Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Pamela Geller Connects the NSA-Sekrit Muslim Dots: “Do They Attend the 911 Mosque?”
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 18 June 2013
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Pamela Geller puts on her hate goggles and makes the connections between NSA spying and the SEKRIT MOSLEM CONSPIRACY: OBAMA ADMIN IS LISTENING IN ON YOUR PHONECALLS “SIMPLY BASED ON AN ANALYST DECIDING THAT” – Atlas Shrugs

‘Rabbis for Romney’ Founder Extends Invite to Pamela Geller
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 11 April 2013
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(via LGF)

The founder of Rabbis for Romney says he won’t divulge the names of its members because he fears they will be criticized for breaking with the majority of Jews who support President Barack Obama.

Rick Santorum Now Writing for World Net Daily: ‘The UN Wants to Kill My Daughter’
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 6 December 2012
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by Charles Johnson (LGF)

Rick Santorum has now joined the illustrious company of Pamela Geller

Loony Pamela Geller: Petraeus Resignation Is an Obama Plot to Put a Muslim in Charge of the CIA
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 12 November 2012
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by Charles Johnson (LGF)

The right wing universe is now in full-bore conspiracy theory mode over the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, just as I predicted.

Wingnut Bloggers Claimed Photos Showed ‘Muslims Dragging Stevens’ – Actually Showed Libyan Rescuers
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 19 September 2012
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New reports from Libya confirm that the Libyan citizens the right wing blogosphere claimed were “dragging Ambassador Stevens’ body through the streets like Somalia” were actually trying to save his life: Video Appears to Show Libyans Retrieving Envoy’s Body.

Gates of Vienna Hateblogger Ned May Speaks at European Parliament, Whines About LGF
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 12 July 2012
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Ned May from the anti-Muslim blog Gates of Vienna spoke to a “counter-jihad” conference at the European Parliament a few days ago, desperately spinning the outright bigotry and hate speech in which he traffics in an attempt to distance himself from Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

LGF: PJ Media Comments for Robert Spencer: ‘All Muslims Are Terrorists and Must Die!’
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 19 June 2012
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by Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)

Today at PJ Media, hate group leader Robert Spencer turns in another exercise in blatant bigotry: PJ Media » Is Michael Bloomberg Secretly a Muslim?

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer Now Featured Writer at PJ Media: The Backstory
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 13 June 2012
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When I worked for PJ Media several years back, anti-Muslim hateblogger Robert Spencer used to frequently email me, begging to be included in PJ Media’s advertising program and have his articles published at the site.

LGF: Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s Friend Freely Admits to Beating and Stabbing Muslims
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 11 April 2012
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The subject is Rodan (aka Trajan 75, Emporer Palpatine, et al). Rodan began as webmaster for Think Progress Watch and is currently the webmaster and primary functionary at The Blogmocracy and The Diary of Daedalus.

LGF: Pamela Geller Quietly Deletes Obama Assassination Comment, Doesn’t Ban Commenter
Posted in Little Green Footballs on 20 March 2012
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Today, anti-Muslim hate group leader Pamela Geller has quietly deleted the comment by “Brian_R_Allen” calling for the assassination of President Obama, with no statement about it on her blog.