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US Colonel Donald Macgregor: “We bombed Iraq on a scale of the second World War, off and on for ten years”

17 May 2014 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


US Colonel Donald Macgregor: “We bombed Iraq on a scale of the second World War, off and on for ten years”

By Garibaldi

The United States has still not confronted the imperialist mass murder and mayhem she caused and inflicted on the once prosperous nation of Iraq.

In a few years most Americans will have forgotten that we even invaded Iraq in 2003 on a pack of lies about “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” just as most of them don’t remember the 1990′s when we regularly bombed Iraq and starved her people through horrific sanctions.

US Col.Donald Macgregor, was the “squadron operations officer who essentially directed the Battle of 73 Easting during the Gulf War.” In an radio interview last month at the Norwich University Sullivan Museum and History Center with Mark Johnson on the occasion of the Colby Military Writers Symposium carried by BookTV, Col. Macgregor nonchalantly states that the US,

“bombed Iraq on a scale of the second World War, off and on for ten years”

That is the period between the First Gulf War in 1991 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He makes the comment with little to no emotion, recounting it almost in the manner of an Eichmann, a  low level bureaucrat “just following orders.”

What of the lives destroyed? What about the over 1 million children who lost their lives due to sanctions? An answer comes from a Himmler-esque personage, then US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who when questioned about whether sanctions were “worth” the deaths of half a million Iraqi children said, “the price, we think the price was worth it,”

During the 90′s, as President Bill Clinton was being impeached for getting a blow job from a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky (she’s out with a book now, “Monica’s Story”), the other top news just so happened to be the four day aerial bombardment of Iraq.

The following CBS news report from the period is quite telling, the first portion covers “Slick Willie’s” impeachment and the second (beginning at 5:32) his bombing campaign of Iraq, an interesting juxtaposition:

Notice the careful propaganda of the CBS reporters: callously describing the deaths of innocent civilians as “collateral damage,” protests, funerals in Iraq and the Muslim world as “orchestrated,” and in a racist manner stating that, “history is written a little differently in this part of the world.”

This is a reminder of how propaganda works, the incestuous relationship between corporate media and the government, how lies are disseminated and the masses easily fooled by corrupt politicians and their media lackeys, and the price that is paid, that we are still paying.


  1. And who the terrorist again?! smdh!

  2. Please tell us “Why do they hate us again?”.

  3. The interesting thing is that no one ever saw those “great Muslim brothers” from the evil and dark kingdoms of Saudia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE voice any opposition to destroying Iraq and its people. They were completely on board with it. Since then, the princes of darkness (mainly from Qatar and Saudia) have been unleashing their Wahhabi death-cult known as Al-Qaeda on the people of Iraq.

  4. I’d like to see his numbers on this. The US (and allied forces) bombed the crap out of Germany. Massive destruction of infrastructure city-wide all over the country just to get at the Nazi war engine factories (precision guided munitions just didn’t exist like it did in the 90s and 00s). Dresden got perhaps some of the worst with the fire bombing. It took a second h-bomb to get the Japanese to capitulate to the idea that the US had the capability to annihilate them, since the first explosion didn’t sink in.

    Higher tech yes, but bombed on a scale of WWII, eeee, let’s see some numbers on the tonnage dropped.

    Saddam and his sons were complete bastards. The chems used on the Kurds (oh, right – that never happened) and during the Iraq-Iran war (oh, never used there either ). Kuwaitt, Iraqi civilians, Iranians, Kurds, …. long list of death. Saddam would probably still be in power if he hadn’t decided to play his shell game at not divulging all the destruction of his WMD program.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen,

    We all agree that the premise given for the invasion of Iraq, that being the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction, was a fabrication. The United States will, and does, apologize for the stupidity that was spewed from the Bush administration.

    Nonetheless, it was the policy of the United States, from 1998, to remove the genocidal dictator, Saddam Hussein, from power in Iraq. Don’t come on with any patronizing nonsense saying that you preferred his government of fear and oppression.

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