Sunday, April 18, 2021   

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New Pro-Romney Super PAC Run By Operative Behind Racist Willie Horton, ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Ads
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The Washington Post reported last week that a new “Super PAC” — a political committee that can accept unlimited corporate contributions — has been set up by Mitt Romney supporters to run ads for the 2012 election.

Bus driver charged in attack on Madera Planned Parenthood
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MADERA — A Chowchilla school bus driver has been charged with firebombing a Planned Parenthood office here last September, and authorities said Thursday he also is responsible for vandalism and menacing signs left at the city’s Islamic center.

FBI investigating mosque threat
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The FBI is investigating a threatening e-mail sent to a Clifton mosque that was the target of a pipe bomb attack almost five years ago.

FBI officials say they have no evidence the e-mail is connected to the previous attack, but they are taking no chances.

Chicago Muslims Gather to Stop “Islamophobia”
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The conference was motivated by the pressures Muslims face even ten years after the 9/11 attacks, but also by a series of local and national events that portrayed Muslims in a negative way, organizers said to the Chicago Tribune.

Murfreesboro: anti-mosque campaign lawyer suggests ‘flag of Shariah’ may already be flying over White House
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A hearing over plans to build a mosque southeast of Murfreesboro will continue in Chancery Court today despite a Justice Department brief supporting Islam as a religion.

Islamophobia reaches O.C.
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Hijaz would not have given the incident a second thought, but after exiting the freeway the two cars came to a stop at an intersection, where the man verbally criticized Hijaz’s driving. When Hijaz defended herself, he called her a racial epithet and rolled up his window.

‘Islamophobia caused Quran desecration’
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“These extremist activities are the result of Islamophobia and anti-Islamic measures in American, and according to the international laws and norms the US is responsible for preventing the spread of religious hatred,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Monday.

Islamophobia is shallow in U.S. but deep in Europe: professor
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Muqtedar, an associate professor at the University of Delaware who teaches Arab and Middle Eastern politics, politics of development, globalization, and Islam in world affairs, made the remarks in an email interview with the Tehran Times on Sunday.

Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph. D.: Remembering the Sacred Acts of 9/12/01
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In attacking Park51, the Cordoba Initiative’s Islamic cultural center, the Geller-Palin-Gingrich-Beck-FOX syndicate has suddenly hallowed an old Burlington Coat Factory that lies two blocks from Ground Zero.