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‘Google Doodle’ marks 888th birthday of Muslim philosopher Averroes

15 April 2014 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Averroes, who was born in present-day Spain and died in Marrakesh, was on Monday celebrated in a ‘Google Doodle’. (Image courtesy: Google)

By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News, Dubai
Monday, 14 April 2014

Google is getting philosophical with its latest ‘Doodle’, which today marks the 888th birthday of the Muslim thinker Averroes.

The search giant regularly transforms its logo to celebrate famous people, historical events or notable dates, and on Monday chose a tribute to the philosopher Averroes, who was also known as Ibn Rushd.

Averroes, who was born in present-day Spain and died in Marrakesh, is described as a “polymath” given his broad interests in Islamic philosophy, theology, music, mathematics.

Born in 1126, he inspired a branch of philosophy called Averroism, and much of his work is said to have integrated Islamic traditions with ancient Greek thought.

“We celebrated Ibn Rushd’s 888th anniversary with a doodle today as he is well-known for his works in philosophy, science and astronomy,” a Google spokesperson told Al Arabiya News.

“Doodles also make search on Google more fun and enjoyable for our users worldwide,” the spokesperson added.

Google Doodles have centered on topics as diverse as Saudi Arabia’s National Daylate Algerian singer Warda Al Jazairia, and what was interpreted as a criticism of a Russian law restricting gay-rights activities.

Last Update: Monday, 14 April 2014 KSA 14:35 – GMT 11:35
Original post: ‘Google Doodle’ marks 888th birthday of Muslim philosopher Averroes


  1. I don’t usually use Google. I prefer Goodsearch. (Donate to my favourite charities for free while looking up things?Yes please!) But that’s pretty cool.

  2. People forget to appreciate the goodness our non-muslim brothers show. I wonder it would be if we realized they aren’t all against us.

  3. I use Google and I didn’t see it.

  4. I believe it was only the doodle for certain Arab countries like the UAE and others. FYI.

  5. i use a different search engine because it earns me a little spending money but this is awesome!!!

  6. Good to know that a company as influential as Google is willing to do things like this. I bet we’ll see more gestures like this in the future from other companies.

  7. 4 of my Moroccan friends posted it. Then again, Ibn Rochd WAS Amazigh.

  8. Nancy Ogg, Those countries you listed are part of the Arab League, so they recognize themselves as Arabs.

  9. Dang, didn’t see that one …

  10. @Maria
    I never heard of Goodsearch. With a few searches i found a firefox add on that makes this service easy to use and God willing it will be of some benefit to those in need.
    Jazakallah khair for making me aware of it.

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