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When Neo-Cons And Liberals Unite: The Case of Anti-Muslim Crusader Ayaan Hirsi Ali

12 April 2014 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


By Garibaldi

For far too long Liberal and Neo-Con supporters of Ayaan Hirsi Ali have either ignored, evaded, denied or flat out refused to acknowledge the existence of her hateful beliefs and agenda. One likely reason is that they have spent years promoting Ayaan in every conceivable way and instead of facing the reality of her philosophy, and the implications of her proposed policy solutions to the so-called “Muslim problem,” they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand.

The recent controversy over Brandeis University first awarding and then withdrawing Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “honorary degree” has demasked a lot of individuals who proclaim that they are about “equality,” “rationality,” “fairness,” “acceptance,” “freedom,” and against “violence” and “hatred.”

Take prominent Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, who, as RazaInc. brought to our attention, used his perch as a respectable academic to rally support behind Ayaan and vilify Brandeis’ decision:



Michael Shermer, editor of the Scientific American had the blind audacity to compare Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Martin Luther King, Jr.! Comparing a preacher of non-violent peaceful civil disobedience to an individual who advocates militarily “crushing Islam.” The irony!


The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFrF), an avowed secularists/atheists organization that has in the past awarded Ayaan Hirsi Ali its “Emperor has no clothes award,” (looks like FFrF actually has no clothes) came to Ayaan’s defense. FFrF uncritically parroted the liesAyaan Hirsi Ali has propagated about much of her personal biography and called on its supporters to tell Brandeis to “apologize and re-offer its honorary degree.”

Sectarian New Atheists of all political bents from the libertarian Neo-Con Sam Harris to liberals such as Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher have in the past happily trotted out Ayaan Hirsi Ali as their tokenized anti-Muslim heroine. Of course they weren’t going to allow for any criticism of their pal, and like clockwork they were backing her up:



So what company do these Atheist academics, institutions, Neo-Cons and Liberals find themselves in? Islamophobes. Such as the banned from the UK Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller and extreme right news outlets like Breitbart (whose journalist Pat Dullard called for “massacring Muslims in the street”), Right-Wing NewsHuman Events, etc.

For her part, Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not engage the substantive criticism of students, faculty and others who called her out on her anti-Muslim invective. Instead she falsely, and with her characteristic bigotry suggests that Brandeis’ withdrawal was motivated by fear of violence from offended Muslims.

The poverty of mainstream journalism has also been exposed, as most, if not all major newspapers and media outlets continue to falsely describe Ayaan Hirsi Ali as a “critic of Islam.”

Brandeis students nix Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali. What a pity.–Los Angeles Times
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Victim of an honor killing, Brandeis-style–Fox News
Brandeis Cancels Plan to Give Honorary Degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Critic of Islam–The New York Times
Brandeis withdraws honor to activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a critic of Islam–Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Tablet Gives Moses Award to Ayaan Hirsi Ali–Tablet Magazine (Interestingly as Matt Berkman notes “Your parenthetical claim that you upheld the same principle when Rashid Khalidi and John Judis were disinvited is disingenuous. What you actually did was say that disinviting people is ‘heavy-handed and inelegant,’ and then went on to argue that critics of Israel should not be allowed to speak in Jewish venues to begin with (quote: ‘To argue that only an openness to all points of view is acceptable… is to adhere to the most flightless form of relativism’”))
Brandeis, Unlike Hirsi Ali, Surrendered to Intimidation–National Review Online
Brandeis won’t give honorary degree to Islam critic–Boston Globe
Under fire, Brandeis cancels plan to honor anti-Islam feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali–Christian Science Monitor
Brandeis Scraps Honor for Dutch Anti-Islam Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali–Jewish Daily Forward
Human Rights Activist Slams University’s ‘Deplorable’ Move to Withdraw Honorary Degree Because of Her Critical Comments About Islam–The Blaze
Brandeis Backtracks on Honor for Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Critic of Islam–The Wall Street Journal

Ayaan supporters like Steven Pinker, Michael Shermer, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, Freedom From Religion Foundation, David Silverman, Atheists of America, mainstream newspapers and media outlets that describe Ayaan as an “Islam critic” and “feminist” need to stop abetting mendacity, be honest and answer the following questions:

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that “we are at war with Islam?

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that “Islam must be crushed,” in “all forms,” including “militarily?”

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that the US Constitution should be changed specifically to discriminate against Muslims, strip them of their civil rights? “Abolish Muslim schools?”

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that the veil should be banned in France and minarets in Switzerland?

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that the “silence of the Left-wing” is responsible for the heinous mass murders by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik (who thought Ayaan deserved a “Noble Prize”)?

Do you believe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali does, that Atheists and Christians must get “into the business of conversion?

These are only a few of the questions that supporters of Ayaan must answer or they are complicit in her beliefs and stand accused of their silence being their assent.

The last point I want to revisit is that there is an assumption by Neo-Con and Liberal supporters of Ayaan that she is a “women’s rights” activist and champion. What exactly has she done for women’s rights? Who has she helped?

The truth is that Ayaan actually uses serious issues around injustices in the Muslim world to promote herself (much like Clarion Fund has done with Honor Diaries). Her supporters see a self-affirming image, one that validates their beliefs: atheism, the backwardness, barbarity and danger of Islam and Muslims.

As Muslim/Islam bashers continue to blindly support Ayaan’s hatred, heroic Muslim women and their allies (including, gasp! many Muslim men) continue to challenge the injustices before them in their nations and locales. Whether it is the work of Ifrah Ahmed to end FGMAsma Hanif of Muslimat an Nisa‘s work with homeless and battered women, or organizations likeBAOBAB in Nigeria that promote women’s rights within a customary, statutory and religious law paradigm.

