Tuesday, January 26, 2021   

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James Inhofe Opines On How Obama ‘Suppresses Our Judeo-Christian Values’

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James Inhofe Opines On How Obama ‘Suppresses Our Judeo-Christian Values’

WASHINGTON — Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) all but accused President Barack Obama Wednesday of promoting Islam while “suppressing our Judeo-Christian values.”

The senior senator from Oklahoma held forth on the Senate floor on the greatness of George Washington, marking the 225th anniversary of the first president’s inaugural address.

Inhofe argued that Washington made clear the Christian God was responsible for the creation of the United States.

“We’re here because of the hand of God,” Inhofe said. “Washington’s leadership was grounded in God, and his leadership was God’s gift.”

He then suggested that Obama is betraying that holy gift, attributing the implication to his constituents.

“Oklahomans regularly ask me — and I don’t really think this is unique just to Oklahoma, I think it can be in almost any state — but how they regularly ask me why we have an administration that suppresses our Judeo-Christian values while praising Islam,” Inhofe said.

He also seemed to say that he agrees with that take on the Obama administration.

“I find it sad that our nation does not have the same belief today that we had back when Washington was president,” Inhofe said. “We’ve become arrogant, inward-focused individuals. Rather than submit to God’s authority, we define truth, justice and morality by what feels good at the time. Today instead of having leaders that protect the church from government, we have leaders that believe it’s government’s job to impose on churches what should be universally upheld as truth.”

“We’ve got to restore that morality of our nation given to us by the founding fathers,” Inhofe added.

With the charge that Obama promotes Islam, Inhofe was treading into some fringe territory. In a 2012 election Gallup survey, 34 percent of Americans correctly named Obama as a Christian. Just 11 percent thought he was Muslim.


  1. Does he not realize Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all Abrahamic faiths?

  2. Judeo Christian values…like justifying slave ownership with religion, taking away any regulation/safety of prostitutes, overwhelmingly African American prison population, murdering those blacks by state law, botched executions of a injustice system that favors putting minorities away for selling plants, supporting the Iraq war (murdering 1,000,000 Iraqis including Chaldeans, Assyrians, the oldest Churches in the World)

  3. The paranoia and hatred is making me insane!

  4. Ganz meshug. Imhofe should think before he speaks. Although I have serious doubts about his capacity for rational thought.

  5. I’m getting annoyed by the ignorance of others. Regardless of what their background. People like the senator is really pissing me off.

  6. The only thing I like about Ignorance,is the IGNORE part. The senator needs to shut his stupid mouth.

  7. Senator Jim has been a demagogue forever. He’s preaching to his own little choir of know-nothing Republicans. As for Xns knocking on doors to get you to join their church, well, that’s what evangelism is: spreading the good message about Jesus. They come round to Christians’ houses too. They ask Christians if they have found Jesus.

  8. Evangelism has been part of Christian practice from the start. The same is not true of Islam. They built empires with no interest at all in converting the conquered Christians or Jews–not at first.

  9. Some have argued that Xty, Jsm, and Islm are more hostile to each other than to non-monotheisms. But Buddhists are killing Muslims in Burma/ Myanmar right now. Hindus and Muslims fought in India. Christians killed die-hard pagans and Jews and other Xns with abandon. I don’t believe it’s about religion. All the fighting is what fighting is usually about–power and wealth and real estate. Thinking your religion is the only true one, so God hates your enemies, makes it hard to see them as people, as equals, and so easier to attack them. It isn’t. God doesn’t. They are. Put down the rock.

  10. Corinne, they are killing people over an entity that doesn’t exist; that’s the truest and most horrific irony.

  11. Matthew Kaye, you are a moron and a self parody; now go to your rubber room and take your meds.

  12. This is whats wrong with Oklahoma

  13. That’s only the beginning of what’s wrong with Oklahoma, Dana.

  14. No, Steve, they are killing each other for political and military power, for money (more power), and for territory. They may be manipulated into thinking that non-existent weapons of mass destruction are stashed somewhere, but the reality is the greed of the rich and powerful. Also, we must not confuse institutional religions with God. And we must not confuse faith or belief with assent to a set of concepts.

  15. Nor is God an entity like a person or the Force or a giant sentient tapioca pudding. True, he doesn’t exist because mere existence is contingent on Him. I enjoy theology, but any Jew or Muslim and many, many Christians will tell you that it is a sideshow. What really matters is loving kindness, compassion, respect, fairness, trust, etc., etc.

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