Thursday, April 24, 2014   

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The Muslims Are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror – review
Posted in General on 8 April 2014
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By Robin Yassin-Kassab (The Guardian)

Arun Kundnani’s book, vastly more intelligent than the usual “war on terror” verbiage, focuses on the war’s domestic edge in Britain and America.

From Moses to Moses: Traversing two Maimonides Quotes on Muslims
Posted in on 8 March 2014
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March 30 marks the birthday of Moses Maimonides. As such, it seemed to be a good time to discuss two of his quotes that have been used in discussions of Islam and Islamophobia in part due to the range of views that seem to be expressed in them by the same author.

EDL ex-leader finally admits real reasons for involvement with Quilliam
Posted in IslamophobiaToday on 14 November 2013
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It is worth noting that Yaxley-Lennon himself is already on record as giving an interview to the Norwegian media in which he publicly praised Anders Breivik, promoted Breivik’s manifesto, and claimed Breivik’s mass-murdering terrorist attack would have been “easier to justify” if the people killed had been Muslims.

Exclusive: The Crusader Sub-Culture in the US Military
Posted in Editorial on 12 November 2013
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by Jacob Hausner

The US military’s “Islam problem” captured news headlines even before ‘s 2012 breaking story about a military course teaching soldiers that the USA was at “war with Islam.”

Hani Khan, Ex-Abercrombie Employee, Scores Legal Win After Being Fired For Wearing Hijab
Posted in Huffington Post on 9 September 2013
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Hani Khan, a former stockroom worker for Abercrombie & Fitch Co. who was fired for refusing to remove her Muslim headscarf, listens to a question during a news conference in San Francisco, Monday, June 27, 2011.

Racist Debbie Schlussel Smears Arab Environmentalist Known as the “Green Sheikh”
Posted in IslamophobiaToday on 16 July 2013
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A reader has informed us that one of the most discredited and increasingly obscure Islamophobes on the internet today, Debbie Schlussel, has smeared a prominent Arab Muslim environmentalist, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Nuaimi.

Stop trying to split gays and Muslims
Posted in IslamophobiaToday on 3 April 2013
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Anti-Islam crusader Pam Geller’s effort to foment hate between the two groups is based on lies and doomed to fail. I have an earnest and sincere question for the LGBT community: Do you support Pamela Geller?

NATO Accidentally Shoots 2 Afghan Boys, Says Latest Civilian Deaths Were Due To Mistaken Identity
Posted in Huffington Post on 3 March 2013
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KABUL, March 2 (Reuters) – NATO said on Saturday its forces had accidentally shot dead two Afghan boys, in the latest of a series of reports of civilian deaths at the hands of international troops.

With Liberty and Justice For Some: How the Anti-Defamation League Fuels Islamophobia
Posted in IslamophobiaToday on 1 February 2013
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February 1, 2013 | The Anti-Defamation League bills itself, and is typically seen by many in the mainstream Jewish community and beyond, as the “nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency.”

Bulgarian Turkish Muslim Politician Ahmed Dogan Narrowly Escapes Assassination
Posted in General on 19 January 2013
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Anti-Muslim and anti-Turkish sentiment is rife in some quarters of Bulgarian society, specifically amongst neo-Fascists and Right-wingers such as Ataka and the VMRO who have protested and attacked Mosques and Muslims in the recent past.