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Pat Robertson Likens Islam To Nazism, Again

29 April 2014 RightWingWatch 37 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

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Pat Robertson Likens Islam To Nazism, Again

Submitted by Brian Tashman

Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson once again compared Islam to Nazism, telling a viewer that he shouldn’t “turn the other cheek” when it comes to the “rise of Islam.”

“What we’re looking at is a world system like the Nazis, and the Nazis thought of themselves as a religion, Communism thought of itself as a religion, but all have a concept of world domination that they’re going to put people in a bind and at the same time take them away from Jesus,” Robertson said, adding that “the greatest weapon against that kind of thing is the power of God and the spoken word.”


  1. Nazi’s and Islamists both hate Jews , and kill them .

  2. “Does he ever think?” we’re honestly still expecting Pat Robertson to think?

  3. when oh when is robertson gonna join his buttbuddy fred phelps in hell??

  4. Matthew Kaye Islam doesn’t teach hate towards anyone. The Quran teaches us to respect others believe. If you would like to learn about Islam and not Sunnism or Shaitism visit this site

  5. Matthew Kaye Islam doesn’t teach hate towards anyone. The Quran teaches us to respect others believe. If you would like to learn about Islam and not Sunnism or Shaitism visit this site

  6. He calls himself a Christian.

  7. He calls himself a Christian.

  8. He calls himself a Christian.

  9. He calls himself a Christian.

  10. Matthew Kaye You obviously didn’t visit the site I provided. Islam is very different from Islamist. What you refer to as Islamist are Muslims who have let traditions ruin Islam. Hadiths have no weight, they were collected at earliest 200yrs after Muhammad (pbuh) died. And the way they were collected is unreliable too. Also the Quran tells us to follow it’s words and nothing else. Please visit this site and then we can discuss Islam. You’re referring to Sunnism and Shaitism, not Islam.

  11. Matthew Kaye So I amuse you are a Christian(and correct me if I’m wrong) and you defend your religious beliefs but when a person defends thiers, thier argument is “moot”. This shows you have only come to attack Islam and not have a real discussion. You are an extremely bisas and ignorant person. There have been plenty of Christians who’ve murdered. Slave traders in America, The crusaders, Christian police, any Christian soldiers and the list goes on. Just bc a person has committed a sin that goes against their religion,you can’t say their not true believers of that religion. You’ve sinned can I say you’re not a Christian? And again if you want to learn about Islam visit this sad site

  12. This man has said that Communism was like Nazism. Far left being the same as right. Does he have a drivers license?

  13. This man has said that Communism was like Nazism. Far left being the same as right. Does he have a drivers license?

  14. Albanian Muslims saved Jews from Hitler during WWII, and many Muslims fought on the sides of the allies #pwned

  15. Albanian Muslims saved Jews from Hitler during WWII, and many Muslims fought on the sides of the allies #pwned

  16. Albanian Muslims saved Jews from Hitler during WWII, and many Muslims fought on the sides of the allies #pwned

  17. Albanian Muslims saved Jews from Hitler during WWII, and many Muslims fought on the sides of the allies #pwned

  18. Albanian Muslims saved Jews from Hitler during WWII, and many Muslims fought on the sides of the allies #pwned

  19. How ironic. But seriously, what thinking person listens to him anyway? Only the incredibly ignorant…

  20. I really seriously doubt he’d listen to the pope.

  21. I really seriously doubt he’d listen to the pope.

  22. don’t blame him for this one.. it is just that his heart is eaten by propaganda .. that make him not know the truth ..
    just pray hope he’s return to islam ..

  23. that idiot went senile 20 years ago and thinks he gets phone calls from god. But the republicans love him because they think he validates their messages of hate

  24. The Pope can’t reprimand him. Robertson is a Protestant. There are 30,000 sects of Christianity. Some differ on minor points, some on fundamentals. Robertson cannot speak for all Christians. He does not speak for those who are educated or thoughtful or who follow Jesus’ command to love, support, pray for and forgive all other people. Including Pat Robertson.

  25. One of the many Christian (hypocritical) preachers in America who see it is a religious duty to kill Palestinian Christians (many of whom are not only the oldest Churches in the world, but derive their churches from family trees running back to the disciples directly).

    And like most white ‘Christian’ Americans in the MW and South helped vote Evangelicals into Congress, led by bush, TWICE, to murder 1,000,000 Iraqis over WMDs that didn’t exist, endanger our national security THEN

    accuse Muslims of having a religious extremism problem.

    Hypocrites. These so called ‘Christian’ preachers have done more to turn Christians away from religion in this country than any Muslim could.

