Friday, April 23, 2021   

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Mother Jones: Muslimophobia: Election Roundup
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First, the good news: Many anti-Muslim candidates did not get elected Tuesday. Now the bad news: Alas, several anti-Muslim candidates won—mostly in the South. Oh, and Oklahoma became the first state to ban sharia law, even though only 0.8% of the population is Muslim.

Jehan S. Harney: Angle: Racking up Millions as She Spreads Islamophobia
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In her recent interview with the Mesquite Local News, the Republican candidate said: “Dearborn, Michigan, and Frankford, Texas are on American soil, and under Constitutional law, not Sharia law.

Poll: North Carolina Voters Say No To Exploiting NYC Islamic Cultural Center In 2010 Elections
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A new survey from the Democratic-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) finds that candidates arguing over the proposed Islamic Cultural Center in lower Manhattan has left a bad taste in North Carolina’s voters’ mouths.

Renee Ellmers, GOP Congressional Candidate, Links Opponent To Park51 ‘Victory Mosque’
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“After the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, and Cordoba, and Constantinople they built victory mosques,” the ad’s narrator says.

Rizwan A. Rahmani: The Crusaders of Freedom and the Pre-Election Fox Trot
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When I first arrived in this country, news of the Iranian hostage crisis was all abuzz. Nightline with Ted Koppel had just been created to cover the crisis. I remember watching it nightly and not quite understanding the gravity of the matter: I was young and idealistic.

John L. Esposito: GOP Candidates’ Viral Fear Mongering
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Bogus charges in 2008 that Barack Obama was a Muslim, as if that should discredit him, is an example of an Islamophobia that is still being used as a political strategy today. This form of political hate speech was addressed by Colin Powell in his endorsement of Obama when he asked: