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FBI smashes alleged radical-right terror plot in Texas – US media show little interest


FBI smashes alleged radical-right terror plot in Texas – US media show little interest

FBI agents in Texas have arrested a man who allegedly was plotting to use C-4 explosives and weapons to kill police officers, rob banks and armored cars, and blow up government buildings and mosques, authorities announced today.

Robert James Talbot Jr., 38, of Katy, Texas, was arrested Thursday on federal charges of attempted interference with commerce by robbery, solicitation to commit a crime of violence and possession of an explosive material, the FBI said.

After setting up a Facebook page called American Insurgent Movement (AIM), Talbot allegedly sought to recruit five or six like-minded people who wanted “to restore America Pre-Constitutionally and look forward to stopping the Regime with action by bloodshed.” He wrote this year on the AIM page that he was seeking people interested in “walking away from your life … to stop the regime.”

The crimes Talbot was plotting to carry out – detailed in a six-page criminal complaint filed in the Southern District of Texas – sound eerily similar to a series of terrorist attacks carried out 30 years ago by members of an infamous neo-Nazi group called The Order, also known as the Silent Brotherhood (or Brüders Schweigen in German). There’s just one big difference: Talbot talked about some of his planned crimes on Facebook, the complaint says, while The Order committed murders, robbed armored cars, and carried out a number of other attacks.

Talbot was expected to be held without bond as a flight risk and danger to the community after an initial appearance today before a U.S. magistrate judge in Houston.

Court documents say the FBI opened an investigation into Talbot’s activities last August after learning of his desire to recruit others for terror attacks. The “like-minded” individuals he initially attracted worked for the FBI, it turns out. The FBI used a confidential informant and two undercover FBI agents assigned to the agency’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

On Oct. 18, 2013, the complaint says, Talbot asked his new recruits about their willingness to walk away from their current employment and join him in robbing banks to fund the revolution he envisioned. Talbot posted on Facebook that he had gone to four Bank of America branches to “play observation.” Talbot allegedly urged “anyone who robs these banks to kill everyone working for the ‘banking Cartels’ during the heist.”

Talbot’s Facebook post continued: “That is exactly what I will have my men do during the heist. Same goes with the Muslims. Mosques are to be a blast! With three of my guys with FA [full automatic] AK’s [AK-47 semi-automatic rifles], we will send that white house worthless piece of dirt and his Muslim brotherhood a message they will never forget.”

Southern Poverty Law Centre, 28 March 2014

See also Robyn Pennacchia, “So, did you guys hear we caught a terrorist last week?”,Death and Taxes, 31 March 2014

As was the case with Anders Breivik, Talbot’s hatred of Muslims appears to have been inspired by the likes of Pamela Geller:

AIM takes inspiration from Geller


  1. “Their will be a slaughter of these fucking Muslims” ….kinda like how he slaughtered the English language?!?!

  2. Busy promoting the notion that “only Muslims commit acts of terror”. This guy will be declared mentally ill and given a slap on the wrist and virtually no news acknowledgement – and his religion (or lack thereof) will have no bearing on his actions and play no part in what news coverage there is.

  3. For some strange reason the word Muslim is like light to news flies, they get attracted only when the word Muslim is heard.

  4. What fools. Even their patch is daft. Pre-1776? The Constitution was ratified in 1788, what do they want? Becoming a British colony again?

  5. Thank God he was caught!

  6. Sad, frustrating, and disgusting that the news outlets will not cover this as a narrowly avoided terrorist threat, but unfortunately, that’s also not surprising. After all, it’s a homegrown nut who wants to kill all those who are in the way of his version of liberty and freedom.

  7. Rueters ran it 28 March.

    But yes, that was a while ago. Where’s the follow up stories?

  8. Haven’t had a moment to read the story yet, but if it is not being covered by the media the alleged perpetrator must be white, claim to be a Christian, a political “conservative” or some combination of the three. If he deviated from any of these we’d be seeing breathless sensationalized speculative “coverage of the story” by “news” readers 24/7.

  9. Because Muslim blood will always be worth less than white blood. Like I said many times before. They will never see you as equal. Marry into your own community, and spend your wealth on lobbying and media. This is where I appreciate the Jewish American communities efforts. They realized unless they use their self-discipline in endeavors outside of medicine, finance, they will not be respected.

    Many also realized after seeing different ‘conservative’ ‘progressive’ sects pop up that intermarriage ruined their community when their kids stopped identifying with their faith

  10. Guys, can we please stop pretending like this is news? America hates us, we get it; where do we go from here?

  11. Great question? Problem these radicals are white

  12. Share ever where. We can be the media.

  13. Horrible ignorant people like this unfortunately exist, but thankfully they’re a minority. Sanity will prevail.

  14. Fuck off luke we don’t want you back!!!!!

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