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  1. u shouldn’t be afraid of Islam as it doesn’t oblige u to believe in it. It just seeks justice and dignity to all humans everywhr in the world.

  2. We should be less afraid of women who pray 5 times a day and cover their bosoms, and more afraid of the simple minds who fear a 2×2 piece of cloth on their heads.

  3. She is a sham. And when all the bigots are putting her on a pedestal- that says it all.

  4. a pawn !!

  5. I did not know that Steven Pinker supports this garbage

  6. None of these guys are liberals. All of them are attached to the hip with the establishment.

  7. zionist propaganda!!!

  8. Ironically, Ayaan supporters advocate to enjoying life with every possible means where we see many celebrities committing suicides for not achieving happiness when enjoying life with every possible means ! Let them bark as they wish, dogs always love barking !

  9. The fact of the matter is: They support all of this! They just do not want to tell it that open all the time, so they hide behind “defending freedom of speech”.

  10. Last seven days in the UK. Muslim beheads his girlfriend. Girl has acid throw in her face on her doorstep. Grooming gang who targeted white girls only, all sentence at the high court. Seven schools temporally closed and now under investigation for child beatings, and for trying to force Islam on pupils, two British kids killed in Syria fighting jihad. The UK, France, and all of the Scandinavian countries are facing these kinds of problems everyday.

  11. She exploits Islamophobia for personal gain. Much the same as Pamela geller and Robert spencer.

  12. no

  13. Being an atheist, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim doesn’t make you any less of a compassionate person or in this case, a white bigot (Sherman Dawkins, Silverman, Maher)

  14. un sincere person..and a liar..

  15. @linda, the same as Pamela geller and Robert spencer.

  16. she want to change the us consitution then that makes here a traitor no if and or buts about it cause i was wriiten tio specifaly protect pepole from pepole like this

  17. She discredits herself when she claims she was a Muslim and at the same time says Islam was forced on her. She’s exhibiting a lack of knowledge in Islam or is negating being a Muslim all together. The Quran clearly states there is no compulsion in religion.

  18. @charla, Muslim or not no one should be for something like that. It’s just wrong.

  19. Sweden use to be one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Islam is slowing ruining that country too. The city of Malmo now has a 30% Muslim population. If any of you get a spare five minutes, look up Malmo online and see what’s going on.

  20. It’s pretty weird how her sole claim to authority is being involved in a violent act by some random “Muslim” psycho.

    Following that line of thought, are the torture victims in Guantanamo accredited experts on American foreign policy?

  21. Islam is all about suppressing women. I’m surprised the liberals in this world are not outraged by this. It’s double standards on your behalf.

  22. Sorry, but I believe I disagree with the majority here. Ms. Hirsi Ali dares to speak from her own life experience and those of loved ones who have been both victimized and oppressed by forced marriages, genital mutilation, denial of educational opportunity, as females, and honor killings. She does not speak abstractly or theoretically.

    In this country we permit and we protect the right of those who have experienced and/ or witnessed oppression of this kind to speak freely about these occurrences and we allow them to tell their life stories without fear of censorship or condemnation, even if that includes language that vilifies their oppressors.

    Sometimes the exposure of these atrocities becomes extremely uncomfortable for those who are entirely innocent but share a relationship or affiliation with those who have offended in this way, just as it was for many Catholics and members of the Catholic clergy who were made deeply uncomfortable and mortally offended when years of sexual abuse at the hands of priests came to light.

    We didn’t assign the label of bigot to those who’d been brutally victimized and who subsequently abandoned their Catholic faith when they dared to expose these horrors and railed in anger against the Catholic church and the priests who had committed these heinous acts against the most innocent and vulnerable of their faith.

    *We didn’t demand that these voices be silenced, in essence victimizing them further by denying them the right to be heard and their experiences validated, even when their experiences didn’t match our own.*

    To those of the Islamic faith who are rightfully angered, offended and perhaps shamed by the things Ms. Hirsi Ali exposes, please give this further thought and direct your criticism and condemnation toward those who’ve committed these shameful acts against women of your faith instead of at Ms. Hirsi Ali and others like her who share similar stories of abuse.

    Understand that having been subjected to these criminal abuses has forever altered Ms. Hirsi Ali’s view of Islam and even her ability to practice the Islamic faith that she once shared with you, in the ways that you’re able to. Surely you can understand how this could be, again, as it has also been so for so many of the victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. Very often, the greatest tragedy of having been subjected to abuses at the hands of those who practice a perversion of religious belief is a loss of faith by the victim.

    For those who’ve been victimized and traumatized to speak out against those who practice their faith in ways that deny others like them what we consider basic human and civil rights and freedoms is not bigotry- it’s an act of courage and in some cases, a much needed catharsis.

    For those of us who can bear to set aside our own discomfort and allow these bitterly betrayed, angry and pain-filled voices to be heard, it’s an act of compassion. To rightly direct our vitriol at the oppressor and not at the survivor and to join with others like us to prevent further abuses of these kinds from being associated with our own belief is an act of community.

    I think a greater sense of community is the goal that we all strive to reach as we confront our religious differences while embracing a common right to practice our beliefs, and tell our stories, good and bad, in an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual respect.

  23. 30% in Malmo. Six Islamic countries allow grow men to marry children. In Pakistan among other Muslim countries, a woman who is rapped has to have four male witnesses to prove her case. These are facts.

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