Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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Nursing home refused to allow Muslim worker to wear hijab, government lawsuit alleges


Nursing home refused to allow Muslim worker to wear hijab, government lawsuit alleges

An Alabama nursing home is being sued after it allegedly refused to allow a Muslim worker to wear a hijab on the job, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last week. 

Shadescrest Health Care Center hired Tracy Martin as a certified nursing assistant in August 2012, according to the lawsuit. Martin reportedly wore the hijab on Aug. 9 and was told to “remove the head covering or be subject to termination,” according to the government’s press release published Monday. Martin filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC and was fired weeks after Shadescrest received notice of the complaint. 

The EEOC charges that Martin was fired “in retaliation” to her discrimination complaint and for her attempt to exercise her religious rights, the government alleges. 

Shadescrest Health Care Center is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility located in Jasper, AL, about 40 miles northwest of Birmingham. The center did not respond to inquiries of McKnight’s as of press time. 


  1. Duh…its Alabama!

  2. What a backwards ass state. My previous doctor was Muslim, she also wore a hijab and she saved my life, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and had pneumonia at the same time! She took great care of me and I will always be greatful for who she was and what she did for me! I hope this lady wins this lawsuit and puts these bigots out of business!

  3. Hillbilly these days. Thank God that I was born in NY and thank God that I was raised in OH.

  4. That could cause an old person to have a heart attack

  5. Why would that give some one a heart attack? They are old and I am very sure they grew up seeing Nun’s that wore the same dress as a Muslim….

  6. SMH.

  7. Alabama is a southern state I suport them not allowing that into the work place. my granparents freak when they see a black man what will the think when the see a person alll towled up.Dont like it alot of Real americans wil twll I the same well help I pack if u dont like it

  8. The point about there being Catholic orders who specifically work in the nursing profession, while wearing a habit and not being a cause for patient concern of any kind, makes the point so clearly. This seems a clear mis-association of women wearing the hijab with extremists. Not right, not allowable under the law and a prime opportunity for the nurses, themselves, to educate those in charge, at work and in residence in this nursing home about their faith and their reasons for choosing to wear a hijab in reflection of their beliefs. Old dogs can learn new tricks and new ways of thinking.

  9. As long as i can see your face don’t care. But you must show your face at least. I like to see who i am talk to not just a cloth.

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