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Neighbors To Fight Mosque Expansion Again

14 April 2014 General 11 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


By Ashley Knight

The Islamic center on East Drive in Mobile is tattered and torn. Its president, Shafik Hammami has requested redevelopment, but was turned down last year by city council. And they aren’t the only ones with objections.

“They want to add on and add on and it’s going to take more parking and they’re gonna start parking in the street,” says neighbor Mike Warden.

Traffic is the main concern among neighbors we spoke with. East Drive runs from Airport Boulevard right up to the University of South Alabama. Dianne lives next door and, because of an illness, did not want us filming her face.

“Even when there’s a sports event, the traffic on this street, even when there’s classes in the morning the traffic on this street is really, really bad,” says Dianne.

And traffic isn’t her only concern, she says folks on their way from these apartments back here to the Islamic Center will often sit and chat at this picnic table located in her front yard.

Shafik Hammami, President of the Islamic Center turned down our request for an interview, saying he didn’t want to talk before his proposal to the Planning Commission on Thursday, but in an interview last May says he believes prejudice against the religion is to blame.

“The truth is we are a peaceful religion and we have nothing to do with all these terrorist attacks going on all over the world,” says Hammami.

“I have no prejudices at all because as you can see, there’s a Jehovah’s Witness, they’re sweet people,” says Dianne.

And though it was not mentioned today, neighbors could be concerned after several attacks and hate crimes aimed at mosques were carried out recently in the U.S. Whatever the reason, neighbors plan to fight it.

“My sister’s going to go down there and fight it again,” says Warden.

A revised plan for the facility includes a two-story building with classrooms for about 80 students and a 6,400 square-foot mosque. They’ll present their proposal to the Planning Commission Thursday.

Original post: Neighbors To Fight Mosque Expansion Again


  1. Wonder what would happen if the members of this congregation just decided to relocate to a more welcoming town, closing the businesses they own, laying off the local people they employ, putting their homes on the real estate market all at once, not contributing their taxes to the tax base? Someone really should do a study of their total economic support of the community.

  2. Alabama, home of aliophobia.

  3. “Aliophobia” means “fear of [all] others.” And, true, Alabama does not have a monopoly on it. Aliophobia is a symptom of narcissism, and narcissism is a world epidemic. So, yes, sick minds and the ideologies they adopt are indeed the problem. An excellent analysis of the root of the problem can be found in The Good Life: The Moral Individual in an Anti-Moral World. Author, Cheryl Mendelson. Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion (online) is also worth a look.

  4. They should come up with a new excuse for being Islamophobic because the “traffic” one is getting old

  5. I actually don’t understand why all the world call muslims terrorists, i m from Pakistan, here we are facing worst terrorism, about 60,000 people died including men, women, children, armed forces etc etc in this war,
    Pakistan’s population is about 190 million and out of this large number, terrorists could be one lac, so how the world can calls us terrorists who are the biggest victm of terorrism, if we are terrorists, then what about those who died in this war, if we are terrorists, then why we are fighting against it, why we are sacrificing our lives…..why?

  6. Permit me a neologism culled from the garden, where some plants are toxic to all others. I wanted a word to mean fear of anything other than or different from the self. Fear of the foreign wasn’t quite what I was trying to convey. The spelling may need work, “allophobia”? “allophobia”? And, yes, this has SCOTUS written all over it.

  7. I wouldn’t call mass murder by a nation’s military “terrorism.” “War” and “imperialism” cover it, especially if you add “neoconservatism” or “neocon ideology” to it. The neocons who provided Bush 2 with his philosophy said, openly and without shame, that if the US wanted or needed anything anywhere, it should go and take it. For example, the countries to the east and west of Iran.

  8. A very loud set of people associate terrorism with all Muslims and Islam because of 9/11 and similar genuine terrorist attacks. That the number of terrorists involved is tiny makes no difference to them. That Islam forbids all war except in self defense is unknown to them. That terrorists may call themselves Muslim and be as guilty of hypocrisy as any terrorist claiming to be a Christian or Jew or Buddhist, etc., does not occur to them. Fifteen years of demagoguery have not made them well-informed. There are a lot of people who want want quick, short, simple ideas on every subject under the sun. But there are a lot of people who are not so lazy, not so weak minded, not so ignorant, not so filled with self-hatred and fear.

  9. So, even in the face of evil, take heart.

  10. It’s Alabama. What to do you expect? A free-for-all state?

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