Monday, March 1, 2021   

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US Colonel Donald Macgregor: “We bombed Iraq on a scale of the second World War, off and on for ten years”
Posted in on 17 May 2014
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The United States has still not confronted the imperialist mass murder and mayhem she caused and inflicted on the once prosperous nation of Iraq.

Sniffing Out the Islamophobes in Pew Polling Data
Posted in on 14 May 2014
Stats: and 8 Comments

By JustStoppingBy

By comparing results from two survey questions, we can get a much more refined view of the prevalence of Islamophobia in different demographic groups.

“Jews News” Spreads False Story About Lynched Mutilated Corpse
Posted in on 9 May 2014
Stats: and 34 Comments

A certain Theodore Shoebat (Walid “fake ex-terrorist” Shoebat?), writing for “Jews News,” an Israeli website with over one million Facebook followers, has posted a false story that claims Muslim villagers in Dalga, Egypt tortured, lynched and mutilated a Christian man.

Unless You Called Lord’s Resistance Army “Christianist” Stop Calling Boko Haram “Islamist”
Posted in on 7 May 2014
Stats: and 12 Comments

The kidnappings by the shadowy group known as Boko Haram of 300 school girls in Nigeria has sparked outrage worldwide. In the plethora of global horrors that we are confronted with daily this register’s particularly close to home.

Florida Senate OKs bill banning use of foreign law in family court cases
Posted in on 6 May 2014
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Will Florida join Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee in banning the use of foreign law? Alan Hays has pushed various versions but finally the senate has approved his polished proposal (SB-386). When will it be up for debate in the House is still not clear.

Norway Survey Looks At Attitudes Towards Minorities
Posted in on 3 May 2014
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A Norwegian survey commissioned by the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice was undertaken by the Center for Studies of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities.

Nazism and Narendra Modi: The ideological influence on India’s next Prime Minister
Posted in on 28 April 2014
Stats: and 13 Comments

Further to the previous detailed Loonwatch article about Narendra Modi and the rise of India’s neo-fascist Far-Right, some more facts have surfaced. Readers may be particularly interested in the following.

NYPD Abandons “Demographic Unit” That Astroturf Muslim Groups Advocated
Posted in on 21 April 2014
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The NYPD has decided to dump the “Demographic unit” which was responsible for mapping Muslim communities and spying on so-called “hot spots”; mosques and Muslim owned businesses such as restaurants and cafes.

Oral Traditions in Islam and Judaism
Posted in on 14 April 2014
Stats: and 2 Comments

by JustStoppingBy

One of the sources of Islamophobia and Judeophobia is the selective quoting of religious passages that, either taken out of their literal context or without the context of how they have been interpreted, suggest that the adherents of Islam and Judaism repeat and harbor seemingly harsh views.

When Neo-Cons And Liberals Unite: The Case of Anti-Muslim Crusader Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Posted in on 12 April 2014
Stats: and 24 Comments

By Garibaldi

For far too long Liberal and Neo-Con supporters of Ayaan Hirsi Ali have either ignored, evaded, denied or flat out refused to acknowledge the existence of her hateful beliefs and agenda.