Monday, March 1, 2021   

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Virginia Police Academy Nixes ‘Advanced Counterterrorism Training’ Taught By Anti-Muslim Activist
Posted in ThinkProgress on 25 February 2014
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On Saturday, the Roanoke Times reported that Sheriff Jenkins plans to move forward with the training regardless of concerns over Guandolo.

Is The NYPD Using Youth Sports To Monitor Muslims And South Asians?
Posted in ThinkProgress on 11 September 2013
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Youth sports, As part of its widespread surveillance of Muslims and Arabs, the New York Police Department has classified entire mosques as terror cells to monitor them, paid informants to “bait” Muslims into crimes, and spied on Muslim student associations at area universities.

Anti-Muslim Activist: Republicans Can’t Attack Obama Because ‘The Color Of His Skin Is Black’
Posted in ThinkProgress on 1 September 2013
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At a conservative conference this weekend that drew several GOP presidential hopefuls, one of the speakers told the crowd that Republicans have been too nervous to criticize Obama “because the color of his skin is black.”

Oklahoma Lawmaker Resorts To Race-Baiting To Defend His Bigoted Law
Posted in ThinkProgress on 26 August 2013
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Last week, federal Judge Vicki Miles LaGrange issued a permanent order striking down an anti-Islamic amendment to the Oklahoma constitution. Moreover, this order followed asimilar decision by a bipartisan panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit upholding a temporary block on the same amendment.

Fox Panel Unearths ‘Real’ Anthony Weiner Story: A Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy
Posted in ThinkProgress on 29 July 2013
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A Fox News panel on Friday managed to expose the real story that the rest of the media has managed to miss in the New York City mayoral race: the deep Muslim Brotherhood ties that Huma Abedin supposedly possesses.

Georgia Newspaper Column Calls On U.S. To Send Muslims ‘Back To Their Native Land’
Posted in, ThinkProgress on 1 July 2013
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A local newspaper in Georgia recently published a column ostensibly about U.S. Middle East policy but took a hard right turn into birtherism and racism, highlighting the Islamophobia problem at the local-level.

GOP Congressman: American Muslim Leaders Are ‘Potentially Complicit’ In Terrorist Acts
Posted in ThinkProgress on 12 June 2013
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A Republican congressman claimed on the House floor on Tuesday that members of Muslim communities in the United States have not condemned acts of Islamic extremist terrorism against the U.S. and therefore are complicit in those and any future attacks.

Civil Rights Groups Slam Amendment Targeting Muslim Immigrants
Posted in ThinkProgress on 22 May 2013
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Civil rights leaders slammed an amendment added to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill that would subject immigrants from Muslim countries for extra scrutiny.

Pam Gellar-Linked Group Puts Out New Anti-Muslim Ad In DC Metro
Posted in ThinkProgress on 20 May 2013
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Yet another Islamophobic ad from a group linked to Pamela Geller has appeared in the Washington, DC Metrorail system, this one lamenting what it claims to be “apartheid” against non-Muslims and calling for the U.S. to cut off all funding to “Islamic” states.

Fox News Seizes On Boston Bombing To Suggest Obama Is A Secret Muslim
Posted in ThinkProgress on 29 April 2013
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By Hayes Brown on Apr 25, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Fox News is sounding the alarm about Muslim extremists in the aftermath of the Boston bombings and is using the tragedy to argue that President Obama is too weak or afraid to confront the threat.