Sunday, November 29, 2020   

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Airport security tried to yank off Swedish Muslim’s hijab


Airport security tried to yank off Swedish Muslim’s hijab

A Swedish woman wearing a Muslim headscarf claims security staff at a small northern airport tugged on her hijab in public rather than take up her offer to take it off away from prying eyes.

“The female guard asked me ‘What’s on your head’,” recalled state employee Saama Sarsour, who told the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper about her treatment at Arvidsjaur airport in northern Sweden.

After the metal detector beeped, Sarsour was asked to remove the cloth. She responded by asking if the guard could first scan the rest of her body and if she could remove her scarf in a different room, not in public. “Then the woman grabbed the scarf and started yanking it,” Sarsour told SvD. “I was totally shocked.”

Sarsour, who works for the social security agency Skatteverket, and her employer decided to report the female guard to the police, who quickly decided not to open an investigation into harassment.

Airport CEO Ralf Lundberg dodged the question of whether his staff had been taught about religious consideration when he spoke to the paper. “They did their job. All have gone through thorough education and training to make sure no one takes dangerous objects through security.”

The biggest airport company in Sweden, Swedavia, said it was run-of-the mill to frisk passengers in private, however. “It says in the penal code that frisking should take place in seclusion, that’s why we have separate rooms for this,” spokesman Klas Nilsson told SvD.

Other aviation experts said airport staff were free to be flexible and respond to customer’s wishes as long as it was within the rules.

The Local, 21 March 2014


  1. so liberal and progressive in Western Europe and Scandinavia, Right Gassan Ismail?

  2. It’s a shame this happened, because i like Sweden.

  3. What a shame!

  4. Liberal/Progressive Europe rejects religion of all kinds I’ve heard. Not just Islam. Even Christianity is looked down on and mocked. Why do you guys single out such attacks and create a false sense of insecurity? Arab politicians keep screaming America/The West is the big satan… when infact most Arabs I meet(Palestinians especially) I’ve met, dream of moving there and enjoying the American/Euro dream(and yes, most of them want to wear western attire as well). Why this double standard?

    If you hate them or fear you may be violated of religious rights or are so convinced that they are evil, dont move there! Its so simple! If you expect them to respect Sunnah and Sharia, you’re looking in the wrong place(cos they dont even respect/follow Judeo-Christian teachings) you should stay back in muslim nations and work harder to make your dreams come true, not go to the west to enjoy their standard of life. Stop the “us Vs them” banter! Please!

  5. So

  6. Why is this surprising. Wasn’t it in the 1960s that post WW2 builders from Turkey and Morocco had ‘Swedish Moroccan’ ‘Turkish Moroccan’ WRITTEN onto their Birth Certificate?

    They call themselves immigrants when others come to their lands, but all these Euro citizens conveniently call themselves when they go to Dubai, Qatar, SA. Double standard.

  7. Shamnas Nasirudeen
    You’re an absolute a self hating Muslm and a bigot for this viewpoint. You continually without any statistics push this idea that Muslims are pushing the us vs them banter. You assume this woman ‘immigrated’ when most indications tell us she is a Swedish native born and raised there.

    Most Muslims make a distinction between peoples political, religious and personal beliefs. Most Americans do not. They will conflate peoples religion and idealogies in their perceptions.

    Stay with the Dubai mentality and keep your own advice. Stay in India or wherever you are from and stop lecturing us on the ‘West’ as you yourself moved West into a nation where Arabs will always have more rights than you, where you can’t marry their women but they can marry yours BY LAW, de jure.

    As for the actual news article. Sweden hates Muslims and villifies them more than any other group. Their hate to religion is not all encompassing like you said, but selective. Like America, their religious freedoms were born from a Puritan tradition. Instead of speaking with certainty like you do. In the River of Fire Qurtulain Haider described “hindustan (subcotinent) ka musalman’ very well when he said they keep a ‘gilla’ with every land but their own.

    You don’t have an Islamist party in Sweden, but you do have Christian democrats. Also the issue here is having your person unwillingly violated. Who gives a shitt what she was or was not wearing?

    Self hate on flagrant display here.

    You wouldn’t use your anecdote of a black man robbing you on the street as a justification for generalizationg African origin people, demonizing Muslims and generalizing them because of your anecdotal experience with the demographic of poor Palestinians in Dubai because its allowed by popular sentinment doesn’t make it allowable here either.

