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Palin: ‘Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists’

28 April 2014 General 46 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


(CNN) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told a capacity crowd at a National Rifle Association rally how she would baptize terrorists if she was an elected official.

“If I was in charge,” Palin said Saturday in Indianapolis, “they would know, waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who ran against then Sen.-Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, with Palin as his running mate, has spoken out against waterboarding, calling it illegal and ineffective. During the Vietnam War, McCain endured years of torture and imprisonment as a prisoner of war under the North Vietnamese.

In her speech, Palin also said the Washington insiders who called the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood a case of workplace violence “don’t know what is right.” That shooting was carried out by Maj. Nidal Hassan.

“Not when that evil Muslim terrorist Major Hassan massacres his fellow military soldiers at Fort Hood,” she said.

Characterizing Hassan, “that devil” as a ‘disgruntled employee,’” is hypocritical, said Palin.

Palin called liberals hypocrites for their stance on issues varying from gun control to torture at the NRA event that was part of the organization’s 2014 convention.

But she backtracked later, saying, “Not all intolerant anti-freedom leftist liberals are hypocrites.”

“I’m kidding,” she said. “Yes, they are.”

Palin told the crowd that “guys like” Sen. Al Franken and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “are not satisfied with just taking your money and your job and your truck and your property and your rights and your healthcare. Those Democrats trying to get all ‘Pelosi’ on ya, and you’re not gonna have it!” she said, referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Palin accused the Democrats of pursuing “policies that poke our allies in the eye and coddle adversaries instead of putting the fear of God in our enemies.”

She ended her speech by telling the crowd that the bracelet she wears celebrates the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791.

“It’s why we’re here, to celebrate and confirm that solemn oath to liberty,” she said.

Original post: Palin: ‘Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists’


  1. Because she’s a cartoon character to most people, so they ignore her?

  2. Politics is how we baptize idiots

  3. because she’s the 1%

  4. she needs to be water boarded herself

  5. moron….

  6. Being an active Republican is like being in a cult.

  7. I wonder do these politicians proofread or review speech or just parrot what was written?

  8. she’s just a Palin in the butt … crazy ass like her sisters Geller et al.

  9. Her statement is really more anti-Christian than anti-Islamic. It’s a sacrilege to the sacrament of baptism. And it’s only really anti-Islamic if you believe that so-called Islamic terrorists are representative of Islam.

  10. You can’t expect wisdom to come out of a troll.

  11. She’s an idiot!

  12. That’s why I’m an Independent. Also, would Christ aporeciate this?

  13. We seriously dodged a bullet

  14. ANYTHING that comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth is 100% smarter than anything Obama has ever said. The fact that people criticize her and not Obama blows my mind.

  15. And she said TERRORISTS. The people who killed thousands on 9/11. But you all must have forgotten that

  16. That’s the Jesus, she worships! A Northern European, Chuck Norris type Kick Ass, Anti Semite, Anti Muslim, Anti Poor, Capitalist and mostly fictitious Jesus!

  17. The reference to baptism is wrong but the idea of water boarding terrorists is not out of line for me.

  18. Ummmm, Palin, dearie…. Remember we’re suppose to be the civilized ones? Now I’m not saying red carpet, with a 5-star hotel and diner, but really?

  19. Sickening !!

  20. haha. well, it sounds like a pretty legit statement frankly. esp considering the vatican still runs the world.

  21. I never liked Sarah Palin. Dumb bitch. I hope Hilary Clinton makes her cry like a 3 year old.

  22. Ok……yeah

  23. By terrorists, does she mean the U.S. Government?

  24. Most terrorists are already baptized Christians already. They just have better titles, like President of the United States, and certainly much better PR.

  25. She is just a dumb ass, trying to influence people by using such cheap words, she thinks people will get attracted because muslims has a terrorism label, they will like him… foot,
    those who are real smart understand that statement better, so don’t pay attention on bitch, let her bow bow bow!

  26. Unbelievable insult to so many different people!

  27. Keep it classy, USA…

  28. She gets away with it because we all know she’s a fucking idiot.

  29. I don’t care for the lady because she is stupid!! But her comment is not towards Muslims, it is towards terrorist!!! So why are we getting upset about that? Cus the terrorist are not real Muslims, and real Muslims do not agree with what terrorist do as they hide behind the Muslim religion. The woman didn’t say anything wrong!!

  30. Regardless I let the NRA know what I thought of her mouth rambling at one of their events.

  31. Aaaaand this is why she will never be president. EVER.

  32. Vote vote vote

  33. A true christian she is. Don’t try and divert us by saying she’s more anti christian. She’s just doing what the crusaders did.

  34. let’s say : one of the dumbest Sarah Palin Quotes ..

  35. She one of the daughters of Sir Lucifer!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting n so bloody ignorant!

  36. evil…

  37. That’s like the early Mormons’ “Instant Salvation” by the massacre of groups they didn’t like

  38. Wow… some comments are just as much promoting violence as hers, and on the same level as how the Taliban and Lord’s Resistance Army think about the life of others – cheap.

    Just because our ancestors (hey I’m talking everyone’s) often acted brutally against each other doesn’t mean we need to drag ourselves down to that level.

    This was distinctly an offense to the act of baptism – a sacred rite of passage to devotion to God. The context she’s portraying degrades the rite to nothing more than an act of brutality.

  39. An absurd statement made by the no longer relevant to regain the media spotlight. Some things deserve to be starved of attention.

  40. You should see how most people on FB supported her sick comments, I am disgusted!! This woman is red neck, ignorant b*** there’s nothing Christian about her. She’s a racist!

  41. So sick.

  42. She is ignorant and a bad joke!!!

  43. Lobotomy is how we baptize dumb people.

  44. Wait – people STILL care about this ugly person?

  45. we’re going to need a lot of duct tape.

  46. So wait a minute. Are you telling me that all terrorists are muslim? Because i was under the impression that ANYONE could be a terrorist. Because i can’t see what this has to do with islamophobia…unless you are pushing an ulterior agenda here…

    Don’t think for a minute that this somehow excuses sarah palins dumbass statements. As a christian i am pretty offended by it.

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