Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Terrorist Supporter Geller Dreams of Putting “Muslims” to AFDI Inquisition
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While I appreciate this article from Imagine2050 exposing Geller and her ilk, my one slight critique would be that they seem to unintentionally buy into the whole narrative of “moderate Muslim” (i.e. good Muslims) vs. bad Muslims.

Freedom of speech under attack by Islamophobes in Tennessee
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I’ve noted before that Pamela Geller Does Not Understand Freedom of Speech when she found fault with American Muslims and others for denouncing her hate ads. This she called an attempt to “impose blasphemy restrictions on free speech”.

Nathan Lean: Crowdfunding Hate: Indiegogo Profits From Anti-Muslim Campaign
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In an essay at Salon, Chris Stedman, an interfaith leader, assistant chaplain at Harvard, and author of the memoir “Faitheist,” urged the company to reconsider its support for provocative AFDI ads that pitted Muslims and gays against each other.

Pamela Geller Wrong About “Sexual Jihad” Fatwa
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Pamela Geller has published Islamic ruling encouraging “Sexual Jihad”: Prostitution for the holiest in which she introduces an article from Al Monitor Tunisians Raise Alarm on Possible Fatwa Encouraging ‘Sexual Jihad’

#MyJihad: San Francisco Tells Hate Group Leaders Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer To Hit The Road
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We covered the #MyJihad ad campaign back in December, a campaign that seeks to reclaim the term Jihad from Muslim and anti-Muslim extremists alike.

CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and AFDI
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The height of Spencer and Geller’s influence was in the summer of 2010 when they succeeded, along with their cohorts, in making Islam part of the Conservative movement’s “culture wars,” most notably with the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Remove Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer as Catholic Deacon
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Sponsored by: Jenny Sessoms

Robert Bruce Spencer, an ordained Catholic deacon at Our Lady of the Cedars Catholic Church in Manchester, New Hampshire is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other civil rights organiations as a “hate group leader.”

Pamela Geller Defends Kevin Carroll’s Statement that Muslims Are “All Fuckin’ Backward Savages”
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Pamela Geller reaffirms what is evident and a fact we noted from the beginning, her usage of the term “savages,” despite her lying denials, is in reference to all Muslims and Arabs.

Can “jihad” survive Pam Geller?
By | bus ad featuring two volunteers, an American-Muslim and an Israeli-Jew. (Credit:

So you want to rebrand a word. It’s hard to think of a more difficult rebranding project than “jihad.”

Love thy neighbor, unless that neighbor is a Muslim
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The Jewish-Christian-Muslim interfaith clergy announcing the ads said that this was “shared concept in the three religions”, and was in response to recent national tragedies and the recent anti-Muslim AFDI ads that ran in Denver.