    Keep your desi ‘gilla’ know-it-all, speaking about topics you have no clue about mentality back home, and learn to humble yourself to know about the issue Shamnas. Too many desis speak with certainty on issues they know nothing about. You are not a scholar nor do you sound well read on the issue.

    Post some statistics, their assumptions, on the views of Swedish immigrants, their education, visa requrements, income level, where they migrated from ‘back home’ before you make such blatant sweeping statements.

    Stop posting your own insecurities that Arabs and the colonial mentality have embedded into you in this group. You’re neither American nor do you know what the hell you’re talking about. Take is as an opportunity to learn.

  8. Shamans wtf are you talking about,, straight BS nonsense !

  9. And not to mention you’re a sell

  10. Out!

  11. Why do we allow mouthbreathers like Shamnas to pour ignorance in the pot?

  12. OMG… All Hail Mukhter Ali Said. The truly enlightened one.

    I haven’t understood your usage of “desi gilla”, which I presume is something you think is what drives people to become know-it-alls and I’m sure you have no shortage of.

    I’m gonna let you wallow in your own drool and let you huff and puff around with that victorious smirk you might be having after your post as I can see is self defeating in itself. While you think you have it all figured out, each of your statements display your gross misunderstanding of humanity, race and national endeavors. Whilst colonialism was a phenomenon that touched many of us, and shaped modern thought and politics, its not something we had by choice.

    While you charge me with not backing my statements with statistics, I see every “authoritative” statement you make is fully backed with hard data. I dont believe the admin/the people behind this webpage wanted to block voices that stood against false insecurities. I will voice my opinion and you are free to counter, just stop yourself from saying I have no right to talk about it.

  13. Articles like this one are great, but I think we’ve already established what many people do to us.

    The real question is, how do we improve our situation now? Crying “victimized” gets most people nowhere until the mainstream population picks up on the movement (black people, Jewish people, gay people etc. etc.) so we have to figure out how to present ourselves to our adopted homelands in a more favorable light than “I am Muslim, so please cater unceasingly to my every demand,” even though there exists the concept of Taqiyya which states that “sometimes you must sacrifice religion publicly to keep it safe privately.”

    We have to be unafraid to go out into the big bad West and answer their questions, show them that being Muslim is not a disease (and if it is, then at least a quarter of the planet is afflicted by it, so they must deal with it anyway) and above all, assimilate. Stop wearing turbans and dressing like camel herders if you walk into a convenience store and the customers seem uncomfortable around you. Islam is not pro-Arab, it’s pro-human: the Prophet himself said he came to the worst people on Earth, so being Arab is nothing to be proud of unless you are also a devout Muslim at the same time.

    With our women the headscarf issue is a bit more complicated, since it’s more a religious guideline than a cultural artifact, but no one has the right to judge a Muslim woman for dressing or behaving a certain way (within sensible extremity, of course) if she feels that being openly Muslim is too painful for her to endure in her environment: at the end of the day, God is the one she answers to for her personal choices, not other human beings, so let’s abandon the petty discussions over clothes and music and attack the elephant in the room, this idea of philosophical/psychological oppression.

    Oh man, what a load off my back XD

  14. Ali Naqvi, a relief to see the changing waves withing Islam. For years we’ve held the kuffar to be responsible for our downfall, when the Qur’an clearly states that the hand of God is the strongest and the moment you decide to let go of his hand, we are doomed. Our forefathers decided to take the path of luxury, vanity and pleasure(and which we seem to be doing even now) by forgetting God. When we forgot our own guiding principles of simplicity, equality and personal freedom, we lost our position of glory.

    Whilst I agree that we must take away the kuffar phobia of Islam by showing them what Islam really preaches, I believe that the downfall of Islam is when we begin to only see our side of the argument. We keep lamenting about our rights violations and quickly overlook whats happening to people of other religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and political outlooks in muslim countries.

    Islamophobia is real and must be addressed but not at the cost of creating homophobia, judeophobia, europhobia or any other applicable phobia in us. We are first human, then muslim! Learn to understand that.

  15. well at Newark, the woman was patting my head and I felt like a pet. I was about to laugh and asked do you need me to take it off … weird people .. why so many ignorant and scared ppl about

  16. Prying eyes? Who the fuck gets off from looking at hair? Lol even I wouldn’t do that!

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