  26. Jennifer Haynes Khedr Salaam sister, I’m not wrong the first Imam that collected hadiths lived around 200yrs after the prophet. Also all hadith is, is hearsay. They are not at all reliable. The Quran tells us to only follow it’s words in many a surah. Also if you want to argue where we are told to obey Muhammad (pbuh) , I will point out how God told him his only job was to deliver the Quran. And that if he deviated from the Quran there would be swift punishment. Also God says many times THIS IS A COMPLETE BOOK. And if you want to argue the hadith and supposed sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh) explains the Quran, here’s what God has to say about that THIS IS A PLAIN BOOK, he also says this is a book of clear understanding. Also the Quran does teach us how to pray and gives the times. Sister I invite you to think for yourself and not follow the silly traditions of hadith and the religious scholars which have destroyed and misrepresented Allah’s intentions. This is also something the Quran teaches us to do “Do they not ponder this Quran? “. Lastly if you want to take my offer please visit this site this is what helped me revert back to Islam after I was on the brink of atheism. I wouldn’t be saying the things I’ve said unless I believed it to be the true. Visit the site and read the articles they can answer any question you have about following the Quran alone. May Allah be pleased with you and guide you on the straight path.

  27. What??!!!! Lmao he’s retarded

  28. What??!!!! Lmao he’s retarded

  29. What??!!!! Lmao he’s retarded

  30. What??!!!! Lmao he’s retarded

  31. Jahan Khan I’m a Muslim that practices Islam without hadith and I’m not the only one. I don’t care what Imams or Sheiks preach I’m against hate in every form. I was only providing those historical events to prove my point that there have been Christians who’ve killed people. The acts you attribute to Muslims of the past has nothing to do with me or what I follow, all I can do is explain to you true Islam. And believe me Allah has punished them for their actions. Also the Crusades where the result of Christians coming to “free” the holy land bc they thought they had a right to it. Which they didn’t bc it isn’t historic Christian holy lands, its the promised land for the Hebrew people which they lost by breaking their covenant with Allah several times. Also they European people were brainwashed into doing so. And this is all l information I got from my history course in a Methodist college. Spartanburg Methodist College. So I didn’t rewrite or invent history. Again you are wrong as were you say Islam teaches intolerance, the Quran teaches us to be kind and loving to those we are around whether they be rich or poor, Muslim or not. It also teaches us to be respectful of the beliefs of others. Also Islam teaches there is no such thing as race. So much for being intolerant. I’ve read what God has to say about disbelieves it says if you don’t believe you will be punished, just like he said in the Torah, Psalms, Injeel and what every prophet he sent said. Islam is not supremacist in nature. I don’t play victim I simply show them true Islam as I’ve done with you. The Quran doesn’t insult Christians or misrepresent their religion. The acts of Muslims do not define the intentions of Allah. They show the soul of the person. And oh you are ex Muslim? I doubt that. Again you are referring to the actions of people and not the intentions of God. Yes scholars write books about Christians but people such as Robert Spencer write against Islam. Christians were deceived by Paul, Paul the Mythmaker is a book discussing it. An to give you an example in one of the letters of Paul he states that angels gave the Torah to Moses(pbuh) even in the Torah it self it states God gave the Torah to Moses(pbuh). Also you must not be familiar with how Christianity is full of paganism. And that’s not a Muslim idea that’s history and something atheist use more than anyone. Also did you know that the main reason Christianity is the worlds largest religion is based off a lie? Constantine’s famous vision is a lie he told to gain trust with the lower ranking part of his army which was predominantly Christian. He then gave the edict of malin which effectively made the empire Christian. What is not taught though is how in his first account of the battle their is no vision but he later has it changed by a Bishop. Also there’s a arch that he had built in Constantinople that depicts the battle and shows no Christian iconography but is full of pagan symbols. So yes the teachins if Jesus (pbuh) were corrupted. Also the originals of those documents were probably lost or destroyed by those in charge who disagreed with them. Like how during the early yrs of Christianity, church officials did that to text they didn’t like. If you wish to explore true Islam visit this site

  32. Jahan Khan are you forgetting Peter who cut off the ear of a Roman soilder? Also Islam only permits fighting in terms of self defense or freeing the oppressed.

  33. Nowal Jacobs I said I doubt he was a Muslim. To me it sounds like when a racist says “I have a insert a minority relationship “. If he is indeed telling the truth he was following Sunnism or Shaitism, not Islam. What he is attributing to Islam are hadiths which I’ve already explained are unreliable and contradict what the Quran says. I can’t speak for sister Khedr but I’ve done what he asked refute what he’s been saying. Also if you want to learn about Islam visit the site I mentioned.

  34. Jahan Khan there is Islam without hadiths and the supposed sunnah of Muhammad (pbuh), as I’ve stated I follow it and other Muslims do too. The only way Muhammad(pbuh) is a central believe is that he is God’s last prophet and delivered the Quran. Everything you’ve said is based off hadiths which shouldn’t be followed. I’ll post articles which explain this since you don’t seem to understand. And I know how to take a shit and been doing it the same way I did before I converted to Islam.

  35. It is really funny how Jahan told me there is no Islam without hadith and I said there was, and use the argument hadiths are unreliable. Now he’s using that same claim to fuel his pointless argument. Also he’s wrong about praying as the Quran teaches how to pray.

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