Sunday, April 18, 2021   

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Articles in the Mother Jones Category:

MotherJones: I Was a Terrorist…Seriously!
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—By Tim Murphy

Ex-jihadist Kamal Saleem tells tales of palling around with Arafat, Qaddafi, and Saddam. But his story has some big holes in it.

MotherJones: Pamela Geller: Beware “Stealth Halal” Turkeys This Thanksgiving
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Geller is calling for a boycott of Butterball, accusing the compainy of selling “stealh halal” turkeys prepared in accordance with Muslim dietary laws.

MotherJones: Herman Cain’s Go-To Historian on the Muslim World: Destroy Islam
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By Tim Murphy

Now that Herman Cain is officially a front-runner for the Republican nomination, the vetting process has picked up in a hurry.

MotherJones: Romney to Share Stage with Far-Right, Anti-Muslim Activist
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Since taking the post at the AFA two years ago, Fischer has built a long resume of anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-Native American statements. (He’s also written three separate columns calling for an outright war on grizzly bears).

Book Review: “The Missing Martyrs” by Charles Kurzman
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He calculates, for example, that global Islamist terrorists have succeeded in recruiting fewer than 1 in 15,000 Muslims over the past 25 years, and fewer than 1 in 100,000 since 2001.

Want to Sue the FBI for Spying on Your Mosque? Sorry, That’s Secret.
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For years, Democrats, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, accused the Bush administration of overusing of the privilege, which allows the government to quash cases that involve national security before a court even hears evidence.

Rep. Allen West’s (Very, Very) Stealth Jihad
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On Monday afternoon, as markets fretted over the possibility of the United States government running out of money to pay its creditors, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) held a briefing on a crisis that could bring the nation to its knees.

Herman Cain’s Muslim Problem
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On Tuesday, GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dropped by Glenn Beck’s radio program to argue that his previous promise to not appoint any Muslims to his Cabinet had been “misconstrued.” As he put it: “I did not say that I would not have them in my cabinet.

Hijab in the U.S.A.: Readers Respond
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Most Mother Jones readers were appalled, and you used our comments section, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to spread Eman’s story, express your support for her in hundreds of comments, and propel the story to tens of thousands of new readers just hours after it was published.

Mother Jones: Anti-Sharia Bill Sponsors Are Kind of Clueless
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This is nothing new: Since the beginning of 2009, two dozen states have considered such proposals, stemming from concerns that unless serious action is taken, American citizens will be forced to adhere to a draconian interpretation of Sharia.