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There’s No Difference Between Bill Maher And Fox News When It Comes To Islam And Muslims

3 April 2014 One Comment Email This Post Email This Post


There’s No Difference Between Bill Maher And Fox News When It Comes To Islam And Muslims

Bill Maher, a self-proclaimed “9/11 Liberal” has a history of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism, claiming falsely that Islam and Muslims are: uniquely more violent than practitioners of other faiths, the Bible is less violent than the Qur’an, there are “too many Mohammads” in the West and he is fearful they will “takeover,” Arab men (who he interchanges with Muslims) are all horrible to women, and women cannot vote in 19 out of 22 Arab states. Maher is also a staunch supporter of Obama’s drone assassination program and is on record defending Geert Wilders.

Video: Bill Maher or Fox News? “Am I, am I racist?”

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  1. There exists in the world a group of religious extremists which routinely relies upon biased interpretations of cherry-picked passages taken from holy scriptures to rationalize their intolerance and persecution of anyone who does not share their narrow view of societal norms.

    The group in question is, of course:
    1) the Taliban
    2) Israeli orthodox Jews
    3) American Christian conservatives
    4) all of the above

    ALL religions have ultra-orthodox factions, and these religious extremists are fundamentally intolerant of religions, cultures, lifestyles, and gender roles that don’t conform with their dogmatic beliefs and mores .
    They only vary in the means by which they display their intolerance.

    Religious extremism comes in many flavors, but they all share a common vision: “It’s my way or the highway”.

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