s obviously stuck under some carpet somewhere, with all kinds of shmutz and god knows what, with little bits of hair and dust stuck to all that. When she finds that, she can hose it off .

  71. She needs to go back to tap-dancing on Dennis Miller’s desk.

  72. She used to be funny, once long ago. Now she’s just another RWNJ. Pathetic.

  73. Well, that was the Christian thing to do.

  74. I feel sorry for her dog.

  75. Well done Victoria for standing up for freedom!

  76. Didn’t like this twit when she was on SNL many years ago, still don’t like her now. I’d like to slap a dead possum upside her stupid head.

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