Saturday, March 6, 2021   

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(Via by Alex Pareene

If the president is a Christian, why won’t he officially demand we only celebrate Christian holidays? Can we all agree that the worst thing about “Fox & Friends” is how clumsy and obvious they are with their political agenda?

Explaining the Egyptian Revolution to Americans
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Nothing saddens Richard Cohen more than the sight of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians peacefully protesting. The longtime Washington Post columnist is sad because those childish Arab Muslims might end up with a democracy, but they don’t know how democracy works.

Alex Pareene Takes the WaPo On Faith Blog to Task
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Last time we checked in on the Washington Post’s “On Faith,” a silly group religion blog run by the reliably embarrassing Sally Quinn, it had just run a piece arguing that Barack Obama had only himself to blame for the fact that many old white people think he’s a Muslim.